Monday, September 30, 2013

cosmic cowboy

I just wanna ride and rope and hoot!


so I'm taking a shower and I hear some clippity-clops noises outside... I run to the balcony wet and naked as a peacock and see some cowpokes making a I pull out my rifle and shoot 'em up..all of 'em...I plug 'em all

don't horse around with me!

green grass

'round my window, young leaves that the wind blows 

so today at 10:30 AM was the hearings at the Santa Barbara Court house regarding the harassment issues of one Robert Eringer (Mr. Shrimpy) and in a separate case, the SB Unified School District...10:30 well that gives me time to go to Trader Joe's and get the truck I get 'er done and head for the court house.. a pretty fall day and the green grass is really green...really really green....I felt alive!!

so I go inside the Court House and sit down and two lawyers on the next bench are talking and giggling about the wonders of Santa's beautiful and so unlike Orange County!

slowly but surely people start gathering around the door of SB5....I see some lawyers... a misc chick with a fine ass who was walking a little funny...hmmm

well so I see that artist friend of Eringer, sidekick Thomas Van Sting or whatever his name is...what a goofy looking dude...looks like a trustfunder..

 shrimp Eringer speaks with Dalziels' lawyer

then I see an older dude with a ponytail..that's the guy that Eringer is suing...
William Jarvis Dalziels

Mr. Wimpy..public TV
 ok he's there with his lawyer then I see Eringer and he's hiding behind a column in the hall.... then Dalziels'  lawyer slowly approaches Eringer in the hall and they discuss some things... I could barely hear them..something about the guys staying away from each other...they kept about a 6ft distance at all times...I'm starting to enjoy this immensely, watching these grey spoiled children, when up walks Mr. Wimpy in shades and a cream-colored polyester suit..he looked like a game show host or an aluminum siding salesman!! he's darting around like an old drunk and I was getting such a kick out of watching them....trying sooo hard to look important....they were watching me and frowning with chagrin! hahaha!!

so the hearing starts and Judge Stern, a Mama Cass look-a-like starts the proceedings..we sit through an hour of boring custody issues, then the school district issue came up..some guy who had the IQ of an ant, was skinny and looked like a gang member showed up with no lawyer..apparently he's the one who is harassing a school the Judge told him to come back when he's represented...what a dummy..he seemed constantly confused by everything the Judge said....if he gets a public defender, I gotta pay for it!!! GEEZ!!!

then Eringer's hearing ....of course it will be continued until December when they will have a trial..all day with about 7 witnesses..all drinking buddies of Eringer it looks like...hahah!

nice ass!!

..but today, the lawyers for each side went back and forth with Judge Stern...William Jarvis Dalziels lawyer said Eringer was harassing his client and a mutual restraining order should be implemented..he recounted an incident where Eringer purposely parked next to Dalziels' truck in a restaurant lot in Montecito...since Dalziels couldn't be within a certain distance of Eringer, he had to leave the restaurant ..but the Judge said something about first rights of ownership in public whoever from the feuding party gets to the parking lot space first can stay...

I think that's how I heard it....for some reason the judge turned off her microphone when she had it on earlier...what weird bunch of losers!!!

well I don't know what to think about these people.... hey, yes I do..I think they deserve a sitcom!!!

the Sunday the earth stood still

GORT: "Klaatu barada nikto"

"Klaatu barada nikto"

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Bo Diddley

Bo Diddley just buy his baby diamond ring
If that diamond ring don't shine
He gonna take it to a private eye
If that private eye can't see
He'd better not take the ring a-from me

I haven't been to the court house recently...the halls of Justice...but I might have to head see her again

topic: harassment....when a 60 year old man yells and uses profanity in front of a 3-year old girl, that's harassment and that's a problem....I won't tolerate that

now what about this other stuff??

make the world go away...
after harassing Prince Albert of Monaco for a few years, Mr.Shrimpy, aka Robert Eringer the proprietor of Bo Henry's bar, is suing some dude for harassment! the guy being sued is William J. Dalziel, a contractor.. I think these guys were doing battle on the Montecito bar circuit and Eringer said that Dalziel was a drunk Indian or something..he said that on Mr .Wimpy's Show!!

09/5/2013 Defendant: William Jarvis Dalziel.... Plaintiff/To be protected-Harasmnt: Robert Henry Eringer

haha..anyway, Erniger wrote book about all the barflies in Montecito called Montecito Madness and I guess they are all after him which is why he opened a bar on Santa Barbara's Westside!! a hearing is scheduled for Mon at 10:30am...ooooh, good time maybe I'll check it out.

meanwhile here's some reviews of "Montecito Madness" from Amazon

I only gave it 2 stars because I don't like to say "I hate" something. But it really deserves one star at most.
The book serves no purpose- no rhyme or reason for it. Maybe the author wanted to make the point of the emptiness that he seems to think is all Montecito has to offer. The poor soul seems lost in his bizarre circle of drunkards.
No real beginning, middle or end. No story.
He must have been bored out of his mind to write like this.
Sorry to be so strongly negative. I do treasure reading all kinds of books- this was simply a blank.

