Monday, May 6, 2013

black hawk and the white winged dove

we were....

while I watched the wind blow on Friday and some ash make it to Carpinteria, I marveled at the beauty of the Pacific Coast Highway down by Malibu... the fire is burning 40 square miles down there...

the native only cult has gone crazy lately..they tell me not to wear certain types of shoes so I don't introduce invasive seeds to the mountains.... the cult has spent time and money removing non-natives and planting natives in the Point Mugu State Park area...the Springs fire is moving into the mountainous park area and burning, scorching the earth and all those native plants....all those natives up in smoke...and the nonnatives burned too..nature doesn't care what burns just that it does is good

now, down at Malibu Canyon they have a little restoration project and when I read about it I couldn't believe my eyes..they started last June and supposedly fininshed up in March
In the final stretch of the Malibu Lagoon Restoration Project, contractors spread seeds of native plants.

Suzanne Goode, senior environmental scientist for California State Parks, said the hydroseed mix consists of native seeds, vegetable dye and a biodegradable fiber called tackifier.

"The tackifier helps stick the seeds to the soil," Goode said.

She said the mix is free of all fertilizers.

"We do not use fertilizers with native restorations," Goode said.

that's bad Goode...

now, I was looking at EDHAT and saw the pictures of the bald eagles nesting at Lake Casitas..I'd heard about them a few years ago and for some reason haven't been up there to check them out..I will soon head up there..I've seen an osprey in Carp at Santa Claus Lane, but a bald eagle would be a sight for sore eyes!

and also to check out the water fight brewing private Golden State Water Company and the Casitas Water District-apparently some folks aren't too pleased with the privatization of their water services and are trying to get rid of the Golden State Water Company...

but the point is the bald eagles are nesting in a big beautiful eucalyptus tree...this is the preferred tree of raptors...owls, hawks and eagles...there's nest just below Ojai in a big's a hawk nest...right next to the euc is a sycamore, but the hawks chose the eucalyptus...if I were an eagle or a hawk, I would choose a eucalyptus too!

and it's funny...the Channel Island Restoration project cut down hundreds of eucalyptus trees for the bogus reason they are not native....well I've heard that before so I now designate the eucalyptus tree as native to California....

there..done as if by order

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