Wednesday, May 29, 2013

California Nights

And there will be beneath the midnight sky above
Just you and me, and we will whisper words of love
While the fire light softly flickers in the sand.

oh how I love Lesley Gore with the passion of a thousand suns!

Huntington Beach is an iconic beach town in California...the Beach Boys and Jan and Dean sang about it...the beach culture is what California is all's why we moved here..the weather and the beach....everyone loves the beach....

so there's a controversy brewing in Huntington Beach over the fire pits people use at night to party....

Blazing fire pits on Huntington Beach, Calif., have ignited controversy over their possible contribution to air pollution. Air quality regulators are considering a proposal to ban beach bonfires in Southern California

a fire pit is not a bonfire but we need fires at the beach....I remember the fires we built at Shark's when we first moved here..."Groovy Kind of Love" was on the radio and we'd spend the day surfing, building drift wood fires and go home smelling like we spent the day in a smokehouse..I LOVED that smell!!

there's a smell coming from the avocado groves in Carpinteria by Rancho Monte Alegre...this is another aroma I can't live all comes down to how she smells, I guess..

but anyway, banning the fire pits is stupid...a fire at the beach makes life enchanting...watching the grunnion run, having sex at the beach under the moonlight in a sleeping bag with your girlfriend....with a California Girl....awesome!!!

The proposition has sparked a bitter dispute between those who see the bonfires as a treasured slice of California coastal culture and those who say they are a smoky health hazard for millions.

More immediately, the debate has fueled an increasingly personal spat between residents of two neighboring beach cities known worldwide for their luxurious stretches of sand, surfing and sun-kissed weather.

geez, does that mean all those beach BBQ pits would have to go Carp, Summerland and Santa Barbara??

Huntington Beach and its supporters launched a campaign - "Keep Your Mitts Off Our Pits" - and spearheaded an online petition with nearly 8,500 signatures so far. State and local politicians have also waded into an escalating war of words that is increasingly being cast as a showdown between NIMBY-happy residents of Newport Beach and the scrappier middle-class surf haven to its north.

In a sign of the mounting tension, the chairman of the regional air quality board was pilloried by fire pit supporters after he angrily compared the smoke from Newport Beach's bonfires to "carpet bombing" during the Vietnam War during a public hearing. The South Coast Air Quality Management District board votes on the ban next month.

with millions of cars moving thru California daily, why are people suddenly worried pollution from a few fire pits???

fires at the beach are a long California fun tradition..woe to those who try to snuff them out!

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Anonymous said...

And 3000 barbecues at red rock is fine in fire season.