The only rationale for this book would be to win a bet with his boozing low-life affluent buddies that he could simply write a novella about his crowd and get folks to pay for it. He won. I lost.

The author and his friends were severe alcoholics with complete disregard for their families and most hard working individuals.!!!!! They were so Peter Pan like immature men who were also shallow and there only common denominator was their love of drinking Booze and the socialization it enabled them! It was far from An Iceman Cometh!!!!! I enjoy a book that has a valid message and teaches me something that allows me to grow as a human being! This book told me what I already knew--- drunks are not reliable people and most are ego maniacs and selfish!!!! Who does not know that!! It is disease and instead of sitting at a bar and going from place to place in nice restaurants after getting thrown out of most of them due to driving the staff crazy!!! AA meetings would have been a better meeting place! These friends, and I use the term very loosely, enabled one another and hurt one another--- FRIENDS I think not! The book was not written well I just liked the name dropping of the celebrities in Montecito as I live in nearby Santa Barbara and even that was far from impressive, as many movie stars were my neighbors in both of my homes back EAST!!!! And they are just people and deserve their privacy when dining out!!!! The author, who was one of the halves!!! in my humble opinion liked to hang out with those who did not have to feel better about himself in all areas of his life!! The book portrayed the ugly side of the people in it and NO, I did not enjoy it and would not recommend it to anyone of substance and intelligence! UNLESS you are a lover of Reality TV and adore the no talented Kim and her mother and her four sisters !!! -then go for it with all your Zest!!!


ok over athe SB School District as if they don't have enough problems, here's one more...

Civil Other-SB: Santa Barbara Unified School District vs Nicola Mollo
seems the school dist is suing a gal named Defendant: Nicola Molla for harassement...apparently Nicola is harassing Person to be Protected-Harassment: Jennifer Flick and Alicia Saballa-Santana

school Supe David Cash doesn't appear to be a hands-on manager...does he walk the school grounds, do the rounds or does he get others to do it for him??

but that Monique gal sure is pretty!

then we have a Clenet getting into criminal mischief....09/30/2013 - 8:30 am ..Alexis Kelly Clenet Arraignment on Complaint Thomas R Adams SB8

now I know that Nipper and the car dude Alain Clenet bought condos in Bonneymeade at about the same time last year..and I know the kids and grandkids are spoiled or druggies, but I don't know what this case is about...not that I care really but I am intrigued..but am I intrigued enough to get up at 8:30 AM to check it out...

I don't know...these things are very unpredictable, like Lady Justice...

Saturday, September 28, 2013

let's spend the night together

baa daa daa daa bupp bupp ba daa da...

or the censored version: "let's spend some time together"

commemorating banned books week! Sept 22-28
so I'll read a banned book... this one looks cool: Persepolis, by Marjane Satrapi...
Today’s featured Banned Books Week Heroes are the members of the book club 451 Degrees at Lane Tech High School in Chicago, IL, who stood in opposition the order made by Chicago Public Schools to remove the highly acclaimed graphic novel, Persepolis, by Marjane Satrapi, from classrooms (and, initially, from libraries).
deemed inappropriate for 7th graders, the school pulled it out of classrooms...then the shit hit the fan...well I'm a bit beyond 7th grade and anything deemed inapproprite is a must-read!!!

you see, social conservatives want to peek into your bedrooms to make sure you're not doing anything immoral...

Andy's going red
and his tongue's getting tied

ok back when Dr. Laura was writing her nutty column on Page 2 of the News-Press, she was preaching morality (but certainly not practicing it) and complaining about the internet...but now that Dr. Laura is gone, who could fill her about Dr. Andy Caldwell !! now of course Andy and Dr. Laura are a couple of frauds...Dr. Laura because she's not a doctor and Andy because he's a shill for rich people...and a rich divorcee...

Andy is always leeching off the rich and trying to sell something to the Board of Supervisors.....from Wendy to the Chumash to Brooks Firestone...Andy heads the nonprofit COLAB but I don't know what he actually does for a living..what actual work he does..except shill... for the $150000 a year salary I heard!!

and he preaches morality...the phony family Christian morality..and he's a Jerry Falwell Christian..that fat southern Baptist hick who was threatened by teletubbies!!
Andy always blames the 1960's for his sexual anxieties...but check this out Andy..maybe June Cleaver wasn't so pure after all!

 The sexual revolution did not start in the free-loving 1960s as is commonly thought, a University of Florida researcher says. It began with the "silent generation" of the 1940s and ‘50s, which as its moniker implies, didn’t talk much about sex.

"The evidence from our study using census data suggests that the ‘40s and ‘50s experienced a sizeable increase in the frequency of premarital intercourse," he said. "To argue otherwise, one would need somehow to reconcile the more than doubling of illegitimacy among whites, the more than tripling of all out-of-wedlock births and the evidence of a dramatic increase in premarital pregnancies."

Between 1940 and 1960, the frequency of single motherhood among white women increased from 3.6 to 9.2 newborns per 1,000 unmarried white women of childbearing age, Petigny said. Among all women, single motherhood rose from 7.1 to 21.6 newborns per 1,000 unwed women, he said.

