Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Journey to the Center of your Mind

Leave your cares behind / Come with us and find / The pleasures of a journey to the center of the mind / Come along if you care / Come along if you dare

so we have Das Williams introducing an Anti-Wildlife Cruelty bill and nerdy Noah Greenwald from the Center of Biological Diversity gleefully praising the kill-joy efforts of biologists on the Channel Islands to save a lizard which didn't really need to be saved...

yes the Parks Service the Center for Biological Diversity and the Nature Conservancy coordinated a mass killing of animals in the name of biodiversity and not one of them was ever prosecuted for animal cruelty!!

and the nerd brags about it at the Independent propaganda piece...

first of all, I love lizards..these little ones hang around all the time in spring and summer and it's always a good sign when I see them..we used to catch them with little lassos and they'd bite us..we were kids...I learned to stop harassing wildlife when I grew up...

nerdy Noah
now, Noah says he saved the Channel Island night lizard by killing rabbits, sheep, goats and hundreds of other "non-native" species which is bullshit because the night lizard was never endangered..they just said it was to get the money to kill all the other animals that were "introduced" to the island....it's a species cleansing ....a Hitler remedy

by the way, Craig McCaw is on the board of the Nature Con and Wendy supported the Center for Bio Diversity with her money....animal lovers???

non-native thistle and feral honeybee make me very happy!!
"But in the late 1800s, cattle, sheep, goats, rabbits, and pigs were introduced to the islands, leading to a downward cascade of dozens of plants and animals and an overall unraveling of the islands’ ecosystems." Noah Greenwald/biologist at the Center for Biological Diversity

absolute nonsense and besides every animal everywhere was introduced by something..my parents were introduced to each other and I was born in Boston and was introduced to California
Noah you little piss ant..there is no justifucation for killing thousands of animals so you can see 20 more non-endangered lizards..the lizards will be just fine without your interference, punk....

Center for Biological Diversity, Inc
formerly Southwest Center for Biological Diversity

PO Box 710
Tucson, AZ 85702
TEL: (520) 623-5252
FAX: (520) 623-9797
email: ksuckling@biologicaldiversity.org
EIN: 85-0420285
Tax Exempt since August 1994

Self-description: As the country's leading endangered species advocates, the Center for Biological Diversity works through science, law, and creative media to secure a future for all species, great or small, hovering on the brink of extinction.

Actual: Anti-industry legal attack group uses the Endangered Species Act and media scare tactics as a weapon to destroy America's industrial strength and resource production by bringing lawsuits against a wide spectrum of resource use companies, private property owners and against government to stop resource use. The Center for Biological Diversity lost a 2005 defamation lawsuit to fifth-generation rancher Jim Chilton of Arivaca, Arizona, when a jury awarded him $600,000, including $500,000 in punitive damages for falsely accusing him of damaging the range. The Center appealed the decision to the Arizona State Supreme Court and lost again in 2007.

and some strange bedfellows link up again:

One of the primary groups examined in Bevington’s study was the Center for Biological Diversity (formed in 1989), and which in 2008 received support from elite philanthropic bodies that included the Foundation for Deep Ecology, the Environment Now Foundation, Tides Foundation, ExxonMobil Foundation, The New York Times Company Foundation, and even the "big green" environmental outfit, The Wilderness Society. Corporate funders of the "grassroots" Center for Biological Diversity included the likes of Goldman Sachs, the Bank of America, and Microsoft. The fact that Bevington describes a group funded by the world’s leading capitalist elites as grassroots demonstrates how desperately well-meaning environmentalists cling to the illusion that by working with capitalists (not the grassroots) they will be able to counter the destruction wrought on the planet by capitalists (evidently for the benefit of the grassroots). Needless to say it is hardly surprising that the Center for Biological Diversity was pleased by the fact that Edward Humes’ "devot[ed] a fourth of his book" Eco Barons to their history and achievements.

ok so my mission is to dismantle these phony "environmental" groups and put them in jail...

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