Friday, May 17, 2013


Edelweiss...bless my homeland forever

the original Tea Party
well I know why the IRS was targeting the Tea Party...because of Adolf remember Adolf, the German guy who slaughtered millions of Jews, homos and gypsies...gypsies! why kill gypsies?? well I don't know I wasn't there...something about biological imbalance or nativism or something like that...

but Hitler it turns out was fond of tea parties..he'd have tea with his officers and Eva Braun up in the hills of the back country...he was a tea maniac!!

The dark allure of Adolf Hitler has turned his tea house at the top of a Bavarian mountain into one of the most visited sites in Germany.

Tourism authorities announced that over 300,000 people visited the retreat on the peak of the Kehlstein mountain which was built for him as a 50th birthday gift by Nazi party secretary Martin Bormann in 1939.
Officials said that most visitors to the mountain are Americans....

and Hitler holed up in a bunker 50 ft below ground at the end of the war...Teabaggers are paranoid too and have bunkers out in Arizona in case Obama comes to get them and that's I think were they plotted their little tax exempt schemes...why can't you be political and still pay taxes like me?? why go crying to the IRS for tax exempt status and call yourself a patriot?? if I were an IRS agent that would be a major red flag to me

let me be perfectly clear: tax-exempt organizations are a scam..non-profits, churches, veteran charities..all a scam..well not all but most..and look at all the non-profits in Santa Barbara making scads of money and not paying taxes...Channelkeepers, Heal the Ocean, Santa Barbara County Taxpayer Association, and on and on and on..all groups who pay their friends and associates and give some crumbs to their "causes"...I just found out that Elaine from Seinfeld and Heal the Ocean is a billionaire!! how much does she get from her non-profit???

such bullshit....I will delve deeper into these Santa Barbara non-profits real soon and see what shakes...why should I pay taxes when they don't??

and Hilter was an Aryan like the teabaggers...racists one and all..

so if the IRS stops scrutinizing these jokers then that leaves me to do it..I'm always the one left to do the dirty work...

I have found my eagle's Eva Braun...

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