"Between the beginning of World War II in 1941 and the inaugural issue of Playboy in 1953, the overall rate of single motherhood more than doubled," he said. "The silent generation may have been silent about what they were doing, but they weren’t all that complacent."

Mom and Dad...I'm shocked!!!

ok so both Dr. Laura and Andy have the same problems with the, free speech..if they can't control free speech, they are against's always been that way...newspapers especially had some power and the luxury of editing or censoring comments from readers..but no more...the internet has shifted the power to the people...and that's what bothers the Wendy, Dr. Laura and Andy types

so now when the papers write editorials or opinions or lie on the front page like NP's Scott Steepleton always does, you can expose that on the internet..on blogs,'s beautiful; and I thank Steve Jobs and Bill Gates for their computer genuis....communication is not just for the rich anymore

you don't have to brown-nose people like Wendy McCuckoo for a spot on the editorial, or guest editorial board...I mean, what a joke...if Andy or Lanny had any balls, they would start their own blogs or websites...but they are parasites stuck to host Wendy, hiding behind her skirt

so when you hear conservatives complain about the internet, they are just trying to censor ...these people are absolute morons!!

but if we are gonna talk about God, I'd say God bless the internet and God Bless America for the 1st Amendment....FREE SPEECH!!!

Friday, September 27, 2013

wild thing

you make my heart sing...

anyone who advocates using poison on landscapes to kill animals or non-native plants should be arrested and put on fire

when I heard that La Colina school allowed the poisoning of golphers and squirrels, I was perplexed...the school district used zinc phophide which is listed as a "highly toxic" substance along side sarin gas...sarin gas was used to kill kids in Syria..
 Sarin, or GB, is an organophosphorus compound with the formula [(CH3)2CHO]CH3P(O)F. It is a colorless, odorless liquid, used as a chemical weapon owing to its extreme potency as nerve agent. It has been classified as a WMD...

Metal phosphides have been used as rodenticides. A mixture of food and zinc phosphide is left where the rodents can eat it. The acid in the digestive system of the rodent reacts with the phosphide to generate the toxic phosphine gas.

dead golpher...dinner??

now the best way to trap/kill golphers is with metal traps...squirrel I got no problem with..I don't know why people have to kill them unless for food...not that I ever ett squirrel...I ett beaver b'fore, but I ain't never ett squirrel!

so you place a trap in a golpher hole and in a few days, you get a dead muss, no fuss and no poison....poison spreads in the atmosphere..if you must use poison, it needs to be in bait stations where no other animal can get to this osprey enjoying a meal that hopefully doesn't have any residual poison from idiots on the ground...

so the pest control company and SB and incompetent schools Superintendent David Cash need to explain themselves....the buck stops with Supe Cash..instead of spending money on drug -sniffing dogs, why not golpher sniffing dogs??

the fact that some kids complained of feeling sick and were ignored or told to "tough it out" by La Colina staff is criminal and abusive....

David Cash needs to resign from his position as school superintendent and an investigation launched immediately....if not sooner

Thursday, September 26, 2013

goin' up the country

I'm going up the country, babe don't you wanna go / I'm going up the country, babe don't you wanna go / I'm going to some place where I've never been before

Britteny, we got enough drunk American yuppies....learn to drink like French girls!! show a little class!

now even though the Police Association is a bit confused about the city council candidates endorsing Mr. Wimpy's bitch, Jason Nelson, at least the officers on the street are taking care of business and arresting drunks who bash into cars and maim people...or fall asleep at stop lights...

of course the cops are no strangers to lawsuits..the nature of the job is to police the city which entails sometimes stopping they need reasonable cause to do that...if a cop sees a gal smash into a parked car, there is reasonable cause to stop her and see wut up with the fine babe who maybe drunk or drugged out....

 I'm gonna leave this city, got to get away
All this fussing and fighting, man, you know I sure can't stay

ok so we know that Darryl Genis is Britteny's lawyer and DeNunzio's lawyer and he loves to spend time at the Independent trying to tell you the cops are bad but his drunk clients are always the good guys, the poor li'l innocent a matter of fact I think Britteny is a spoiled little slut! and Tony's a man-whore..but DG's latest comment on the Indie is that the City Council denied a small settlement to Britteny so now she and her lawyers will have to go to trial....I think she'll get screwed again

and I know we got some wacky cops out there esp in the Highway Patrol....I got my eye on those dudes

but it doesn't matter what I think, only what I can prove..look Britteny there's two ways you're gonna make money in the future if you keep drinking booze: suing the city or on your back, turning tricks..your lawyers don't want to help you, they just want the money, honey..

are you ready to change Britteny? ok so here's what you do..get rid of your bozo lawyers, Genis and Beck ...kick 'em in the ass and shove them out the if you think the two cops broke your arm on purpose after you crashed DUI into that parked car, then take the two bozo cops to small claims court and try to convince the judge...

