Tuesday, November 30, 2010

fat chance...

broken trail...
you know who you are..says Nancy Crawford-Hall of the very conservative Santa Ynez Valley Journal..she's got the goods on you and pretty soon she gonna let the world know what you've done...when and if that time comes, you'll know it..(a week goes by) hey you, she still has got the goods on you, but can't say anything yet..(another week goes by)...why do you readers keep pestering her about providing evidence? you commie liberals!! Next week, maybe she'll have the details....maybe
and on she goes, this Nancy Crawford-Hall, with threats, insinuations, charges of fraud, charges that "someone" is taking away our voter rights..as she tells us this week in her On the Ranch segment....it is a bizarre read...
but only Nancy knows: Broken silence
I have been amused to notice that the deadening silence I had been listening to about the voter fraud issue has finally been broken. I have received several emails decrying the lack of evidence presented to support the claim of fraud. Apparently, the writers of the emails were either not regular readers of the Journal or they were simply shills put up by the fraud machine to somehow try to convince others that there is no evidence. Maybe they are both.
While I have only shown you a couple of instances of clear fraud, rest assured that there are thousands where they came from. Unfortunately, there are certain constraints on such information that eventually ends up in a court somewhere.
What is of particular interest to me and others, however, is the fact that the authors of these missives are well-known to those of us who have been involved for some time in the affairs of our county. The one exception is the woman who revealed some time ago that she knew much more than I had made public, and one might have to conclude that she was part of the scheme.
One would hope that those miscreants who perpetrated this fraud would simply go back under the rock they came out from, particularly because they are in immediate danger of being exposed, but so far they have chosen to live dangerously, thinking that surely the agenda they are following is bigger than any little voter fraud. How absurd!
geez, Nancy, let us in on the secret!! I mean, you own a newspaper fer Chrissakes!! or maybe you've been in the valley too long..valley fever making you a little crazy...hey, maybe it's time for a SantaYnezValleyJournalBlog.com with Micki Crawfish-Hall!!
when I voted, there was no one telling me what to do, no fraud, just some helpful poll volunteers who handed me a ballot after I showed them my sample ballot and after I signed my name on their sheet...thank you poll workers..
now when folks in Isla Vista voted, teabagger Tom Watson sent out 50 poll watchers, aka swinging dicks, to mess with the voters! so there's the proof of fraud, not from the voters but from the conservative candidates!!! put that in your pipe and smoke it fatso!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

white man's fly...

bees threatened by species cleansing

I've maintained all along that most biological restorations are a scam...an unnecessary retooling of nature to fit a pre-conceived model...restorations ignore dispersal, the means by which species travel..by wind, by man, by whatever means...restoration companies spend big money removing all species they deem non-native..they do this by killing, poisoning, destroying...here's some more evidence that the efforts, some with taxpayer money, are causing more harm than good...and I just came across this piece of information about the Channel Island Restoration: they actually went after honey bees, too...it's called "bee hunting" and the Nature Conservancy (supporters of BP Oil) along with other entities, went about removing bee colonies, some hundreds of years old, because they were "introduced" from Europe...these feral bees they call the "white man's fly"..unbelievable..no wonder bees are disappearing with enemies like the Nature Con trying to kill them!!
excerpts from the web:
Margaret Palmer, a restoration ecologist at the University of Maryland, is worried about what might be missing from the literature, too—as well as what might be missing from Jones and Schmitz’s database hits. Studies without "resilience" or "recovery" may not have shown up. Palmer says reports of stream and river restoration in the past five years, for instance, have not documented much success in restoring either overall biodiversity or particular species. In her view, restoration of these ecosystems is failing because the techniques are not working and indeed "might be damaging." She recently published a review of 78 projects and found only eight showing evidence of positive recovery. (3) Palmer says she now leans toward taking a page from conservation: "The focus needs to be on preserving land and letting it go back to forest. Much more so than on restoration."
Angst is part and parcel of restoration science, despite its underlying hopefulness. Angst that restoration will justify destruction. Angst about what it means to "play God." Angst that no ecosystem can return to a self-sustaining, historically biodiverse state—or that those historical states will even be remembered.
Channel Islands
Several years ago we relied on earlier accounts of how one might find colonies by use of the "bee box" technique and embarked upon a formidable task (Wenner 1989). We agreed to help The Nature Conservancy and the National Park Service in their Northern Channel Islands conservation/restoration program by locating and removing all feral (wild) European honey bee colonies from Santa Cruz Island, off the coast of Santa Barbara, California. Preliminary results (unpublished) indicate that the European bees on the island visit primarily introduced European flora, while the more than a hundred species of solitary bees visit mostly native flora. We work under the assumption that removing the honey bees should help restore the island to a pre-European ecology...
of course, this is a false assumption..wasteful and criminal, these restorations and the people behind them must be stopped!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

and when I die...

my last request: Kathy Ireland, in my condo, naked..
Imagine being afflicted with a life-limiting illness, what would you do...would you go to a non-profit and ask them to grant you one last wish? well, what wouldya wish for? how about another 20 years of life without the morphine drip!
making dreams come true for adults with life threatening illnesses
well there is a local charity called Dream Foundation that can grant you a last dream...now, I don't know about you, but there's red flags going up like a silent auction...I deal in reality, when people are about to die, they don't ask for a dream to be granted..they complain, they hide out, they cry, they deal with it..and then they die. So the Dream Foundation which grants last dream requests to adults about to die, is really suspect....and with folks like Rob Lowe and Chris Edgecomb involved, I am certain there's some shenanigans involved...both these guys have shady pasts: Rob for filming his sex escapades witha minor; and Edgecomb for his role in exposing the defunct fraudulent Sheriff's Association good old boys club with a cast of characters like Andy Granatelli.. and howzabout Priscilla Presley, who injected her face with so much plastic even Elvis wouldn't recognize her!
so why would anybody go to these people for a last request to make a dream come true...and why didn't their dreams come true when they were healthy? and what good is a dream coming true when you're about to die? is this a joke?? isn't life itself a terminal illness??
first of all, dreams don't come true by wishing, you have to work for your dreams..and there's no guarantee they will come true...in life, you take what happens and deal with it the best you can, unless you're Christian, then you pray to God for all the things you want, and he delivers through non-profit charity fraud!
but just in case.. Kathy....call me babe cos I'm dyin...right here, right now..

