Wednesday, November 3, 2010

you win again...

thanks to KCAL 9 for good coverage..KEYT was ok but reported Mike Stoker as beating Das Williams... and AM 1290 News-Press radio as usual SUCKED..they kept saying they didn't have any results to report while the county had those numbers on Channel 20!! dumbasses!!!

obviously, I have no control over what happens in Kentucky, but if those losers want to elect a quack white supremacist, that's their deal...and if the bible belt wants drunken fool John Boehner as speaker of the House again, ok...but, the Republicans will rule the House and at least they get to stay in the servant's quarters while the Dems rule the roost....
and once again, California must lead the way..after two disasterous terms as governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger will retire to his ranch house in the hills of Carp...Californians, in their wisdom, elected the right crew...they know that government is not the enemy, and will not allow greedy corporate thieves like Fiorina and Whitman to continue raping the resources of this state..and stupid public employees will not be tolerated, either...
Stoked on Stoker? no..but I was worried that Das may have lost his edge by becoming a born again must never, ever lose your edge!!

Miltary Madness
Teabagger Tom Watson apparently sent his tea-militia to Isla Vista to harass students!
He probably called the News-Press hotline complaining about voter fraud ..I guarantee he and the News-Press orchestrated this raid...this dude is a loser and Capps kicked his ass!!
the Doobie Brothers...
Measure S failed because Sheriff Brown and Lanny Ebenstein are a couple of doobie dunces!!!
speaking of Lanny...he was back on the News-Press idiotorial page, perhaps sensing that pot will be legalized, NOT!! and now he repeats his claims that public employees' day of reckoning is at hand..Lanny knows all about days of reckoning when 14 of his Eureka neighbors sued him for operating a grow house.. and they won...Lanny's got to pay up big time..
so now he's back and sore at the public employees again!! apparently, the public sector makes more than the private sector so they want to reduce across the board, I don't know how the election is going to accomplish this but if the private sector is so strapped for cash, why don't they do what Lanny does..operate grow houses for profit!! then, maybe they can catch up with the public workers la vida loca!!
American there anything more beautiful??

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Anonymous said...

"KISS OF DEATH" is right. How McC*nt can think people even want to read her one-side biased rag is beyond me. Her right hand, right-winger Don Katich is McC*nt's Joseph Goebbels - rapidly running the paper into its grave. Steepleton the Fool was too inept to do any real damage, but under Katich the NP has rapidly deteriorated into a Republican tract.