Well I'm going where the water tastes like wine
We can jump in the water, stay drunk all the time

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Midnight Special

Let the Midnight Special shine her light on me...

all bees are good so I suggest the SB Botanic Garden knock off all the bullshit!!
and shame on Noozhawk for spreading misinformation..that's where all the problems start!!

now I know we got some wacky nativists out there..their only vision of California is native plants and animals and they will spend tons of money burning and poisoning non-natives to reach the goal..some of the propaganda and rhetoric is just annoying because they can do real damage to the environment as they claim the non-natives are doing...

and now they are trying to demonize honeybees!! that's where I step in..I'm sick of these fucks

the Honeybee is not just any companion insect. It is perhaps humanity's most important companion insect. In fact, entomologists tell us that our survival as a species depends upon the Honeybee. Most of the fruits and vegetables humans depend upon for nutrition, fiber and variety depend upon Honeybees as pollinators. Without the Honeybee, humans would have to eat much more meat which is environmentally unfeasible, and nutritional needs would be disrupted. Even nuts and grains would be more rare.

dispersal is Nature's way

the Botanical Garden in SB is a prime example..and I got this info slop from Noozhawk and some nutjob named Kathleen: Telleen-Lawton, who tries to minimize the importance of honeybees because she prefers "native" bees...

Karen Telleen-Lawton: Seeding the Future with the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

Noozhawk -
The Botanic Garden, in cooperation with the Natural ...The native habitat attracts native bees, which not only are more efficient pollinators for some crops such as tomatoes, but also work longer than European honeybees. Native bees tend to work earlier and later in the day, and also longer in the seasons. Native bumblebees are "buzz pollinators," according to Knapp. Their buzz frequency, a middle-C note, releases pollen — a trick honeybees can’t do.

so the Botanic Garden intends to kill all the bastard plants in a meadow to resurrect the native plants..they want to attract native bees only because they say the native bees are the only ones who can release pollen by wing vibration to the tune of middle C...NONSENSE!!

first of all it's not a trick and second of all honeybees can do it they just don't need to:

fact: In order to release the pollen, bumblebees and some species of solitary bees are able to grab onto the flower and move their flight muscles rapidly, causing the flower and anthers to vibrate, dislodging pollen. This resonent vibration is called buzz pollination. The honeybee rarely performs buzz pollination. About 8% of the flowers of the world are primarily pollinated using buzz pollination.
fact: The honey bee we all know (Apis mellifera) is, of course, native to Europe. It became naturalized in North America early enough that some scholars thought it had originated here. In "Notes on the State of Virginia," Thomas Jefferson wrote that the local Indians called it "the white man’s fly," indicating that once the bees showed up, European settlers were not far behind.

All the living honey bee species are confined to Europe and Asia. North America has the primitively social bumblebees and a host of solitary types, but no highly social (eusocial is the term) bees like A. mellifera.

But that wasn’t always the case. Engel, et al., found their bee, which they named Apis nearctica, in a fourteen-million-year-old shale formation in the Stewart Valley Basin in west-central Nevada. The remains were partially disarticulated, but enough components were there that it could be diagnosed as a honey bee. A. nearctica closely resembles a contemporary species from Germany, Apis armbrusteri. It was found in company with fossil ants and wasps, one group of which is characteristic of forested environments.

Through geological time, North America has had land connections with both Asia and Europe. During the Miocene epoch, when A. nearctica was extant, only the route from Asia—an early version of Beringia—was open.

so tell me, WTF does native mean??? NOTHING!!!!

The story of the Nevada honey bee illustrates once again that absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. It also underscores how much the fauna of North America, micro- as well as mega-, has changed over time, and how problematic the categories of native and alien can be. After all, the West’s feral horses could also be seen as returning natives, and there are those who would like to stock the Southwest with lions, camels, and elephants. (Let’s not even get started on the wild turkeys.)

Let the Midnight Special shine her ever-loving light on me....

the carpenter bee is native to parts of the USA but the only flower that sings when it hears the C note is a non-native flower!!

The orphium flower from South Africa is pollinated by a certain bee. It only releases its pollen when it feels the vibration provided by the note ‘middle C’....
A pink gentian grows in southern Africa, which is pollinated by handsome furry carpenter bees. The flowers of the gentian spread their petals wide, revealing to all a curving white style and three large stamens. Each stamen ends in a long thick anther that seems to be covered in yellow pollen, an obvious temptation to any passing pollen-feeding insect. But that is something of an illusion. The yellow anther is hollow and the pollen is held inside. The only way it can escape is through a tiny hole right at the top of the anther and there is only one way of extracting it. The bee knows how.

"It arrives at the flower making a high-pitched buzzing noise with its wings as most bees do. As it alights on an anther, it continues beating its wings but lowers the frequency so that the note of its buzz suddenly falls to approximately middle C. This causes the anther to vibrate at just the right frequency needed to release the pollen and the grains spout out of the hole at the top in a yellow fountain." (Attenborough 1995:100)

ok so this little no-name ax I just found has a legendary gold-foil pick-up and screams and buzzes like a Giant Asian Hornet...middle C on this baby could make any flower give it up!!

Don't Use Poisons!

like the Botanic Garden is doing...and the Santa Barbara School District is doing...superintendent David Cash poisons squirrels!!! and endangers kids!!!