Saturday, November 27, 2010

call me up in dreamland..

radio to me, man....
as an investor in SiriusXM radio, I was appalled when they signed Glenn Beck a few months ago. If you didn't know, pathetic Glenn Beck sucks Rupert Murdoch's dick for a living on FOX NEWS...
I still have the SIRI stock and since I can't personally control who they have on the air, I must wait until the stock hits my modest target..that way I make money off of idiots like Beck..but now..now..now I hear that Dr. Laura has signed a multi-year deal with Sirius...after burning out her terrestial radio welcome by calling a spade a spade multiple times, Dr. Laura will go to satellite radio, where they won't censor her...
Dr. Laura was so gassed about it, she shrieked: "The first and most important thing that appealed to me was the freedom to speak my mind without advertisers and affiliates being attacked by activist groups that just love to censor anything they don't agree with," Schlessinger said. "That just about made my heart and head explode." this new concept Dr. Laura speaks of is called "free speech"...
now, all those fans of hers are gonna have to cough up subscription fees to hear her say nigger..nigger this nigger that...at first like I say I was shocked but now, I see how I can profit off these boneheads..and believe me, America is full of boneheads..my hope is that all these washed up radio folks will generate new subscribers on "cable" radio and that will benefit the stock price, which in turn will benefit me..the stock has ranged from 60 cents to seventy dollars...it's very volatile but the company is stablizing...but if you invest, don't blame me if you lose it all, I'm just sayin for me, it's a lock..
and all I'm asking is about 9 dollars a share and I can make a lot of money and quit this crazy scene...I'll be lighting cigars with dollar bills, so I wish only success for Dr. Laura in her new venture...
and all you Dr. Laura fans out there.. get your mommies and daddies to PONY UP and subscribe to Sirius XM radio and you can hear Dr. Laura, uncensored, finally.... and don't think for a minute it'll make you any smarter, but it will make me richer!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Seven Days in November...

lucky seven....

I watched a cool old political thriller last night called Seven Days in May with Ava Gardner, Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas..before this I watched Night of the Iguana...I was sequestered from the rest of the family because of the tidy nature of the holiday and my rather explicit blog..it's best for everyone if I sit this one out..so there I was watching these two fantastic movies alone, drooling over Deborah Kerr's proper sexiness and Ava Gardner's raw sexuality...and I thought back to my travels to Switzerland, staying in quaint chalet in Zermatt, and jetsetting with the locals..I met up with a young American tourist named Amy and we had a little fling for a week..I call those days: Seven Days in Amy...

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Non-Native Thanksgiving...

where will it lead us from here??
is there any group of people who have/has created more havoc upon the earth than white people? and now these egocentric beings want a holiday to stuff their fat faces and give thanks for the killing and mayhem they have wrought in the name of Christianity...this is unacceptable! Normally, I provide a nice little picture or photo with the story, but not this week, you don't deserve it and you've been pampered enough already..you want a picture? TAKE IT YOURSELF!!
now, at least there's one white girl with the sense to say no to this hokey holiday and that's Angelina Jolie..I am joining her in boycotting Thanksgiving because it's all a fraud according to her and Brad: While everyone is preparing to give thanks today, one of America's most famous families, the Jolie-Pitts, have decided to sit this Thanksgiving out."Angelina Jolie hates this holiday and wants no part in rewriting history like so many other Americans," a friend of the actress tells me. (the real reason is cuz she can't cook worth a fuck says Brad!) "To celebrate what the white settlers did to the native Indians, the domination of one culture over another, just isn't her style. She definitely doesn't want to teach her multi-cultural family how to celebrate a story of murder."Angelina has been filming her directorial debut, about a Serbian man and Bosnian woman who fall in love during the Bosnian War. Angie, always extremely sensitive to the suffering throughout the world, is filming in English and the native languages....Angie..Angie..ain't it good to be alive....

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

black be black...

I'm gonna git you sucka..
end of muthafucking warning...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

black is black...


Monday, November 22, 2010

running on empty...

if nothing else, Mike Stoker is entertaining...all the election losers end up at the same place..the News-Press functions or pages..first there's Mike who insists that after talking to hundreds of people who encouraged him to keep running (that's a defense mechanism that defers blame to others when he loses), in Mike's mind he would have won if the planets were aligned in his favor...
he states that re-districting will finally give him the edge in 2012, maybe essentially definitely...this is classic Stoker: after speaking with hundreds of community leaders and key people in Sacramento, I have made the decision that I am definitely going to run for Assembly in 2012 should the new district be drawn to essentially be Santa Barbara County. And while many of you have strongly urged me to run if the district essentially remains the same, I definitely will not run should that happen.
well, Mike says he's lawyer but he needs to learn how to speak before he takes another step..essentially...well, Mike, at least you're real important to some "key" folks, except the voters..ha ha!!
then we got the Wendy Pee McCuckoo Roundtable Luncheon with Lousinana Governor Jindal on a book tour blaming Obama for the oil spill by the bayou...in the audience were Hotchkiss, Mike Stoker, Tom Watson and all the ususal suspects...this is the same Jindal who is a notoriously bad speaker, like Stoker!!
you see, none of these folks can take responsiblity for their failures...the buck stops elsewhere...a really poor quality for a leader wannabe...and they flock to Wendy because she's rich..not by work, but by divorce...these folks are moneyhounds!!
ok, if she invites Joe Miller, the Alaska Nazi who lost to Lisa Murkowski, I will pay the 100 bucks and attend..I wonder if he'll arrest me for calling him a putz?
if these people want to win, they need to develop a work ethic, like this spider...it takes work work work to win.. not luncheons and lectures and lies and leeches!

