Saturday, May 11, 2013

the Fountainhead

"I'm a parasite. I've been a parasite all my life"

speaking of parasites, Andy Caldwell, the leader of COLAB (BALOC spelled backwards) is apparently confused about which bathroom to use so he posed a question in the News-Press editorial section..Andy has a parasitic radio show on Wendy's AM 1290 as the "Voice of Reason" so he will probably have a show on toilets soon

when I was up at Lake Casitas recently, they had a playground and some bathrooms..the bathrooms, or restrooms for those uncomfortable with "bathroom", were very clean..they had a john and a urinal...I took a pee...I noticed that the bathrooms were co-ed-either a male or female could use them- and there was a little symbol of a male and female on the door...conceivably a male and female could have peed together but I needed privacy so I locked the door...

now back to Andy's questions..his #2 concern is some transgender guy might barge in on him when he's in the bathroom....Andy asks: Can you imagine trying to explain why a boy is in the girls' bathroom to your 5-year old daughter or granddaughter? Or vice versa?...

or vice versa?? you mean how can you explain to your granddaughter why Andy is in the girls' bathroom with a 5-year old boy??? that's vice versa for you..

I remember being potty trained by my parents and I remember there was alot of pretty dirty talk going on..I think my mom even fondled my genitals for a second or two... and my dad... I won't even tell you what he did to me! what a perv!!!

Andy likes to quote Ayn Rand alot but does he even know that Ayn was a chain-smoking promiscuous little slut?

how do you explain that to a 5-year old??

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Anonymous said...

Man has finally been domesticated! Hackers altered limits on debit card accounts, sent out old cards that were altered to match those accounts
(with PIN) to crooks all over the world, then on 3 occasions hit ATM's for $45 million, most of which was forwarded to the hackers. The efficiency and honor in the crime world makes our congress look like fools!!