INEXCUSABLE!!! I'll have more on this idiot Cash later....

For the most part, poisons on your plants isn't a good idea, for poisons tend to be indiscriminate in their killing abilities. They kill the bad and the good insects alike. That means poisons kill good insects like Honeybees, Ladybugs and Praying Mantises. Plus, the killing is unfair, creepy, usually overkill and the residue is questionable.

What makes more sense is to plan, produce and maintain what might be called a living garden by integrating the predatory insects into the garden's ecosystem. Let Ladybugs, Lacewings and Praying Mantises keep the pest populations down. You won't have to worry about poisoning yourself and you'll come to notice the subtle meaning to the phrase, "a living garden , a gardener alive."

it is absolute insanity to pit honeybees against bumble bees so these nativists can get more money thru donations.....but I got something special planned for them....stay tuned

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Susie Q

baby I love you....


so I'm watching Women of Grace, the religious program and the gals were talking about women who practice sex alone..say what you want but Johnette is secretly longing for some hot sex and I'm ready for her!! but they said if chicks do what Carrie Prejean did, it will lead to other words girls if you play with yourselves alot you'll get the blues...

let Jesus fuck you!! let Jesus fuck you!!
I knew these girls were a little kooky when they went after the Girl Scouts, but it seems the only road to happiness is worship God and adhering 2 biblical sexual principles, whatever those are...Johnette talks about Jesus like they're married..let Jesus fuck you!! seems to be what she's saying, like Regan in the Exorcist...let Jesus fuck you!!

but undernearth all that make up and stylish Jose Ebar hairdo is a lonely woman looking for a big stiff one, it seems

now lately the shows have revolved around sex and they even mentioned Wendy's pal Michael Douglas who claims he got throat cancer from oral sex with Catherine Zeta-Jones, his wife....Mike was a big smoker too so I think that may have had a little to do with the cancer..ya think??

but the Women of Grace don't do #69 apparently..and they don't Ride their mules down Grand Canyon, or Slap Susie, and they issued a warning to those who do...disease awaits you, depression awaits you...

ok so Michael's name was on the front page of the News-Press for winning an Emmy award for portraying Liberace, the gay Vegas lounge lizard....Michael as if possessed by the Devil, commented to his co-star, Matt Damon (Demon??): "this is a two-hander, and Matt, you're only as good as your other hand... you want the bottom or the top"....

wow, Michael Douglas is a weirdo as are most of Wendy's pals... Catherine Zeta -Jones and Mike split up....Jones went to China and Michael is busy trying to get his slacker son Cameron out of prison for trafficking heroin...but I concur with the Globe when they tell they the Douglas clan to "Oh Shut Up".. again, deferring personal responsibility onto the justice system or someone else is a Team Wendy MO!!

I don't blame CZJ for going crazy being married to the Douglas family and Michael blaming her for his throat cancer...geez

and of course I don't give a hoot about Emmy awards or drugs and all the narcissism that goes along, but I'd like to issue a warning to Hollywood...keep it up with your immoral ways and you'll answer to the Women of Grace...and me... and Johnette, who needs it baaaad!!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

I think we're alone now

children behave, that's what they say when we're together....

Wayne's ideas make me giggle like a
half-naked schoolgirl
at the beach!

ok so  Mayor Helene in Santa Barbara has no real challenger, just loony Mesa dude Wayne Scoles...Wayne of course was arrested by SB Police chief Cam Sanchez but the jury found him not guilty..he sued the City of SB and in essense, nothing really happened because both events canceled each other out..but Wayne's still ranting about it...

Cam's daughter works for KEYT...Victoria is her name and boy is she pretty....and smart..smarter than Wayne Scoles...
now I've included two pics of Victoria Sanchez in this here is the KEYT gal and the other is an actress/producer...and I bet they both smell purty

and Victoria!

ok..Wayne has a few ideas I'd like to highlight...first, he wants to start a computerized call-in program where people get a voter ID number and everytime an issue comes up-bulb-outs, gangs or homeless- they can call in and the "will of the people" would be read at City Council meetings..that way we'll know who is voting for what the people want and what's best for the people....

huh?? the will of the people is decided at the voting booth..a few people showing up at council meetings crying about bulb-outs is not the will of the people.......Wayne, it's a stupid idea..the voters elect you to do a job with the brains you got!! so it looks like you won't get elected!!

Wayne's World-
Party Affiliation: "Realist"

so the second thing Wayne says we should do to deal with the homeless: "biomedics... a thing they are working on now which will dissolve into your body after their usefulness" ....I don't get it, Wayne...I don't understand what you said or what you mean...the only thing I could find about Biomedics is they sell contact lenses online! Wayne...wut up dude????

then he says eventually, you can implant a medical monitor in the crazy homeless that will dispense medications...the problem he says is when they start feeling better, they stop taking meds and go off track...

and Wayne should know!! wow, this dude has got the homeless issue down, baby!!

now now, according to the News-Press, Scoles has a BA in studio art and a teaching credential from art..a degree in studio art? WTF is a degree in pet counseling??? geez...