Sunday, November 21, 2010


the most trusted news source to screw up the story: the News-Press!!

ok..so the question on everydoby's mind is who is gonna fill the empty seat on the Santa Barbara City Council now that Das Williams is leaving...how would I know and what rumors, Scott??
in order to have an informed idea who the candidates are, I should like to turn to a trusted local media source like the News-Press, right? well, that's what I did and I can tell you who won't be on the city council..Andy Rosenburger..and why won't he? because Scott Steepleton's story made him sound like a moron! First , the front page story was supposedly continued on page 8, but it wasn't on page 8, it was on page 5! Next, Scott quotes Rosenburger: "I'm an independent. I guess I've always been sort of listen to both sides."
This is from the city editor..now the last guy to fuck up like this was Matt Bloise giving the Dutch treat to the Danish..Nipper fired him..so will Nipper fire Scott..or is there a double standard for brown nosers?? I pay 75 cents for the paper and I want to see some professionalism, not all these screw-ups! Thank God you News-Press managers don't have jobs with any real responsibility!!
ok then..let's see, we have a slew of folks wanting to be a council member but without the hassles of campaigning...what about Lanny Ebenstein, ya think he's gonna run? with his Eureka grow house issues? where was the News-Press or any local media on that story? strangely silent, indeed...where ya hiding Lanny? come out come out wherever you are.....
or what about former councilman Gerry DeWitt? Gerry had a cool show Sundays on KTYD called 60s Revisited, but things change...Breakfast with Bob.. reggae mon..
when Gerry was on the council, he voted for desal and state water when SB was suffering through a bad drought..shortly thereafer, Mother Nature provided the March Miracle flood and overflowed the reservoirs making both desal and state water unnecessary..whoops...trying to figure out water politics is an exercise in futility...let's just say, you don't miss your water, til your well runs dry...so Santa Barbara had the wells, the desal plant which never ran much more than the initial open house, and state water....and Gerry is involved with Citizens Planning Association...remember Save Our Santa Barbara and Lanny and Wolfswinkel and Dale and Mike? Gee, Gerry, if you wanted to control growth, why'd you vote for state water AND desal??
Carp has state water, too, which is one reason we pay such a high price....we need water, but we don't need more than we can use or store....prudent management of growth and resources is what the councils should focus on together and not be motivated by politics....all this other petty bullshit like gangs, bulbouts and the homeless would be solved if we had some prudent managers..follow me?
well, whoever gets the job I want you to walk over to Mike Self, grab her by the shoulders and shake her until her head falls off....if you want a revolution.. the only solution... evolve

Saturday, November 20, 2010

if I've told you once...

I've told you a thousand times...
we know about non-profits now, don't we...they are tax-exempt which allows huge amounts of cash to build in the coffers..
the Santa Barbara Foundation just doled out some crumbs to other non-profits in the area and got some press from non-profit friendly media..
Net Assets: The difference between a charity's assets and its liabilities. Although charities do not exist to make money, they do work to build and maintain reasonable reserves of net assets. Growing its net assets helps a charity outpace inflation and sustain future program activities. the Santa Barbara Foundation has $183,000,000 in net assets!
but non-profits are some of the biggest scams going..and they make people very rich..so be vigilant when they come a-begging because the CEOs may be looking to add another room to their gated mansion on the hill..
here's some bad ones:
Angel Food Ministries
Angel Food Ministries delivers groceries and financial support to those in need through a national network of churches. However, Gary Snyder, author of Nonprofits: On the Brink, notes that the charity "may be fulfilling its mission by delivering food, but it is not delivering on credibility." Last year, the FBI and IRS raided the Ministries’ headquarters in Georgia. Angel Food Ministries is lead by the Wingo family, including CEO Wesley Joseph Wingo, his wife Linda, and their sons, Andrew and Jonathan Wesley. Over the fiscal years 2006 to 2007, the family received $2.5 million in total compensation. In addition to this, the family received a combined $1.098 million in loans from the organization as of 2007.

Cancer Fund of America According to the Cancer Fund of America, its mission is "To provide support and services to financially indigent patients; to disseminate information concerning the early detection and prevention of cancer; to provide commodities, and gifts-in-kind to hospices and other health care providers; to procure and distribute donated merchandise to various 501-(c)-(3) nonprofit community service organizations which aid the ill, needy, and infants." The non-profit, however, only spends 17% of its budget on program services. Furthermore, it was accused by the Georgia Governor’s Office of Consumer Affairs for making false and misleading claims in its mail solicitations. Cancer Fund also employs two sons of founder James Reynolds Sr. and a son-in law.

Operation Lookout National Center for Missing YouthOperation Lookout National Center for Missing Youth is an "international child-search assistance center." The organization reportedly spends a massive 82.9% of its budget on fundraising expenses, however, proving itself to be highly inefficient. A reason for its ineffectiveness is its reliance on expensive outside telemarketers to procure donations.

American Veterans Coalition American Veterans Coalition, which is run by Robert Friend and his wife Shao Mei Wang, describes itself as being "dedicated to assisting the brave men and women who have done so much for their country." Records show, however, that of the $1,579,521 the organization raised in 2007, only 21% went to program services, and of that less than 1% went directly to veterans and their families. Additionally, officials in both Arkansas and Kentucky have claimed that the organization violated the Consumer Protection Act by misleading donors about how their donations would be spent.

