Sunday, November 14, 2010


you know, Nancy Pelosi looks like she's always got a dog humping her leg!!
well, hmmm, how about a story about raccoons and, I like dogs just fine, especially wild canines like coyotes who can take care of themselves, what I don't like is people who treat their dog pets like something other than what they are...we've seen the pathetic dog spa at Lookout Park in Summerland, the gourmet dog food with real meat and no filler, the pampering..all this is simply to fill a deep emotional void in the owner and is not healthy for the dog..if elected I will outlaw (or outsource if cheaper) this behavior and fine you if you treat you dog better than, say, you would treat the meantime, I think I found a way to control your critters...raccoon gangs!
There's a story out of Alameda County near San Francisco:
Alameda struggles to contain street gangs — of raccoons
Reporting from Alameda — Rachel Campos de Ivanov was walking her dog last Sunday night when she saw two eyes glowing in the darkness. Her border terrier barked furiously. The eyes came closer, and she discerned a masked furry critter.She turned away and her pursuer, a raccoon, charged. Then four other raccoons dropped from the trees and joined the chase."I was running as fast as I could and screaming at the top of my lungs, 'Help! Help! Help!' " said the East Bay resident. "I ran about a third of a block, then tripped and fell on the ground."
"The problem is there is more wildlife in the cities than in the country because there is more food here," said David Gould, a vector control officer who has worked in Alameda for 20 years. He said all of the attacks involved people with dogs, and the dogs probably incited the raccoons. Raccoon attacks on humans remain unusual, but people can get mauled when they feed the animals or intervene in fights with dogs, officials said. Raccoons also have been known to get dogs into swimming pools and drown them."They grab them by the head and hold them under water," said Gary Beeman, a Northern California wildlife biologist who owns a pest control company, consults with the federal government and has trapped hundreds of raccoons. "Not just little dogs — Labrador size."
well, I didn't know that raccoons could actually drown your dogs, but now I do and you've been warned...

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