Wayne Scoles is goofier than Orly Taitz! and he has about as much chance as getting elected...

Octopussy's Garden

I'd like to be, under the sea

well the Police Union endorsements got me scratching my barnacles...Greg Hart, Bendy White and Jason Nelson all got the nod for the Santa Barbara City could they choose Jason Nelson a phony militay dude over Megan Diaz-Ally? I think the police union needs a reality check and maybe president Beecher needs a vacay...

and we know Jason Nelson worked for the News-Press and Wendy the labor law breaker- and you know how they just love the unions....

and Bendy's stepson was Skye claiming police brutality during a Fiesta incident... Viva la Fiesta!!! or maybe the PU support is a ruse so these three won't get elected...the last election the PU didn't have much clout...

but, it's fittng that they all should be standing so close to the Ty Warner Sea Center..
Ty, the felony tax evader and Wendy the labor law breaker...or maybe the cops and the Police Union joined COLAB!!

and speaking of Ty Warner the femme secretive creep...on the heels of pleading guilty to tax evasion, Ty releases this fluff piece PR to bolster his image a bit...and this is old news!

Ty Warner Brings World Renowned Stylist José Eber To Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore
Established José Eber Salon partnership underscores resort owner’s dedication to exceed the most discerning expectations in style, amenities and service

With great enthusiasm, Ty Warner announces a partnership with revered hair stylist, José Eber, to create the José Eber Salon at the Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore Santa Barbara California, a Ty Warner Hotels and Resorts property.

Internationally regarded as the most recognizable hairstylist, Jose Eber has had his hands in the hair of the biggest stars and greatest style icons for four decades; something no other stylist has ever accomplished.

"This partnership between Mr. Warner and Mr. Eber is an ideal union based on their mutual respect for each other’s reputations as premier providers of first class service and ultimate luxury experiences for their elite clientele," says Mark Muratori Ty Warner Hotels and Resorts. Vice President of Operations.

José Eber Salon is anticipated to open later this year in the coveted salon space near the resort spa. Eber himself will soon announce his salon vision and introduce the Santa Barbara team of stylists who studied under his distinguished tutelage.

"Ty Warner and José Eber are dedicated to providing the highest artistic and professional standards," adds Muratori. "As innovators they will seek cutting edge techniques, state of the art amenities and operating methods that surpass expectations, establishing the salon as simply, ‘the best.’"


Ty Warner is also known for creating Beanie Babies and currently owns Ty Inc., the largest manufacturer of soft toys in the world. Mr. Warner is ranked by Forbes Magazine as one of the wealthiest individuals in the world and is known for his generosity having donated over $100 million to charities globally. Ty Warner Hotel and Resort Properties include: Montecito Country Club, Coral Casino Beach and Cabana Club, Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore Santa Barbara, Four Seasons Hotel New York, Las Ventanas, San Ysidro Ranch, Sandpiper and Rancho San Marcos.

as though that justifies his shady tax evasion issue..and that $100 million to charities... they are "tax-exempt, you know....and how else can the CEOs make $500,000 per year in salaries....

and where's Ty? too shy to step out of the shadows?? seems Jose had some money issues too

Jose filed for bankruptcy after two guys accused him of breach of contract and fraud in Las Vegas...

Jose Eber entered into a contract for the construction and operation of his hair solon in Las Vegas with Ackerman and Kuriloff. That contract had an arbitration clause, requiring that any disputes between them would be resolved through arbitration. Things did not go well and eventually Ackerman and Kuriloff ("A & K") started an arbitration proceeding in New York City against Eber, asking for damages for his alleged breach of contract, fraud, and breach of fiduciary duty.

A few weeks later, Eber filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case in Southern California. That stopped the arbitration, so A & K filed an adversary proceeding with a Complaint for Determination that Debts are Non-Dischargeable. A few months later they also filed a Motion for Relief from Automatic Stay to be allowed to proceed with the arbitration. While those two matters were pending, the Chapter 7 trustee determined that there were no assets to distribute through the bankruptcy case to creditors, and soon after Eber received a discharge of debts.

Jose and Ty sing this song together when they are in bed up in the Orange mansion on Chanel Drive:) We would be so happy, you and me, no-one there to tell us what to do,
I’d like to be under the sea in an octopus’s garden with cute

Friday, September 20, 2013

wrecking ball

Meet me at the Wrecking ball
Wrecking Ball, I'll wear something pretty and white
And we'll go dancing tonight
Meet me at the Wrecking Ball

congrats to Miley Cyrus for her #1 single "Wrecking Ball"...but no one can touch Emmylou Harris's version of Neil Young's "Wrecking Ball"

I needed tires so into Dal Pozzo I go...I took my bike for some bicycle journalism...I rode around for an hour and this is what shocked me..

and it's not State Street..State Street is fine..

actually, I intended to go and check out the Ty Warner Sea Center and noted a few problems around the waterfront...some cosmetic maintenance issues that need attention instead of all the attention going  to getting the homeless off the streets... I think the Milpas Association should be blamed for all this..they got the city council in a lather and the real eyesores are right under their noses..THE WATERFRONT by the Skate park...

