Wednesday, November 17, 2010

smiling faces...

have you ever been in escrow?
there is a group of people who think they are something special..realtors...really now, do they deserve such exaltation? Let's look at this special class of citizens: first, they have ginormous egos..their photos are everywhere! in front of houses, in magazines and tradepapers, and they are always smiling...aren't these the folks who helped cause the housing calamity by selling to anyone with a pulse? condos that could be had for $150000 a few years ago were going for $500000..and they fed the fire? and when contractors bought and built too many houses, why were realtors silent? they just put up their little "open house" signs and waited..waited..waited...and there's beach houses on Padaro Lane going for 29 million dollars!! realtors selling to realtors??
and how many realtors have said: I know a great mortgage broker...or: I know a great home inspector....lots....and if you're buying a home, you don't need a home inspector because most of them are out of work actors! Basically, you pay them a few hundred bucks for showing up at your property and acting like they give a crap! Now that's a scam...actually, I'm more qualified to inspect houses!!
and then there's the charities these folks push I guess to ease a guilty conscience..realtors for teachers, realtors for kids, realtors for this and that..
and drunk realtors..there's more than a few out there!!
Well, I think before we honor the realtors anymore, we take a sober look into their little world..see what is really behind all those smiles...before you sign all those papers and pay all those escrow fee, a title fee, a documentation fee...make sure your realtor is not really the devil incarnate trying to purchase your lovely soul...

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