Tuesday, May 21, 2013

dazed and confused

whahh.....whaah...whoooaahhh....(Page's guitar sound)

well let's take a look at some things I don't understand....things I find confusing...the first sentence in Andy Caldwell's  sloppy News-Press editorial was unintelligible- meaning I didn't get it....

certainly Andy passed  basic English class in 2nd grade but who knows with this kind of mental phrasing!! using "multitude" and "communities" twice in the same sentence..geez

there's some pics in CASA mag of Kathy Ireland and boy her bosoms, her bazoomas, her cha-chas, her neeners, her shlobes are big!! that right one is speaking to me!! YOWZA Kathy...implants? I don't know but I'd like to peruse them for an hour or so..Kathy I love you..I always have and I always will...ohhhhh, Kathy if you were here now, I'd XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX!!!!!!!!

and  there's that weird Andrew Firestone guy...the Batchelor ...always doing the faggy society hosting duties...and he's here with the gay dude from the Dream Foundation...I know Andrew has a trophy wife and all, but you can't tell me he's not gay...I wonder if Brooks approves of a gay son??? I bet he'd sayXXXXXXXX

and it looks like Bernie Taupin who is worth about $300 million has enlisted the help of DUI lawyer Darryl Genis-according to DG, Bernie was not drunk-he was writing a song while driving his pick- up truck in the cold black Santa Ynez night...on a  rural road, Bernie got dazed and confused and has some allergies and hearing issues which all told could have fooled the cops into thinking Bernie was drunk and driving...a series on Bernie's arrest will appear in the News-Press and Bernie has hired Peter Lance to do an investigative series on the sheriff's deputy who arrested him!! the story will be that the cop was a former KGB agent who planted heroin on every inmate in the county jail and raped every female inmate in the Men's Colony up in SLO town...

oh shit Bernie..really? why not be a man like Cat Cora and step up and accept responsibility for your actions and promise it will never happen again....instead of all this media attention..oh media attention...I forgot....you there's no such thing as bad publicity

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