Thursday, May 16, 2013

baby, you can drive my car

yes I'm gonna be a star...

so I was looking on the computer for the gal- the National Traffic Safety gal- Deborah Hersman who wants to lower the DUI limit and I hear a loud buzz overhead..I run outside and look up and there's a plane pulling a banner for Budlight beer...whenever I see a banner like that I run and grab a Bud because I'm a moron and easily influenced by some jerkoff pilot selling alcohol from the skies...

alcohol is drug and I thought what if drugs were legal and sold like alcohol and advertised like booze...would we see planes with banners Smoke WEEDlight or Snort Coke Classic Today!!

yeah probably but I was also looking at the News-Press online this morning and they are really confused about the new DUI limits..the 0.05 that is being proposed by the lovely Deborah see most of the Team Wendy members were busted for way over 0.05...all the way up to 0.23 for Travis who drove up a one way street the wrong way!!

don't worry, we'll sort all this out at future meetings


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Anonymous said...

That banner says michelob ultra not bud light