Wednesday, December 31, 2014

as tears go by

it is the evening of the day....

now all the stories in the News-Press about the Mallory Dies payout..the tears, the heart-felt concern..well, I don't buy it...the News-Press is in this for the politics...

so where were these people before Mallory Dies was hit and killed by a drunk driver Raymond Morua? where were they?

was Matt Dies out there warning folks about DUIs? how about the News-Press? or Peter Lance who is mentioned often in Scott Steepleton's stories about Mallory..and the latest is when the feds read Peter Lance's depiction of the Raymond Morua/Mallory Dies story, they immediately offered a 7 figure settlement sum and some hugs to the Dies

assistant US ATTY Julie Zatz did...she handles civil cases and doles out the money... she has a history of giving out million dollar settlements without admitting any liability

The $1.34 million check was the result of a settlement between the Browns and the government in Alan Brown, et al. v. United States, a Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) suit the couple filed three years ago in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas.

Julie Zatz, an Assistant U.S. Attorney in Los Angeles who handled the FTCA civil suit after the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Texas recused itself, says the government did not admit any liability in settling the case

now the biggest issue here is the News-Press and Lance, partners in crime, trying to look all anti-DUI..Nipper is a big booze peddler.. Steepleton's the stories about cocktails are endless...the drug use by Team Wendy members..from Travis's DUI to Lanny's Nipper's kid's death and heroin use...Peter Lance's DUI bust and his cowardly attempt to wiggle out of any responsibility..he blamed the SB Police and wrote about his DUI in the News-Press...

let's check some headlines from the past and see the pro-DUI and anti-cop sentiment from the News-Press and Team Wendy, mostly from Lance trying to squirm out of his DUI....and blaming the cops who arrested him....but today, the News-Press is all anti-DUI???

oh this is nonsense...they only way to clean all this up is to change the law....don't drink and drive..any alcohol because alcohol is an intoxicant....

Scott and Pete blame the cops for Pete's DUI!!

so Julie Zatz is on my radar...

and this law that allows people to drink and drive...drop the BAC to ZERO...let's make it easier for cops to bust drunks..and collect money from them...

my New Year's resolutions for 2015 will be to start dealing with these people....and you don't wanna miss it!!

Monday, December 29, 2014

won't get fooled again

and the morals to be worshiped will be gone...

this Townsend's Warbler dropped by my balony to sing some WHO tunes! and this gray hawk is wintering in Carp...and each of them knows more about life than I

so Mallory Dies life was worth about $2.5 million...this according to the News-Press political opinion/report that the Dies family settled with the gov't...Wendy's Scott Steepleton, who vigorously defended Peter Lance's right to drive drunk, is now telling us that Chris Mitchum had a chance to unseat Lois Capps thanks to Mallory's death by a drunk driver! huh??

the lawsuit was filed against the United States of America..but neither Lois nor the feds admit any wrong who's footing the bill? I guess the taxpayers like you and me are responsible...we're the parents again

ok so if the gov't is not responsible for the death of Mallory, why is it paying 2.5 million dollars to the Dies family for the death of Mallory? have we reached a point where you just pay people off to silence them...EXTORTION!! did Peter Lance in his investigative capacity find something out and used that to extort money from the gov't for the Dies family? according to Matt Dies on, yes..without Pete and the News-Press, the gov't wouldn't have settled so quickly...although that is illogical since another lawsuit can't be brought and the feds weren't Lance's "investigation" culled from stuff already known and then exaggerated upon, didn't prove anything..typical Lance work..and the worse part is we'll never know if Lois's crew forged or covered up anything!! so much for justice

well Raymond Morua was the one drunk behind the wheel..the one who hit and killed Mallory, so maybe the feds garnished his pension and benefits and gave it to the Dies family..or maybe they calculated the costs of housing Raymond in prison for eternity and funneled some of the meal ticket money to the Dies..maybe Ray will get a few less balony sandwiches in his new home..

well I got no problem with someone paying, like the liquor makers, the Indie, Raymond or even Lois...

the Dies folks now can pay the hospital bills and the lawyers...

and still have enough left over for a trip to Europe....

Sunday, December 28, 2014

God Only Knows

what I'd be without you...

I have one question for lesbians: why do you hate men???

the News-Press and Noozhawk seem to be fixated on the new lesbian priest at All Saint's By The Sea church in Montecito..they've done stories on Rev Aimee always referring to her as a "lesbian"...

but today let's look at the News-Press story, written by one Taylor Knopf..must be a kid from Wendy's Young Miss America Foundation School of Journalism....first they give us fake picture of John Muir, now they say that All Saint's by the Sea church is in Carpinteria! it's not of course, it's in Montecito by the's a nice church to look at from the outside and inside it is the most beautiful church I've ever can a reporter not know where it is unless he's never been there!!