Children’s Wish Foundation International Children’s Wish Foundation International, which has as its top two executives husband and wife Arthur J. Stein and Linda Dozoretz, was established to grant wishes to children with life-threatening illnesses. According to Charity Navigator, however, only 46.4% of the charity’s revenue goes to program expenses. In comparison, 43.3% goes to fundraising expenses. It received zero stars from the group and an "F" from AIP.

Kids Wish Network Kids Wish Network was established in 1997 to grant wishes for children with life-threatening conditions. Since then, the organization has faced a high level of criticism for a number of reasons. The most prominent critique is that Kids Wish Network is inefficient, relying too much money on fundraisers while providing too little to their cause. Charity Navigator reports that only 48.5% of the charity’s revenue goes to program expenses. This is because of their their telemarketing costs. The charity is lead by Mark and Shelley Breiner, along with in-law Barbara Askin. AIP gives the group an "F."

National Association of Chiefs of Police The National Association of Chiefs of Police is a not-for-profit organization which provides "educational and charitable activities forlaw enforcement officers." According to the American Institute of Philanthropy, Donna M. Shepherd is Chief Executive Officer and her two sons Barry and Brent and former daughter-in-law Jamie, all have top positions. The organization also spends 12.3% of its revenue on administrative expenses, underscoring concerns about the family’s involvement. Additionally, there are a number of employees at the charity who are also related, although outside of the Shepherd clan. It was graded "F" by AIP.

Veterans Fund The Veterans Fund describes itself as supporting "programs that assist thousands of … veterans with mental, physical, and emotionalrecovery, and that give them hope and encouragement." The charity, which is run by Hugh Brooks and his wife Katie Clayton, however, has received an "F" rating from the American Institute of Philanthropy. The organization spends just over half of its revenue on program expenses, assigning the rest to administrative expenses (17.2%) and fundraising expenses (31.5%). After accounting for funds spend on educational messages, the amount actually spent on veteran program services is even less.

Arthritis Trust of America The Arthritis Trust of America works to inform people how to fight disease and funds research. The charity, however, is extremely inefficient. It is lead by Executive Director Perry Chapdelaine and a relative, Lucelyn Chapdelaine. Randolph Chapdelaine on its website as president. Under their control, however, the organization has received a zero-star rating from Charity Navigator, which notes that the group spends under half of their revenue on program expenses, while dividing the remaining funds on administrative and fundraising expenses. It also was rated "F" by AIP.
–Jonathan Berr, Charles Stockdale

Friday, November 19, 2010


kill a turkey..feed a blogger
ok, now I'm getting annoyed..first it's Wendy, then it's PETA, then it's some chick in the Independent and they are all crying about turkeys and how you shouldn't eat turkey this year because turkeys have feelings and like to listen to music and bond emotionally with others..well so do Iraqis and we killed them dint we?
says the Indie's Lisa Remorenko: Turkeys are known to be smart animals with personality and character. They are social, playful birds that enjoy the company of others. The ones I’ve had contact with have liked to have their feathers stroked and chirp, cluck, and gobble along to music. Animal behavior experts say turkeys are social animals. They recognize each other’s voices; they bond and show affection and emotion. The president pardons a turkey every year, maybe this year you can too...
well, if she stroked my feathers, I'd chirp and cluck too, but Tofu for Thanksgiving?? no fucking way, Lisa!!
look, I'm a carnivore and that means I eat meat..dead meat..I don't kill for sport or joy, but if you want to eat meat, you need to kill it first, unless you're a tiger then you eat the wildebeest while you're killing it...
so the problem is the animal folks have gone over the edge and can't recognize the clear line that nature draws..nature is brutally honest about this....animals kill other animals, so why can't we...I don't mean we start killing for the sake of killing, just for harvesting....
and you know the PETA folks are a bunch of hypocrites...just google and you'll see all the animals they've killed in shelters...and where were all these folks when the Channel Islands animals were being slaughtered for no reason other than their non-native status?? or how many would advocate chopping down eucalyptus for the same reason and depriving hawks and butterflies a prime roosting spot??
attributing human thoughts, feelings, or motives to animals is called anthropomorphic (or pathetic) fallacy...and these SELECTIVE animal rights nuts are pathetic....this year, that turkey is going down...

Thursday, November 18, 2010


get yer yaa yaas out!
geez, chicks are getting weirder by the minute...sometimes I force myself to read Starshine Roshell's columns, she's kinda the Princess of ex-News-Pressers who made good...but, well, she's a little strange, I think... her latest was an incomprehensible entry about women who decorate their, ah, wud she call them, their vagannies... they use stick-on gems in custom designs, according to Starshine, and apply them to freshly waxed areas at the vee!
now, I'll skip all the details that you can find by reading Starshine's thingie, but the question is why..why..why..is this happening? what stage of sexual development are these girls stuck in? According to Freud, the genital stage for women is a constant fight between the clitoris and the vagina, or simply put: the woman has an extra stage of development when "the clitoris should wholly or in part hand over its sensitivity, and at the same time its importance, to the vagina"...and this is what's happening, I think.. the hand-off ain't happening, but by making the vagina more important by putting costume jewelry on her, the women feel better and less anxious about..shopping?? who knows!
Starshine assures us that she's not one of the self-decorators, but I for one would like to see some proof...
I know everyone has their favorite part of a woman's body..for me, it changes... I was looking through a catalogue and spotted the loveliest picture of a girl lifting her arm in some type of prana-apana yoga position....well, I was taken by her arm and the pit in particular...such grace I have never seen in any other form...so, what if this woman started pasting decals to her arm pits..some jewels or flowery things..I tell yaayaa what would happen, I might choke on one after I was done licking her, that's what!
so if you get the desire for artistic expression, put that creativity on canvas in oil, water color or pencil..and for Pete's Sake, delegate some real authority, not pasty gems, to your Venus...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

smiling faces...

