Thursday, November 11, 2010

a hospital runs through it...

an escargot's pace...
every time I go to the French Festival at Oak Park, I marvel at the cool bungalows, the beautiful French women..but in order to get to the French women, I have to pass by the always-in-construction-mode Cottage Hospital and look with disgust at how big it has grows by the years, bigger and bigger, threatening to swallow this beautiful historic neighborhood...but how was Cottage allowed to get so big? Did Ty Warner build it?? Is Ty's Orange monster on Channel Drive done yet??
and why, if America is the bastion of high tech health care and high standards of living, are so many people unhealthy? so many in need of expensive services to keep them going..and more and more prescription drugs dispensed in the name of wellness?? I contend if you live a healthy and conscious life, you won't need to visit a giant hospital very often..occasionally, you'll stop by a smaller place for a little tweak here and there....but the giant Cottage, why is it here?? exists to support and distort itself.. just like the News-Press!!
and lookit this beautiful French woman, then lookit all the CEOs and chairpeople!
Gretchen Milligan, Chair Edward E. Birch, PhD, Vice Chair Robert C. Nakasone, Vice Chair Jeffrey L. Kupperman,MD, SecretaryFrederick W. Gluck, Treasurer
J. Robert Andrews Margaret Baker Jon Clark Judith HopkinsonAngel Iscovich, MDCharles A. Jackson
Alex Koper II, MD Fred Lukas Robert E.M. Nourse John Romo Marshall "Chip" Turner Thomas Watson, MD
and no longer is it just a hospital, it is now called a Health Care System..and it is a non- profit, which means it profits very much from being a non-profit!!
and now, it has grown well out of proportion with the community it is supposed to serve...
2009 net revenue was 536 million dollars with a whopping 52% going to salaries and benefits!
another example of a nonprofit squeezing the citizens and intending only more power and growth...when they tore down the wonderful St. Francis Hospital, it is clear they knocked down the wrong one...

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