WENDY, I'm getting tired of your lack of attention to detail.. where's the editor? at Bo Henry's Cocktail Lounge??

typical white people...they think they are all entitled

now when I see a farm worker or ranch worker I don't automatically refer to them as illegal aliens...stereotypes don't require much thinking, you know..and with our black Muslim president Obama reforming immigration no thanks to Congress, the Carp flower growers are boldly reaching out for workers...

these signs in Spanish and English point to a need for workers from south of the border because you know as well as I do, ain't no white boys gonna pick flowers...

it's easier to hang out on State Street with your dog and panhandle!

Friday, December 26, 2014

fixing a hole

where the rain gets in, and stops my mind from wandering....

wow! what a was yours? did Santa redistribute the wealth ok? I awoke to a beautiful sunrise and some cool winds blowing...I had some coffee and sat down at the computer...then I said fuck the computer... I turned on the radio and the Beatles Christmas was playing on KTYD...all day...I turn it up....the boys never sounded better...I start singing along at the top of my lungs.... I GET BY WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIEEE-EEE-EENDS!!!!



so I ditched the family obligations and went to play...they can do without me for a few hours and I them

I trekked the back hills of Summerland and found myself standing in a little canyon...I heard a howl in the distance, just over the ridge...then it got louder then WHOOSHHH.. a big gust of wind nearly blew me was awesome....the winds are ripping through these hills like wind and I feel like a kite

then I went to the beach and it's just gorgeous...some big waves and King tides still....pelicans are riding the are swimming and body surfing and just plain having a fun Christmas day.. I sit on the rocks and observe other people's families for awhile...they all turn and wave at me


Thursday, December 25, 2014

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Queen of Hearts

tell me where to start...tell me where

I've been fascinated by the King Tides ever since I saw them a few years ago...they impart something in the air.. a swelling up of the water...the sweet smell of the ocean...a smell I've loved since I was a I grew up, the ocean held deeper meanings for me...

as I walk along the sand and take it all in, the sights and sounds of the sea remain a mystery.. a sweet mystery...exotic creatures frolic and relax by the shore...I wish...oh how I wish I could play with them..carass them... but I can't...

so on I walk, the warm south wind blowing through and through...the sand like a feather bed

the soft white fleshy waves seem to lay down before me....and spread their legs

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

feelin' alright

I'm not feelin' too good myself

ok so there's three innocent victims in our little psycho-drama....Eringer, Chief Sanchez and me I already apologized to Eringer so here's one for Chief Sanchez...I don't know who would drag you into this with a bogus blog, and I know the chief needs a thick skin to do his job with gnats like Lance and Scoles flitting around his of course Cam Sanchez wasn't busted for DUI!' he's got the best anti-DUI force in the country which is why some drunks are mad at him....and I hope his daughter forgives me too.. I say that without any prurient interests whatsoever..she's lovely

then there's me...I am a victim too! but who cares if my heart bleeds

Let's Rumba!

so I went into SB for a haircut at Arturo's and next door is La Rumba bar..used to be the Yankee Clipper and I hung out there in my scuffling into a rumble or two and the girls were all girly and cute...what's a young man gonna do??

well, can't stay 19 forever so I had to stop all that stuff and resort to clean living...bars evoke such quiet desperation

but after the haircut I was desperate and decided to check out Bo Henry's..I drove down De La Vina till I got to Micheltorena..this area is old SB with the cool houses and cobblestone streets and millions of cars!! as I approach the Micheltorena bridge over the highway, I'm sucked up into a vortex-like Dorothy- and then I end up under the rainbow in a place that looks like Nicaragua! San Andres Street...thousands of poor people and gangs everywhere! stray dogs and dead bodies lying in the gutter... and there's Foodland! Foodland??? it's the focal point...I've always been baffled by this area

so I turn left on San Andres and look for Bo Henry's but don't see it... hmmm, I thought it was across from the liquor store??? actually I wanted to see if this whole thing is real or maybe just me losing my grip on sanity

then I hang a u-turn, head back and see it..tucked's tiny like a little gingerbread house..the sign out front says Now Serving Alcohol (duh, it's a bar) door is a pizza place Now Serving Pizza!

there's a mural on the front of Bo Henry's...looks like an eclipse or something from Merlin the Magician? if I had a magic wand I would wave it over this westside area and make it disappear...

uh, I don't understand any of this....why not put a pin-up of Marilyn Monroe smoking a cigar on the front of the joint and class it up a little...

or get the Peking Acrobats in there for some entertainment...or geez how about some Christmas lights!!

right now it's just too surreal for me to consider...

