Tuesday, May 14, 2013

pet sounds

wouldn't it be nice?

oh so the animal issue in the News-Press on Sunday was just a big glossy advertisment section for Wendy and her veterinary friends...and Wayne Pacelle from the US Humane Society and #69 from the Animal Rescue 'em to Death Place...basically a bunch of non-profits that kiss Wendy's ass and benefit from her donations...geez what a bunch of scammers these folks are...can't they at least be honest?? I guess not..and wow there's more animal clinics in Santa Barbara than bars almost!! fleas and booze!!!

you may remember when I confronted Wayne, Wendy and Nipper at Wayne's book signing party in the upper village..I exposed them for the hypocrites they are..yes I did

Wayne's World

now ever since I voiced my concern that Erin Graffy was out to get Lorraine D Wilson, possibly plotting to push her down the Granada stairs in a little "accident", things have changed...Lorraine wrote the society stories for the News-Press and then she got sick (hmmm, wonder how that happned, Erin?) then Erin Graffy came in to take over..then Lorriane got better and came back but Erin still got top billing on the Society page until Sunday..Lorraine's on top now and Erin's the bottom...Erin's on the bottom, hehehe

so anyway, Lorraine writes about the Jewish Federation..geez isn't WWII over?? Hitler is dead and the allies won but the SB Jews got their Federation like I'm
"I love studs!"
supposed to be afraid of them..their money and their power?? well I would never date a Jewish girl because they are too snotty and I'm not Jewish and I'm not rich so I ain't got a prayer with Jewish girl...but what makes them so special I wonder...really now I'm curious and I wanna fuck a Jewish girl real bad...I wanna feel special...

but how would that happen?? how does one go about that, I wonder?? how does one approach a Jewish gal? with a wad of cash?? a new horse??

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