have you ever been in escrow?
there is a group of people who think they are something special..realtors...really now, do they deserve such exaltation? Let's look at this special class of citizens: first, they have ginormous egos..their photos are everywhere! in front of houses, in magazines and tradepapers, and they are always smiling...aren't these the folks who helped cause the housing calamity by selling to anyone with a pulse? condos that could be had for $150000 a few years ago were going for $500000..and they fed the fire? and when contractors bought and built too many houses, why were realtors silent? they just put up their little "open house" signs and waited..waited..waited...and there's beach houses on Padaro Lane going for 29 million dollars!! realtors selling to realtors??
and how many realtors have said: I know a great mortgage broker...or: I know a great home inspector....lots....and if you're buying a home, you don't need a home inspector because most of them are out of work actors! Basically, you pay them a few hundred bucks for showing up at your property and acting like they give a crap! Now that's a scam...actually, I'm more qualified to inspect houses!!
and then there's the charities these folks push I guess to ease a guilty conscience..realtors for teachers, realtors for kids, realtors for this and that..
and drunk realtors..there's more than a few out there!!
Well, I think before we honor the realtors anymore, we take a sober look into their little world..see what is really behind all those smiles...before you sign all those papers and pay all those fees..an escrow fee, a title fee, a documentation fee...make sure your realtor is not really the devil incarnate trying to purchase your lovely soul...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

pretty flamingo..

A newsboy was standing on the corner with a stack of papers, yelling, "Read all about it. Fifty people swindled! Fifty people swindled!" Curious, a man walked over, bought a paper, and checked the front page. Finding nothing, the man said, "There's nothing in here about fifty people being swindled." The newsboy ignored him and went on, calling out, "Read all about it. Fifty-one people swindled!"
I know that municipalities allow ordinary citizens like me to tour their facilities...just call and set up an appointment and see how your tax money is being spent...well, I wanted to see if private companies could be as gracious, so I called the News-Press to see if I could get a tour..they said: sure c'mon down and bring some hay.... bring some hay?? hmmm...so down I went..into Santa Barbara..to see what changes were happening at the News-Press and why they wanted me to bring hay..and this is my story....
I had a dream last night that I was crossing a bridge..but I was holding onto a beam that was sticking out the back of a truck...ever watch Ice Road Truckers..I dreamt the driver was the super hot Lisa Kelly...that has nothing to do with the News-Press tour I was about to take..but then again, what has anything got to do with anything??
I was curious about the operations at the News-Press..something is up..something has changed...something is different...I went into Santa Barbara and immediately saw that the entire News-Press building was enclosed behind an iron fence! I had heard that Wendy was getting death threats, but figured it was just a rumor..anyway, I go in and get this..they charge 12 bucks for a tour! Ok, so I pay and wander around and see there is no management on site, and we all know that the N-P reporters are pretty bad..mistakes, grammar issues...why, it's getting so you can't tell News-Press reporter from a pink flamingo!!
so I move in towards the central command area and sure enough, there's Nipper..I say: Hey Art, how's it going? he looks at me quizzically and says: oooowww..eeeee..aaahhhh! oooowww..eeeee..aaahhhh!
then I go over and there's Wendy in a Red floral Indian type dress...I say: Hey Wendy, what's up? she looks down at me, then up and twists her head around 360 degrees and demurs: MccccccCAWWW!! McccCAWWW!! McccCAWWWW!!
I dunno... but for 12 dollars, I think I otter get some more intelligent conversation from the private sector!

Monday, November 15, 2010


Watson to voters: fuck you non patriot dumbasses who didn't vote for me!! hey right back at ya, Tommy
geez, some people are too thick I guess to understand California, including Watson..the dude is a crybaby. He complained about his election loss, in where else, the News-Press. He listed all the Teabagger complaints about small businesses and pensions for public employees..
all the while ignoring the tax loopholes for the corporations, corporate welfare, and a litany of sky-is-falling political jibberish...all from a guy who tried to intimidate student voters and who lied about taking gov't subsidies and who gets a military pension!!
ok, so are small business leaving California as Watson claims? Here's his take: small business doesn't have a voice at the table, instead, it is on the menu.....he said that, not me... again with the big bad government stuff..well, I went to a small business, 7/11, to get a paper and coffee Sunday morn..I checked out Carp and all storefronts are filled with small businesses...These are folks who work everyday to provide goods for us and make a profit if they are successful..they are not crying and holding up the white flag of surrender...they are business people..and there are business cycles..some fail and some succeed..there are no guarantees..that's life...
California has 3,320,977 small businesses, according to the most current federal data available....some will leave. some will stay...and they will continue to offer economic opportunity to diverse groups of people, from ag and food service, to real estate and scientific..so all this harping about business leaving California is a bunch of selective cherry picking and padded numbers..the dot.com bubble burst because people got greedy, not because of gov't regulation!!
and then there are gov't workers who aren't interested so much in profits, but providing essential services like water, sewer, cops and fire...that takes professionals who are career minded..they have been doing these jobs forever and have been retiring with pensions, so it's not an issue all of a sudden unless you happen to be conservative...connies have been trying to raid pensions forever..what they should be doing is investing a portion of their employees pay into a retirement account like PERS...of course, they would have to work to keep Wall Street honest, but it would benefit everyone..if you don't have any savings and you are in your 40s or 50s.... that's your own fault..PERIOD!
now, California is not a poor state but does have a deficit and budget problems...just like America..just like all those teabaggers and cons who voted for Bush and Arnold TWICE!! If the alternative candidates had won, we wouldn't be a debtor nation..ahh, but we gotta have wars and salute all those soldiers every five minutes who get sent off to fight, come back maimed, and are handed trinkets by the very people who sent them!!
America has gotten stupid in the last eight years.... ignoring the Wall Street fraud, pretending we are a capitalist nation while owing 800 billion to a trillion dollars to China...capitalism doesn't mean spending ourselves into debt...capitalism, if done right, should mean freedom!!! the only way to make us smarter is start adding "smart dust" to jet contrails....that way everyone will benefit...
we all need to be dusted!!
if elected officials are owned by corporations, they won't raise necessary taxes on those corps; if non-profits are allowed to collect billions and avoid income and property taxes, then we will continue to have budget issues;
and if guys like Tom Watson continue crying, California will have to start a day care center for conservatives who can't cut it in the real world...