Monday, December 22, 2014

The Joker

I'm a midnight toker..

well I fell for it...ok now this is weird...and it's weird because I can relate to it...someone stealing someone's ID and posting a blog..a fraudulent happened to me and I busted the joker who did it

but it appears I've been duped..made a fool of and otherwise humiliated..or in the parlance of today... HACKED!!

I got some emails from Robert Eringer from Bo Henry's bar stating that the blog ERINGERREPORTS, wherein SB Police Chief Cam Sanchez was accused of DUI, is a fraud!

well that's no excuse for serving booze to underaged kids, but I must apologize to Eringer for being so quick to believe it....

so I will go back and edit the posts...the blog in question has been reported to gooble-blogger and blocked...and if they find out who did it, then I will castrate the sonofabitch!!

I love satire but this is unconscionable... stealing someone's ID is not's illegal

again to Robert Eringer: I'm sorry this happened, I'm sorry the sorry shithead stole your name and posted a fraudulent blog..

hey wait a minute..maybe the emails I got were a fraud!!

well anyway...Merry Christmas!!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Let Your Love Flow

Like a mountain stream, and let your love bind you to all living things

well Americans can sure be silly sometimes, esp faux-conservatives...there's a mosque opening in Goleta and some letters to the News-Press warn of Sharia Law and Islamic extremism, instead of worship, community and pot lucks....

some say that the Muslims mutilate women but I seem to remember, being a Catholic, I was mutilated as a baby..someone cut part of my dick off....a circumcision they call it..that's the first fucking thing I see when I pop my head out, a priest with a knife! ever since I've had to wear a strap-on prosthesis from Walgreen's... wanna see it??

the bible is full of violence with some peace and love sprinkled in the psalms and proverbs..but make no mistake the Quran looks like a book of nursery rhymes compared to the bible..we need to shake some of these Christians out of their little white-bread fantasy!

And as for those who strive in Our path We will surely guide them in Our ways. And Indeed, Allah is with those who are of service to others. (Al Quran 29:70)

Indeed, Allah is with those who are righteous and those who do good. (Al Quran 16:129)

Kings 2:23-24
He [Elisha] went up from there to Bethel; and while he was going up on the way, some small boys came out of the city and jeered at him, saying, "Go away, baldhead! Go away, baldhead!" When he turned around and saw them, he cursed them in the name of the LORD. Then two she-bears came out of the woods and mauled forty-two of the boys
 Samuel 15:3,8
Now go, attack the Amalekites and totally destroy everything that belongs to them. Do not spare them; put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys.' " …

 geez....donkeys too??? so I should go kill Wendy's donkey?

 but President Obama and I have been on the same page lately with the North Korean hackers, the robust stock market and of course Cuba...I don't smoke cigars or drink liquor anymore, but if I did, I'd want it from Cuba...the romance, the Hemingways...the Hemingway gals are strikingly beautiful as are Cuban women, the ones without mustaches...oh we had some issues with Castro in the 1960s but no one cares about that shit anymore except the Republicans

let the love flow between our countries..let me have a few Cuban gals over for the would be like a dream....a daydream, a fantasy, a state of archetype

pensando en ella y por mi corazon

Friday, December 19, 2014

the circle game

"and the painted ponies go up and down"

it's coming on Christmas so I'm listening to Joni Mitchell today..all day...

just me and Joni today

so don't bother

Thursday, December 18, 2014

West End Girls

and East End boys...

well Hollywood and SONY Pictures are surely wimps..they canceled a satire movie about North Korea and Kim Jong Il Jr. due to "threats"...apparently Kim Jong can't take a joke and Hollywood cowered..the actors got body guards and canceled interviews...In America!! wimps


speaking of wimps, wow things are gettin' weird on the Westside of Santa Barbara..over at Bo Henry's Bar...I was waiting and watching for some real news on Cam Sanchez's alleged DUI, but only Bo Henry's Bar owner Robert Eringer is claiming Cam was busted...citing some sources tht SBPD, Eringer says Cam was DUI and smelling of whiskey at 2:00 AM a few weeks ago...wife issues.. I have not found any clues yet

but I've had a few women drive me to drink but I got over many puking headaches can one man stand?? girls can do whatever they want now and I don't care...fuck me kill doesn't matter anymore..took a long time to see the light...but I see it..I see you now, West End girls

anyway, Bo Henry's Bar is getting raked over coals on YELP, a review site..people are calling it dirty, creepy, overpriced and smelly...hey B.O. Henry's..HAAHAHAAHA!!
and the bartenders are rude, too

and Poor Robert is trying to answer all the bad is hilarious!! haahaah! what a businessman! but there werea few conspicuous good reviews at the end (employees??)

