Friday, May 10, 2013

you make me feel like dancing

I wanna dance the night away

well it's true..Palmieri's bar, located on the gang-infested west side of SB is no was renamed Bo Henry's by the owner- Mr .Wimpy's pal  Robert Eringer....seems everytime I open a MJ, Montecito's elderly groupie, Richard Mineards is talking about Eringer endlessly trying to shake down Prince Albert for some never's pathetic!! Eringer is the Prince's little bitch!

and I think Bo Henry's sounds like a gay bar... I like Prince Albert's Bitch Bar better

well anyway if you've seen one bar you've seen them all....if you've seen one drunk, you've seen 'em all which is why I find drunks so tediously boring and drunk drivers so tediously dangerous...drunk driving is not a right it's an abomination...the end of Prohibition doesn't mean anything goes!!!

ok so the News-Press winos have been gleefully gloating about the new DUI blood draw limitations which should cause celebration among rummies everywhere..when you get stopped for DUI, the cops can't draw blood to measure BAC-blood alcohol concentration- level without a warrant unless you crash and/or kill someone..they can still do the breathalyser but I guess the dash cams actually will come in handy and take the place of a blood cops need to make sure they get the drunk in front of the camera from now on....

but the fuzz can still do the ABC test...alcohol-blood concentration to see how much blood is in their alcohol....these tests are prefectly legal but reserved for the guys with more alcohol in their veins than know who I'm talkin' about

Beer Gum
Gum that tastes like beer..available only at the Grand Opening of Prince Albert's Bitch Bar in SB!!

Beer gum...enjoy the pleasure of a beer throughout the day...each stick contains the equivalent of 1 shot glass full of beer. When the flavor runs out, you just you just "open another stick of beer."

hey tonight I'll call the bar and ask if they have Prince Albert's bitch in a can!! but really, I may have to pay these guys a visit....

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Anonymous said...

"The case stemmed from the arrest of Tyler McNeely in Missouri's rural Cape Girardeau County. A state trooper stopped McNeely's speeding, swerving car. The driver, who had two previous drunken-driving convictions, refused to submit to a breath test to measure the alcohol level in his body."