the Skater's Park...whoa, what a's dirty, stained and looks like it hasn't been cleaned or painted in the city needs to grab a pressure washer and some paint and get the kids who use the park to work on its upkeep..otherwise take a wrecking ball to it

the Carney Man's rig looked ten times better!!

next the's still cool..Stearn's Wharf...oh look, I see some rays..they are huge and hard to photograph because they plow thru the sand and the water's murky... but so cool...they aren't stingrays...they look like electric rays..or torpedo rays...or maybe just common ol' skates...maybe the News-Press and Peter Howorth think these are sharks and will post warning signs!! the ocean is a wonderland!!

but there's the Sea Center... oh, it's stained bad with felonious Ty Warner's name still on it...that's a problem...not good for the tourists..and the buidling looks lifeless with the windows all shuttered up....pump some life into this area a la Monterey Bay aquarium....and why is there no fishing off the pier?? kids love that kinda stuff..

maybe the city can team with some useful nonprofits to keep this area looking better... I would think a new councilmember, Megan Diaz, has the smarts and energy to do something about this issue..the waterfront....that's why you need to vote for her

The restless line of cars goes stretching down the road
But I won't telephone because you might say hello
What is it makes me feel this way....

Lucky Man

He had white horses / And ladies by the score / All dressed in satin / And waiting by the door / Ooooh, what a lucky man he was

I remember walking from my house in the 60s to my girlfriend's house one night...."Lucky Man" was playing somewhere and there was an was a warm windy night and streetlights..I walked back home in the wee hours (wink,wink)....

we'd been in Santa Barbara for a few years..some things you just never forget, thank God!

and we met some really cool people..from school..and we'd start bands and end bands...I was friends with some guys and some guys I was friends with their friends...but the thing was we were all friendly towards each other, pretty much...I romanticize those days of course, but that was our introduction to Santa Barbara...the local kids were real cool!

my world consisted of some streets..I'd go from Woodley Road to Barker Pass to Chase Drive to Cedar lane..and then everyone would end up on Mountain Drive at one time or another...there were pig roasts and music....drugs were pretty much not an issue..well maybe some pot now and then, but it was a nice American dream....oh and there were lots of motorcycles..I can still smell the oil burning thru the trails!!

well I went over to Barker Pass a few days ago and the sun was peeking through the clouds, and I could see Mountain was a great place...the best place to grow up...

like I said we met some cool kids..who are now goes on..but I heard that one of the Barker pass guys died, Mike Creek...the Creeks were synonymous with Barker Pass...we went to school together..weren't close friends but I did have a crush on Mike's sister..probably a few others did too!

the circle of friends was pretty big so we always saw someone we Santa Barbara ....and music of course was a big deal...always has been a big deal with me...Mike Creek had a radio gig at KMGQ playing jazz with a touch of soul..I listened to him and it was a good can't go wrong playing music for people...

it seems you had to make a run through Barker Pass to really get what Santa Barbara was about....and those who did, in a certain space and time, are the lucky ones

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Shiver me timbers

I'm a'sailin' away.....

WTF? it's talk like pirate day??

so wench Wendy McCaw breaks labor laws and they name a terrace after her at the Bowl...scallywag Ty Warner pleads to tax evasion and they named a Sea Center after him..why?? money....doubloons from Davy Jone's locker mateys
that's why...the absolute perversion of capitalism is personified in the billionaires residing in the Barbara...they think they are above the law?? well, think again, highrollers... ARRRRRRR!!

Craig McCaw, Wendy McCaw and now Ty Warner...Yer a scurvy bilge rat, ya pompous gasbag!!

Ty has been charged with FELONY tax evasion but will be able to buy his way out of trouble and gain sycophant supporters too...oh sure his fans will blame the tax system and America's gov't....but ol' Ty would be nothing without America..

speaking of nothing, that's what a Beanie Baby is worth today! this craze from the 1990s is now dead but has produced the current crop of pussies we see in town..the spoiled little brats who grog and drive and when the cops don't treat them like cuddly Beanie Babies, they sue to extort money from the City of Santa Barbara!!! these Saucy Scrumpets ain't seen the last o' me, eh Lassie-Lucy!!

from Global: Beanie Babies creator Ty Warner is widely know for his cult line of cuddly toys — and now, he's been charged with felony tax evasion for maintaining offshore accounts.

Warner was made extremely wealthy by the Beanie Baby craze of the 1990s, and currently ranks as 209th on the Forbes list of the richest Americans with an estimated fortune of $2.6 billion — some of which, it appears, he had illegally stashed overseas.
Federal prosecutors said that Warner went to "great lengths" to hide over $3 million in income in an offshore Swiss bank account, reports the BBC
...In an added jolt of irony, many who invested in Beanie Babies during the 1990s feeding-frenzy have now found themselves saddled with a massive collection of essentially worthless (if adorable) toys, as MSN reports

why would Ty do this..I heard it was a secret fund for his facelifts and plastic surgery that keeps him so young and handsome!!

