Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I'm a roadrunner, baby

I'm a road runner honey, Beep! Beep! I'm a road runner honey, And you can't keep up with me...

I got this awesome painting at a Thrift store a few days's by Dorothy Smith and it spoke to me....good artists communicate something from the collective subconscious and you can see it if you look for it unless you're unconscious....and Dorothy spoke to me

ok so the LA Times may be bought by the Koch Bros and if it happens half the newsroom says it will quit..

well they'll probably get fired anyway like Wendy did when she bought the News-Press...fired all her reporters to keep faggity-gal pal Rob Lowe happy!

these Koch Bros would turn the Times into a vanity gossip rag like crazy Rupert Murdoch likes to do with his magazines but Rupert is so crooked that his mags keep falling, like the News of the World and all his hacker and bribery issues...Ruppie owns FOX NEWS and I never hear anything about the hacking and bribery scandals from them...

the LA Times under the Kocks will rag on unions all day like Wendy likes to do...and then I can make fun of all of them like I like to you see the more things change, the more they stay the same!

now I don't read the LA Times anymore but I do read the Ventura County Star sometimes but now they are going to charge for their online version of the paper..a subscription like Wendy likes to do...but the online News-Press is worse than the print version! so I'll pass on the subscription because I can find the AP stories from a Google search..information at the touch of your hand..all you need is a brain to determine the truth or consequences of any information-maybe that's why Google stock is at around $800 a share! if I owned 100 shares I'd have a cool 80 grand and I might upgrade a bit...but I don't have 100 shares of Google because I'm stupid

so why read newspapers..I don't know...oh the TV Guide section, that's why..I wanna see what's on tonight and the News-Press is pretty good for that..

and what's up with KEYT..up and down the coast from the valleys to the beach....where the news comes first says the guy who sounds like he's a hunnerd years old chewing on tobaccy...get a chick to announce the newscasts...that guy's voice is a matter of fact I'll send a tape of me doing it and I'll be the new news voice of KEYT..stay tuned

and the weather guys have been promising a heat wave but all I see is grey cold fog outside my window...who can I believe anymore?

I rely on my big old radio, Klaatu, to get me gets the police stations, the air traffic control chatter, the weather, am/fm, short wave and other nifty it looks cool...newspapers can't match that....

if you wanna find the truth in life, stick to radios and art

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