Sunday, November 7, 2010

cabin fever...

is the county encouraging sex at Lookout Park??
so I went in to Summerland Saturday to check out the open house at Lookout Park..see, they were showing what the new upscale trailer/cabin would look like...first, I checked out the is an awesome, beautiful place..great natural beauty, but run is clear to see it has been mismanaged and neglected...the chain link fence on the west side is ready to fall over...there's a lame attempt to fix it with rusted out posts..and over there is a fucking dog spa!!! WTF WTF WTF is that about??? and then there's a gravestone??? oh, I didn't know the park was also a cemetery! when I die, bury me in the park, that way I can keep any eye on you all!!
then I checked the native plantings that were put in over year ago on the slope..they even have their own irrigation systems, but are doing poorly...the county contracted this work out to the Channel Islands Restoration nonprofit and it was a waste of money...ironically, the area on the west end of the park is doing well with ice plant holding the hillsides together!!

if the cabin gets built, people will be having sex within earshot of picnicking families!!
so over I go to see the cabin..whoops, I thought they already installed it..nope, it is still the old ranger's trailer..I can tell ya, that ranger let the place go....geez, how about some clean up or organization..nope..just a mess..but the county had plenty of money to plant native species..I talked to the County Parks director, the same guy who spread mulch with plastic in it over the hills after the fires, and his assistant and told them to stop wasting my tax dollars trying to get rid of invasive species...they kept telling me that they may have been overdoing it, but that Eucalyptus trees by creeks are "not our friend"..I told them that was bullshit..the eucs are home to protected birds of prey and they better pray if they cut down ANY TREE for stupid reasons!! I think we need a new Parks Director...these guys..I don't know about these guys
then I spoke with a gal from the Summerland Citizens Association, who was kinda cute and taking feedback from visitors... I told her I was not in favor of putting up an upscale cabin so the county could generate a few dollars..instead they should perform the necessary maintenance on the park..hire the people who can do it instead of the ones who just let it deteriorate... maybe a park oversight committee would be a good thing to stop the wasteful irrigation and planting practices and focusing on safety and maintenance issues...this is a beautiful natural place, it's not Park Place..nor is it Sodom and Gomorrah!!!

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