Wednesday, May 8, 2013

hard headed woman

I heard about a king
who was doin' swell
till he started playing
with that evil Jezebel.

a few years ago, Sheriff Bill Brown was sitting down with Lanny Ebenstein over coffee, discussing politics...Sheriff Brown was using Lanny as a consultant..

when I saw this spectacle in the face of Lanny's pot house issues in Eureka, I was could Sheriff Brown be so stupid as to seek Lanny's see, Lanny owned some properties in Eureka and the pothouse had shady characters coming and going...the neighbors called the cops many times and finally banded together and sued Lanny..the house was a nuisance....Lanny settled a day before the trial was to begin...and at least another of his houses went into foreclosure...and Lanny is affiliated with the shady non-profit Santa Barbara County Taxpayer Association-Joe Armendariz is the president!! and they purport to look out for the taxpayer yet all those visits from the cops to Lanny's pothouse and Joe's drunk driving shenanigans were surely a waste of tax dollars...

Lanny's a whacked out Libertarian pothead and not the financial genius he claims to be..and he writes editorials for Nipper and Wendy, mostly anti-union nonsense...

when I called Sheriff Brown a few years ago to apprise him of Lanny's legal troubles, Brown pled ignorance.... so I asked him if he planned on using Lanny as a consultant in the future after I just told him about Lanny's Eureka scandal..Sheriff Bill Brown said "no"..

ok..but I think with the north county jail being pushed by the News-Press and Brown, I think they may be stealing away on occasions doing who knows what...I question Mr. Brown's judgement..

so enter Ms Brown...Sergeant Sandra Brown who is challenging Bill Brown for Sheriff..she is not related to him...but I think she should be elected and let Bill and Lanny ride off into the sunset together..

Sandra kinda scares me and women who scare me well I do what they say...look at that picture of Sandra Brown in the coroner's says she could cut out my heart, weigh it on the scale to see if I have even an ounce of compassion left, and probably not bat an eyelash....that's leadership!!

these lady don't wanna mess around with them...they are pretty tough...

Oh yeah, ever since the world began
a hard headed woman been a thorn in the side of man.

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