Sunday, November 14, 2010


you know, Nancy Pelosi looks like she's always got a dog humping her leg!!
well, hmmm, how about a story about raccoons and dogs..now, I like dogs just fine, especially wild canines like coyotes who can take care of themselves, what I don't like is people who treat their dog pets like something other than what they are...we've seen the pathetic dog spa at Lookout Park in Summerland, the gourmet dog food with real meat and no filler, the pampering..all this is simply to fill a deep emotional void in the owner and is not healthy for the dog..if elected I will outlaw (or outsource if cheaper) this behavior and fine you if you treat you dog better than, say, you would treat me...in the meantime, I think I found a way to control your critters...raccoon gangs!
There's a story out of Alameda County near San Francisco:
Alameda struggles to contain street gangs — of raccoons
Reporting from Alameda — Rachel Campos de Ivanov was walking her dog last Sunday night when she saw two eyes glowing in the darkness. Her border terrier barked furiously. The eyes came closer, and she discerned a masked furry critter.She turned away and her pursuer, a raccoon, charged. Then four other raccoons dropped from the trees and joined the chase."I was running as fast as I could and screaming at the top of my lungs, 'Help! Help! Help!' " said the East Bay resident. "I ran about a third of a block, then tripped and fell on the ground."
"The problem is there is more wildlife in the cities than in the country because there is more food here," said David Gould, a vector control officer who has worked in Alameda for 20 years. He said all of the attacks involved people with dogs, and the dogs probably incited the raccoons. Raccoon attacks on humans remain unusual, but people can get mauled when they feed the animals or intervene in fights with dogs, officials said. Raccoons also have been known to get dogs into swimming pools and drown them."They grab them by the head and hold them under water," said Gary Beeman, a Northern California wildlife biologist who owns a pest control company, consults with the federal government and has trapped hundreds of raccoons. "Not just little dogs — Labrador size."
well, I didn't know that raccoons could actually drown your dogs, but now I do and you've been warned...

Saturday, November 13, 2010


New-Press cracks case of why conservatives lost in California...
we're running out of white people!! Crackers!!

wow, I had to read the N-P editorial a few times because I couldn't believe it the first reading..it was so full of racist cliches that explained to us why the conservatives lost so badly in California..
or it tried to explain, but just kept dredging up nonsense statistics to support nonsense conclusions...according to the News-Press, Meg Whitman would have lost by only 5.5% but for the Latino vote, which increased the loss margin to 13%! In politics, it doesn't matter how much you lose by..if you lose, you lose...it doesn't mean you are a winner just because you lost by X number of votes..the point is Meg lost and blew 140 million dollars in the process!
and Latinos are more likely to work in the private sector as independent contractors, so they should vote Republican who favor small businesses...
look, the the real reason the conservatives lost in California is most of them were proven to be colossal hypocrites, from Whitman to Watson....we have a higher standard here and the voters will take no more bullshit..
the N-P can dance around it all day long, but if you surround yourself with stupid people, you won't learn anything..you need to get some smarter folks in there to tell the cons what they don't want to hear...the teabaggers are a fad, and the GOP is dying..
when I lose, I admit I got beat by a better person..now of course that's never happened, but if it ever did, I would be humbled and contrite and learn from my superior, who of course doesn't exist..but if they did...
so anyway, the N-P is a shining example of ignorance leading the stupid....if you work for FOX NEWS or the News-Press, you've sold your soul to the devil and will never learn anything because those folks live in a bubble provided by very wealthy owners...and it is very unhealthy to be so insulated!! while crackers Wendy and Rupert may have more dollars than I, they certainly don't have more sense!! (get it???)

Friday, November 12, 2010

home for the holidays...


well, Halloween is over and a much more frightening holiday is coming up: Thanksgiving! the families, the fights, the incest, the food, the feeling of impending doom, people in your house, using your bathroom, it's all very depressing but we must soldier on to preserve these traditions...even though we hate them...
Remember when Wendy first bought the News-Press, she started writing editorials telling us all to find another way of celebrating that doesn't include killing turkeys..geez, she buys a paper and then starts telling eveyone how to live their lives..bitch!! Fuck that bitch was what I said after the first assault on my freedoms..then came the nutty editorials and weird front page greetings like I give a shit what she has to say...but after eight years or so, I'm thinking maybe the bitch is right..let's leave the turkeys alone and find something else...so I thought a nice white egret would make a good dinner and I plugged me a couple who now reside in my freezer until Thanksgiving..there's plenty for everyone!!
see this red T-Bird...the driver was entering the highway in Carp ...before he entered, I spoke with him while I was getting coffee at 7/11 and he mentioned that he liked all the pretty wood chips CALTRANS put on the median...and he loved all the little native plants they put in with my tax dollars..well, he got in his hotrod, hotdogged a little and 3 seconds later spun out into the ditch...holiday stress!
ya know, the November sky is full of wonders...meteors, constellations..and the man in the moon...I took a picture of the man who looks a little like an ape but you can see his face, can't you? or am I the only one who can see these things?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

a hospital runs through it...

