Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hot Stuff

hot stuff..yeah..ooohhh... hot stuff

under a cloud of ethics violations-real ones-my hot girl Michelle Bachmann is gonna retire from politics and Congress...apparently she was skimming funds from her campaign donations to pay for beauty treatments...Michelle will join her counselor hubby Marcus, whose practice helps turn gay people back into heterosexuals, in focusing on the family...this will thusly turn America back to the values she was founded upon....well it's about time!!!

now Michelle may be loopy and naive as a little girl, but I enjoyed watching her skewer Texas Gov Rick Perry during the Republican presidential debates...she killed him!! unfortunately, Michelle is a bible thumping teabagger but only I think as a political move....I bet she rocks in the sack....HOT STUFF!!!

speaking of ethics challenged....why is Darryl Issa investigating the president? Darryl Issa..this guy is a total scam artist...the guy is creepy-the dyed jet black hair, the beady eyes, the long him and see his record! car thief, wrong way driver, weapons charge....punk

and I have never shopped at WALMART and I never will because I'm not white trash military....Walmart hates unions and now I hear they pled guilty for dumping hazardous waste in California...they will pay a fine of $81 million!!

they refused to train employees on proper handling of wastes so the underlings dumped it in the sewer or in the bushes for years which makes treatment and cleanup more expensive for you and me...

this is why we have regulations to keep these CEO assholes from polluting our state..

I did not feel the quake yesterday but i saw see, I have a wind chime in my bathroom and the reason it's in the bathroom is because it is too loud I got wooden chimes I'm in the bathroom staring at myself in the mirror when I hear the chimes tinkle..then I look over at it and they're swaying...but I didn't feel the earth move...then I hear we had an earthquake so the wind chimes are now an earthquake detector...I repurposed it!!

attracted to midgets
I find this midget lady very attractive...what does that say about me? it says I like a little pussy every now and then!

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