Sunday, May 19, 2013

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

in the doghouse, society's hounds (that's how I heard it anyway)

gang injunction? howzabout a drunk driver injunction!!

oh so now I see Bernie Taupin got busted for DUI....well I'm a big fan of Elton and Bernie's songs, but looking at Bernie's mug shot, I'd say he's fallen on hard times..the talent has dried up and now he's an old drunk valley cowboy?? how'd that happen?? well at least he had the sense to drive Elderberrily in the boonies where only the cows and fences need to beware...well done, Bernie!!

hold me closer Tiny Dancer: Nancy Wilson of Heart remembers attending Elton John's swank 33rd birthday party in West Hollywood, where John's songwriting partner, Bernie Taupin, "repeatedly pulled me into the bathroom" and offered her cocaine. "Bernie was convinced that getting me high was the key to seducing me."

btw, the new album by Elton John is called Trains Cutting Horses...

Mona Lisa's and Mad Hatters:
well I was speaking of non-profits and all the taxes they don't pay, and the News-Press had a story about the Santa Barbara County Taxpayer Association president Joe Armendariz giving a talk on how to stave off a county bankruptcy....I know... fire all the county employees and privatize!!

Joe's still sucking the tax money out of the system with the drugs and alcohol issues in the family: 05/28/2013 - 8:30 am 1422868 Joseph James Armendariz Proof of Compliance Thomas R Adams SB8

as a taxpayer Joe I am sick of babysitting your kid!!

but really Joe speaking on money issues is rather silly....his past is littered with irresponsible choices where taxpayers picked up the tab..and now all he is doing is pushing for oil development and wants to drill for oil in Monterey Bay for jobs..yeah good one, Joe!

California has real innovation from the likes of like David Geffen, Google, Apple, Zuckerburg from Facebook..well maybe not Zuck, the stock kinda sucks....we have plenty of jobs and as long as the stock market is kept honest, money will be made by investing in American companies....the economy if you hadn't noticed is rebounding from the private sector greed and fraud and has been since the Bush crash....maybe that's why conservatives are so busy looking for scandals!!!

all you need to do to become rich and afford mortgages is to invent an app..invent a new app and you'll be ok

Candle in the Wind: anti-union News-Press owner Wendy McCuckoo instructed her interns from the highly anal and conservative Young Miss America Foundation to perform sexual acts with dogs from the non-profit SEXY PAWS in front of Operations Manager Don Katich and videotape it..the tape was sent to the Teamster's Union and the union up and quit representing the newsroom-that's the real story!! well Wendy has been crying about the union ever since she lost her marbles so who can she blame for the waning readers and loss of income? ME!!!

Friends: well I was looking at Peter Lance's facebook page and he's got lotsa friends! there's the aforementioned Don Katich from the News-Press, there's fellow drunk driver Cat Cora..there's Palmintieri from KEYT....there's ol Chic Streetman and lots of rightwing kooks like Tammy Bruce and some FOX NEWS nitwits

now, with a drunk driver injunction if two or more drunks were seen at a scene together they could be busted...if Bernie, Joe, Peter Lance, Tony DeNunzio and Cat Cora or other penthouse paupers were seen at Bo Henry's or the Boathouse sipping brews, they could be busted!!

even if they were only drinking Elderberry wine!

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Anonymous said...

Peter Lance writes such interesting investigative pieces. Perhaps his next story could be about men on who lie about their ages. He could even use himself as an example.