"Tie that dawg to the yardarm".

ok so my mission is to remove the name designations at the Bowl and the Ty Warner Sea Center....

and whoever nominated these namesakes in the first place ...well..I'll hunt you down and Aye, ye better or ye be walkin' the plank, ye pustulant, pox-ridden flounder!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

one more cup of coffee

And your pleasure knows no limits
Your voice is like a meadowlark
But your heart is like an ocean
Mysterious and dark.

ok, as I'm checking the business news and stocks (good!) online I see three things that piqued my interest

Starbuck's, Jeff Bridges, and Ty Warner- the Beanie Baby guy...

let's discuss these punkass hillbillies, shall we?

Ty is one of the dudes regenderizing Montecito..the guys all wear makeup now and live off their mommies...Ty was just busted for income tax evasion..I pay all my income taxes with no shady off-shore accounts (that I know of) and this dude who's made billions selling stupid little teddy bears, was scheming to avoid his taxes..some of you love him but I think he's a FREAK....throw him in jail!! tax cheat..typical rich guy tries to hide $3.1 million in an offshore account and has to pay $53 million in fines!! dumbass

and the Ty Warner Sea Center should be renamed IMMEDIATELY!!! how about Santa Barbara Sea Center...or Shark Central Sea Center or Sea Mammals with Gashes on their Big Fat Bellies Center....

next Montecito boy Jeff Bridges discusses infidelity and his marriage...he says he's never cheated butt if you want to, go ahead...but really all that needs to be done is legalize'd have five wives instead of one wife and some mistresses...guys need to spread their seeds to multiple's nature and biology...line the gals up against a wall and spray as many as you can! that's my philosophy

now one more cup of coffee...

I don't get my coffee from Starbuck's but I noticed they too have a mermaid as their logo...and then when I learned they allowed people to have guns in their stores, that the customers were allowed to carry guns, I confirmed my opposition to Starbucks...I just want a cup of good strong coffee in the morning, I don't want to get shot...

see all that caffeine and guns just don't mix...if I see some redneck yuppie pacing outside Starbuck's hopped up on a MochaJava, I will head for IHOP or McDonalds for a cup of Joe...

in today's society you don't need to carry a gun unless your'e a cop, a criminal or just plain paranoid...I like guns in their proper place..used for sport or hunting or collecting...but too many little folks feel bigger with a gun..feel more powerful.....that is a psychological issue and these are the last people who should own guns...
but now Starbuck's wants to reverse its policy, which was born from political silliness...

Sept 17 (Reuters) - Starbucks Corp Chief Executive Howard Schultz requested on Tuesday that the coffee chain's customers leave their firearms at home, shifting company policy amid an increasingly fractious debate over U.S. gun rights in the wake of multiple mass shootings.

The request is being made in part because more people have been bringing guns into Starbucks over the last six months, prompting confusion and dismay among some patrons and employees, Schultz told Reuters in an interview.

In an open letter to customers issued late Tuesday, the chief executive said: "Our stores exist to give every customer a safe and comfortable respite from the concerns of daily life."

Starbucks' long-standing policy had been to default to local gun laws, including "open carry" regulations that allow people to bring guns into stores. It has nearly 7,000 company-operated U.S. stores.
look, if we get rid of law enforcement and go back to the old west, the days of Tombstone and Doc Holiday and Wyatt Earp, ok..I'll strap on a holster and six-shooter for protection...

I can carry a peace sign...or a peacemaker..the choice is yours

get yer ya yas out

Dear readers,

so I heard there was a shark sighting at the Venoco/Casitas Pier in the the seal rookery...this is the place they wanted to build a slant drill operation promising tons of cash to Carpinterians....they had ex-councilman boozehound Joe Armendariz as their de facto spokeman! can you imagine if one of those drilling piles vibrated loose and blew apart... it would take out the pier and a few seals too!!

ok well Venoco the gas price last week was $3.89 and this week it's at $4.09....that's a 20 cents increase! why?? what viable reason could you have for raising the gas prices that much? to meet an investment quota? or is it the same old "refinery issues" you guys use when you want to milk the public....geez louise...that's what  health insurance companies do all the time, raise my rates!

ok so anyway the Marine Mammal Center and the News-Press have finally perfected the "Shark Warning Sytem" or SWS...check on Page 2 of the I'm reading the warning and it says "the Casitas Pier workers described the shark as about 16 feet long....the workers said they noticed the shark when they heard a splash..the shark headed west then came back and hung out beneath an office at the end of the pier"...hmmmm I don't know what these Venonco dudes were smoking but this doesn't sound like a shark to me..

but I had to see for myself so I headed over to the bluffs...always a nice little hike around here and the scenery can't be beat....a beautiful September morning...and kids still carve their names in the trees...the ocean looked cool and inviting..I saw some seals swimming close to shore and some pelicans cruising over the water..but no sharks hanging out by the pier office....

the pier workers don't have a little digital camera? they couldn't take a picture of the shark? no I guess they couldn't because they didn't see one...there was no shark sighting in Carp....big oil profits means they can buy the best weed....why do you think BP oil platform blew up in the Gulf?

and that's all those guys in Carp saw...just the affects of some powerful Turkish weed

love, Shirley