Friday, November 12, 2010

home for the holidays...


well, Halloween is over and a much more frightening holiday is coming up: Thanksgiving! the families, the fights, the incest, the food, the feeling of impending doom, people in your house, using your bathroom, it's all very depressing but we must soldier on to preserve these traditions...even though we hate them...
Remember when Wendy first bought the News-Press, she started writing editorials telling us all to find another way of celebrating that doesn't include killing turkeys..geez, she buys a paper and then starts telling eveyone how to live their lives..bitch!! Fuck that bitch was what I said after the first assault on my freedoms..then came the nutty editorials and weird front page greetings like I give a shit what she has to say...but after eight years or so, I'm thinking maybe the bitch is right..let's leave the turkeys alone and find something I thought a nice white egret would make a good dinner and I plugged me a couple who now reside in my freezer until Thanksgiving..there's plenty for everyone!!
see this red T-Bird...the driver was entering the highway in Carp ...before he entered, I spoke with him while I was getting coffee at 7/11 and he mentioned that he liked all the pretty wood chips CALTRANS put on the median...and he loved all the little native plants they put in with my tax dollars..well, he got in his hotrod, hotdogged a little and 3 seconds later spun out into the stress!
ya know, the November sky is full of wonders...meteors, constellations..and the man in the moon...I took a picture of the man who looks a little like an ape but you can see his face, can't you? or am I the only one who can see these things?

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