an escargot's pace...
every time I go to the French Festival at Oak Park, I marvel at the cool bungalows, the beautiful French women..but in order to get to the French women, I have to pass by the always-in-construction-mode Cottage Hospital and look with disgust at how big it has become...it grows by the years, bigger and bigger, threatening to swallow this beautiful historic neighborhood...but how was Cottage allowed to get so big? Did Ty Warner build it?? Is Ty's Orange monster on Channel Drive done yet??
and why, if America is the bastion of high tech health care and high standards of living, are so many people unhealthy? so many in need of expensive services to keep them going..and more and more prescription drugs dispensed in the name of wellness?? I contend if you live a healthy and conscious life, you won't need to visit a giant hospital very often..occasionally, you'll stop by a smaller place for a little tweak here and there....but the giant Cottage, why is it here?? well....it exists to support and distort itself.. just like the News-Press!!
and lookit this beautiful French woman, then lookit all the CEOs and chairpeople!
Gretchen Milligan, Chair Edward E. Birch, PhD, Vice Chair Robert C. Nakasone, Vice Chair Jeffrey L. Kupperman,MD, SecretaryFrederick W. Gluck, Treasurer
J. Robert Andrews Margaret Baker Jon Clark Judith HopkinsonAngel Iscovich, MDCharles A. Jackson
Alex Koper II, MD Fred Lukas Robert E.M. Nourse John Romo Marshall "Chip" Turner Thomas Watson, MD
and no longer is it just a hospital, it is now called a Health Care System..and it is a non- profit, which means it profits very much from being a non-profit!!
and now, it has grown well out of proportion with the community it is supposed to serve...
2009 net revenue was 536 million dollars with a whopping 52% going to salaries and benefits!
another example of a nonprofit squeezing the citizens and intending only more power and growth...when they tore down the wonderful St. Francis Hospital, it is clear they knocked down the wrong one...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

c'mon get happy...

that's why they have happy hour, you know
many people are unhappy but why? we Americans are guaranteed the right to pursue happiness...oh, but there's a catch..no guarantee you'll find it...like the bright elusive butterfly of love, happiness, to some, is also elusive...but lately happiness has been forced upon us, forced down our throats by the private sector! This culture of dog eat dog in a rat race suddenly wants us to be happy...well, maybe that's why happy boy David Cassidy was recently busted for DUI in Florida..the cops found half a bottle of whiskey in the back seat, which means the other half was sloshing around his brain! Cassidy played teeny bopper fave Keith Partridge in the 70s show the Partridge Family and now he's a Vegas attraction, in his 60s, playing a teen idol...whew, what a bummer!
then we got McDonalds...they serve meals that are full of fat and salt and to market kids' meals, they include a little toy and call it a Happy Meal...well San Francisco has recently outlawed this practice of bribing kids to eat bad food just so McDonalds can make a buck..and McDonalds has sued...the same McDonalds that told its employees "no raises unless you vote Republican"...the same McDonalds that on Milpas Street, allows the homeless to have sex in the bathrooms!! I don't eat at McDonalds anymore..they used to be ok, but the quality has dropped so low, I got sick once after eating a Big Mac...that didn't make me happy..
so the private businesses really don't want us to be happy..they create products that satisfy a feel good lust..then when we're hooked, we come back like junkies and make them rich..
and until we see the joke is on us, we won't change our behavior..you can't be happy without awareness..you can't row a boat on the sand...
so if you are sad today, don't worry about it because you'll probably be sad tomorrow, too..happiness is for suckers!!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Beautiful Losers...

all God's chirren are beautiful!

normally, I don't hang out with losers, and there's a lot of you out there, but I will give advice ever now and then...
Abel Maldonado: dude, you gotta pay your taxes and farm fines!!
Mike Stoker: running for public office does not count as running a small business... get a clue, dude!
Loren Mason: keep away from kids!!
Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina: have sex with each other and report back to me
Bill Brown and Lanny Ebenstein: Measure S lost because you two are clowns, join a circus!!
Tom Watson: buy the Big Yellow House in Summerland and make something of yourself!!
Tony Strickland: let me have Audra for a few nights a week...
Mimi Walters: change your first name because that's why you lost..there are no Mimi's in politics...
lastly, I was watching Mike Self on Ernie Solomon's TV show and they were talking about the election..both said students shouldn't be allowed to vote and Mike said the voters misread Measure T- confusing the words yes and no and that they actually wanted to ban medical marijuana shops...gee, Mrs. Self, you are sooo perceptive!!
first of all, Mike, your candidates and issues lost because YOU are stupid, not the voters; and remember: "Political campaigns and elected officials have used a variety of tactics over the years to keep students from voting. There are often too few voting machines, so lines stretch for hours. Sometimes, students are falsely told that they will lose financial aid, health care or even car insurance if they vote while attending school. But the quest to promote civic engagement by college students must begin with access to the ballot box."
As a college student, you have the right to vote from the residence that you consider ‘home,’ including your campus residence." Here’s the law nationwide: Anyone can register to vote where they live.
any attempt to stop you from voting is political and discriminatory and should be reported.. Mike Self should resign immediately from the Santa Barbara City Council for advocating such discrimination and because she's a loser!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

cabin fever...

is the county encouraging sex at Lookout Park??
so I went in to Summerland Saturday to check out the open house at Lookout Park..see, they were showing what the new upscale trailer/cabin would look like...first, I checked out the park..it is an awesome, beautiful place..great natural beauty, but run down..it is clear to see it has been mismanaged and neglected...the chain link fence on the west side is ready to fall over...there's a lame attempt to fix it with rusted out posts..and over there is a fucking dog spa!!! WTF WTF WTF is that about??? and then there's a gravestone??? oh, I didn't know the park was also a cemetery! when I die, bury me in the park, that way I can keep any eye on you all!!
then I checked the native plantings that were put in over year ago on the slope..they even have their own irrigation systems, but are doing poorly...the county contracted this work out to the Channel Islands Restoration nonprofit and it was a waste of money...ironically, the area on the west end of the park is doing well with ice plant holding the hillsides together!!

