Monday, May 13, 2013

God Only Knows

what I'd be without you...

Brian Wilson wrote it and Carl Wilson sang it...those were the real Beach Boys days...apparently Mike Love and Bruce Johnstone are prancing around as the Beach Boys with a gig at the Chumash Casino sans Brian...the BBs are no more and Brian Wilson has nixed any more reunions so I don't know what Mike and Bruce are doing...other than capitalizing on Brian Wilson's fame and talent

hey I was looking through some photos and I realized I

inadvertently snatched a shot of Priscilla, the chick who tried to block me from taking pictures of dead Andrew Breitbart at the Montecito Country Club luncheon a few years ago..I got this shot of 'Cilla at the MCC Cat Cora chowder contest last year while I was trying to get the other chicks' leg shots! Priscilla, clutching her camera, barged into the frame but I did get some nice legs... man oh man!!

Priscilla takes photos of all the society folks for the Montecito Journal which ties into our story below...

well I see that some private dicks are dicking with each other...Bo Henry's Lizard Lounge proprietor, Robert Eringer is suing the Mega Group Private Investigators for God only knows what....I get dizzy trying to keep track of the Team Wendy lawsuits....but it seems like a Peyton Place kinda thing with daughters and sons-in-law and I'm gonna find out what the hell is going in...

until then, here's a look at the new barkeep's files and all the conspircy theories a la Peter Lance... Lance and Eringer have the same investigative reporting styles, ie, they make things up!!
According to Salon, Eringer attended four colleges but never earned a degree. Prior to working as an independent contractor for Prince Albert II of Monaco, Eringer formerly served as a freelance writer for the Santa Barbara News Press and several British tabloids including News of the World. According to Salon, Eringer also wrote a handful of spy novels published by an obscure publishing house (National Press Books) and more obscure publishers in South Carolina. Eringer’s fiction drew no attention, "except from a few equally obscure reviewers and publicists, at least one of whom was paid to spam the Internet with disingenuous praise for Eringer’s books...

apparently, his family had made a small fortune selling the family bakery business. His mother and father had given each child a chunk and then moved to Monaco.

ohh so mommy and daddy gave Eringer his money! hahaha

and he worked for corrupt FOX NEWS owner Rupert Murdoch:

"I used to follow his Twitter and Formspring posts," says one woman who used to be associated with Eringer. "But his blog posts are too much lately. He’s got it out for women and posts disrespectful and even hateful things about the wives of people he dislikes. I don’t want to be associated with a guy like that—on or offline."
pip pip???

Robert Eringer has made a living consulting for various big-name enterprises and people, from Murdoch’s corrupt and now defunct News of the World to Ringling Brothers and the Feld Family, and, more recently, Prince Albert II of Monaco. But in an alarming series of blogs about President Putin’s wife, Eringer has shown he’s not a female-friendly blogger, and pointedly discredits women in his attacks against his opponents.

"Vladimir Putin’s wife is the current target of Eringer’s posts, but prior to that it was Prince Albert of Monaco’s wife, Charlene Wittstock. It was Eringer who spread the ludicrous rumors that Charlene tried to flee the Principality rather than marry Prince Albert," said an insider familiar with Eringer’s behavior. "Just look at the phrasing of his blog and you can see it’s the same diatribe over and over. Charlene was the Prisoner Princess. Now Lyudmila Putin is "missing" and "pregnant." He’s clearly very disturbed."

This leads to the question: Does Robert Eringer Hate Women?

"Most likely," a psychologist familiar with the behavior of British paparazzi suggested. "Mr. Eringer is curiously silent about his own wife," Elizabeth Eringer, "although he does post effusively doting blogs about his daughter, Claire Elizabeth Eringer, who’s married to Marcus Boyle and recently had a child."

ok shit we got Eringer and the MJ's Richard Mineards, both working for Wendy and Rupert Murdoch at one time...Rupert Murdoch is a fucking I'll be looking closely at Mineards and Eringer and Priscilla in future posts..real close..I will flush out these cursed tabloid pigeons from hell if it's the last thing I do!!

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Anonymous said...

Well of course phonies abound in Montecito. Where there is money there is THECON. And of course they gravitate toward the New-Press. Being a clueless nouveau riche, MCCaw hasn't had the breeding to deal with the eternal parade of hucksters, con men and sycophants that large sums attract. Professional suckerfish  like RM, RE, PL and AVW, who are  willing to invest large sums of time and effort into weakling their way into her checkbook. And poor McCaw is showing herself to be perfect prey for these types. She should spare you the effort and do her own digging into the backgrounds and bank accounts of these jokers. I think she'll find flat seltzer budgets behind their champagne promises.