Monday, May 20, 2013

Mary, Mary

where you going to?

you have to be a retardataire to run to the News-Press for help!

well I was trying to follow a loopy story by Scott Steepleton in the was about a gal from Carpinteria named Mary Methmann...Mary is accused of stealing money: $50 from work where she was employed as a clerk for the Sheriff's office... and $10000 from a private residence in Goleta...

Mary called the News-Press to tell her story and spills her guts about it's all a mistake and a set up and her brother was killed and the feds are bothering her children and she was attacked on the Carp Bluffs and slipped a disc while fighting off her assailant...and she can't work shift work because she gets anxiety attacks and her body can't adjust...geez I worked day swing and graveyard in my work life-you deal with it..and she says she was sexually harassed by "someone" in the sheriff's office..well file a complaint girl... and the Sheriff is out to get her because she's a whistleblower.....geez!!

and then as evidence, Mary and the News-Press show a photo of a supposedly threatening anonymous note that was left on Mary's door calling her a thief...notice the note was written in very girly neat penmanship and looked so fake or staged I think I'm gonna call a handwriting expert to see if Mary actually wrote it..hey, I think I'll call James Blanco!!

the story by Steepleton was not up to any real reporter's a matter of fact it was a mishmash of unrelated jibberish....embarassing...horrible... a hack job and Mary comes across as crazy, neurotic and needy... well maybe she is..her first mistake was going to the News-Press like Peter Lance did... Pete has no credibility as an investigative journalist now..none....and Mary's goose is cooked too!

Mary goes on and on about this and that and all the excuses she comes up with about the allegations against her make her sound guilty...not good if she goes to trial...

Steepleton fails to whip up any sympathy for Mary and he forgot to mention her civil case..she's got an issue with her hubby, too??

Petitioner: Mary E Methmann 07/2/2009 1338238 Respondent: Mark Methmann

it's a family law thing ... I don't know...Scott can ya help me clear all this up??

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Anonymous said...

Who the hell are you to Judge Mary or anything that happened here? Why are you so interested in Mary going to the News press to get her side across? Have you ever read anything about going against cops and getting retaliated against? well I know personally if you piss them off they will get you anyway they can. Her marriage or divorce has nothing to do with any of this ? I personally know Mary and she has and always will be a good person. Doesn't it seem strange to anyone that she gets hit with both these accusations on the work issue and the homesitting issue all at the same time? Why was the girl that hired her to house sit hiding the fact that she had Mary in the home to begin with? She never told the home owner she had Mary house sitting! In fact that girl Tommie Ruiz had to move out of her home because she Lied! Why was Mary even there when Tommie was there the weekend this so called theft happened? Why did detectives meet with Tommie Ruiz that Saturday at UCSB to talk to her, while Mary was house sitting or being set up as I put it. Mind your own business who ever you are you don't know this lady or her family.