if the cabin gets built, people will be having sex within earshot of picnicking families!!
so over I go to see the cabin..whoops, I thought they already installed it..nope, it is still the old ranger's trailer..I can tell ya, that ranger let the place go....geez, how about some clean up or organization..nope..just a mess..but the county had plenty of money to plant native species..I talked to the County Parks director, the same guy who spread mulch with plastic in it over the hills after the fires, and his assistant and told them to stop wasting my tax dollars trying to get rid of invasive species...they kept telling me that they may have been overdoing it, but that Eucalyptus trees by creeks are "not our friend"..I told them that was bullshit..the eucs are home to protected birds of prey and they better pray if they cut down ANY TREE for stupid reasons!! I think we need a new Parks Director...these guys..I don't know about these guys
then I spoke with a gal from the Summerland Citizens Association, who was kinda cute and taking feedback from visitors... I told her I was not in favor of putting up an upscale cabin so the county could generate a few dollars..instead they should perform the necessary maintenance on the park..hire the people who can do it instead of the ones who just let it deteriorate... maybe a park oversight committee would be a good thing to stop the wasteful irrigation and planting practices and focusing on safety and maintenance issues...this is a beautiful natural place, it's not Park Place..nor is it Sodom and Gomorrah!!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

pretty poison

another one bites the dust...

there's nothing that burns me more than people who put out poison traps to kill squirrels..they put them out in the countryside, strewn all over their big acres in the valley, just to kill squirrels...but I ask you, what harm has a squirrel done to you? remember Rocket J Squirrel..he was cool and who would want to poison him or his pal Bullwinkle??
it's disgusting how stupid people can be sometimes...well, I saw a press release from Animal Rescue Team and #69 was politley asking people in the valley not to set poison traps of D-CON because one killed a great horned owl...and if a dead squirrel was killed by poison, an owl who ate the squirrel would also die....it's called the food chain..the balance of nature..prey and predator..but now we have a bunch of nitwits in the valley who want to kill the wildlife because they fear it or because they are plain ignorant...remember DDT....what we do affects everything!!! that's why it's important to leave the outside areas alone..don't try to remake everything to fit your limited view of nature....why do you think bees and bats are disappearing..because people are interfering too much....and the ag and native-only industries use too much pesticides and remove plants that are beneficial....they don't understand dispersal and want to kill kill kill....
thankfully, smart Californians rejected prop 21, the tax to provide more parks services..but in reality, it would have provided tax money for the native-only cultists, who are not above poisoning animals, more resources to destroy habitat in the name of "restoration"...it's a scam, as we should know by now..
yes, Julia was very polite but I suggest she fire off a little righteous anger at these people..it is illegal to kill birds of prey..she's got the evidence and the property owner.... so throw the book at them!!
WTF is wrong with the valley people..old smelly conservatives that think they can kill every animal that bothers them..now I know that #69 depends on people giving her money to run her nonprofit, but it's time to get in their faces..shake your tits...use your talents and maybe save some owls and wildlife while you're at it... WE NEED WILDLIFE.....and I know Julia, half of what I say is meaningless, but I say it just to reach you....

Friday, November 5, 2010

Tom Foolery...

Tom Watson and News-Press target students ..
it looks like the News-Press and Tom Watson were gunning for the Isla Vista students long before the elections began..
to wit: after many editorials expressing disdain for student voters, the N-P prints a plea to report voter fraud on Nov 2nd, and almost IMMEDIATELY on election day, the Tom Watson campaign stooges cry "fraud in Isla Vista" ... Watson sent 50 plus poll watchers?? and worse, Watson was on the news claiming IV has a history of voter problems...
it's obvious a plan was in the works and you can bet the News-Press was ready with this story ... let me introduce the evidence..see Exhibit A: one of the many editorials disparaging the student vote. next, Exhibit 2: the plea on the front page a few days before the vote to report any "perceived fraud" at polling places ...Exhibit 3: the resultant front page story/ accusation by Tom Watson of student fraud after the election...
oh I almost forgot, your Honor.. Exhibit D: Watson appears in N-P saying Capps was smearing him...
Watson inexplicably claimed the problem in IV was because students took their ballots into an enclosed patio area to vote..that was the fabricated fraud and he threatens to sue!! that's like saying if I walk into my polling place, a little church, and go into another room to vote, I'm committing fraud!!! and Josh Lynn, Watson's attorney, is defending him and saying "some fraud happened out there" ....it appears that Josh is still mad at Joyce Dudley and the county for firing him from the District Attroney's office!! hopefully, this will kill his career as a lawyer....
I find this amazing...they actually fabricated their own front page news with a lame attempt to try to intimidate students...now, the story on the front page rambles on: but then they inform us that Watson, according to his attorney Josh Lynn, will not sue anyone because he knows there's no fraud and knows he will lose because he's a loser..and Capps beat him by such a wide margin that any fraud he feared in his paranoid little head was nonexistant....do you see the waste of space these people are? Instead of admitting he's a tool for the rich, that he's a liar and a punk, Watson continues to blame students and the county gov't for his loss!! in other words, it was all a bluff by Watson and the News-Press...a cheap stunt...a fool's errand!!
Ironically, the ones who committed the most probable election day fraud were the News-Press and Watson..the very fraud they wanted you to report to them at 564-5273!! HA HA HA ..dumbasses!
I find it hard to believe that Tom Watson served with distinction in our military...I find it very easy to believe his military father pulled a lot of strings for him....one thing is certain, Watson, Wendy, Nipper and Scott are whip-dicks...that's irrefutable..