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

what's the story

morning glory

Santa Barbara Police Chief Cam Sanchez arrested for DUI??

UPDATE: no...the whole thing was a hoax..the blog below is fraudulent and the feds are on the case!!

well this is certainly interesting on all levels...Bo Henry's bar owner Robert Eringer accusing SB Police chief of DUI....if it's true Sanchez's career is over; if it's false Eringer's career is over..

fraudulent blogpsot!!

and it's a fact that these boozer dudes have a vendetta against the far back as Wendy and dare the cops bust Wendy' friends for DUI!!
so according to Eringer's blog, the "source" in the SBPD says Cam was arrested for DUI a few weeks ago....thanks for the tip from a reader! well no thanks!!!
but where do I start? Bo Henry's is shut down for a week due to serving to underage kids...and now Eringer accuses Cam Sanchez of DUI? well I've been checking the arrest reports and don't see Cam Sanchez there...

so Eringer is perhaps in an alcoholic delusion???
stay tuned for this one!!

Blue Christmas

you'll be doin' alright, with your Christmas of white, but I'll have a blue, a  blue blue blue Christmas....

I remember one time I asked girls to paint one of their nipples blue.....I don't know why I asked them that but I let's show some support for the Miramar gals and paint 'em blue again!
the next time I'm in Montecito, I wanna see some action..I wanna see the ladies  walking down the street, wearing nice sheer white blouses...don't wear a bra so I can see your blue nipples..ok??


I remember the old Miramar...the blue roofs...but now they're gone to the scrapheap of history...the whole fiasco started after the Miramar Hotel was sold to some cokehead from NewYork

then finally self-made billionaire Rick Caruso bought it and tried to rebuild..but he ran into too many planning commissioners and too many captains in Montecito and neighbors like Elaine who tried to stop him..shrinkage she said.. shrinkage...paint you nipples Blue, Elaine!!

so the Miramar property has stood still, vacant for what, 14 years or more??

then when I was going into SB, I saw the story poles they put up with orange tape -they should've used blue- and thought the project was finally moving forward, but the MPC is being stubborn again..why? what possible reason could they have for not wanting a project here..a new hotel...why would they delay it again???

Caruso can't play this game forever so somebody needs to bypass the Montecito Planning Commission and ok the new Miramar..the area is dead without it

as a matter of fact, the MPC should be disbanded...they are not business people apparently...they don't want the Miramar to be rebuilt what do they want? why are they messing with people's futures???

I don't it because a few uppity neighbors are against the project? they think the impacts will be too much on them? it's silly...

leaders make decisions and it is all too clear there are no leaders on the Montecito Planning Commission...some stupid old lady on the MPC wanted to know what the landscaping would be at the Miramar...really? is she really that stupid? read the blueprints, the plans..and one clueless guy is still puzzled by the parking!!

haven't we been through all this??? what's up with these dumb bitch-asses on the MPC?? these blue meanies?

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Purple Haze

all in my brain....

what's this I see? a local bar loses its liquor license for five days for allowing a youngster in for GOD KNOWS WHAT...I read this in Noozhawk of all places! good job..

the bar is Bo Henry's...the westside dive and home to the stars..or wannabe stars..or washed up stars...Bo Henry's..where karaoke cajolling lost some conservatives their elections..where people who used to be hard-working Mexicans who hung out a Palmieri's now gotta deal with Hemingway stuff..

so this guy walks into a bar

ok we know that Mr Wimpy sold the bar to Sir Robert Eringer the guy who used to work for the Prince of Monaco and even Rupert Murdoch! and even Wendy at one low point...then he bought the bar and you know he invited me to check out some things at the bar once- artifacts or stuffed animals or whatever....naturally I declined figuring he might have Peter Lance waiting in the shadows, in a skinny tuxedo, all ready to investigate me! or kill me!

no, I don't hang with these boys because they drink too much...DUIs, black eyes, and pickled gotta grow up sometime boys


and if you check Bo Henry's website- it so alcoholic-centric- well it's a bar but to suggest that drinking oneself into oblivion is a healthy life choice, well maybe that's why the kid snuck in...for a healthful drink of vodka!! Grey Goose!!

if one is good, then two must be better!!

well I'm sure this happens all the time...fake IDs, kids slip into bars and the bars don't get caught, but this time they did...and Eringer blamed his staff and customers..the penalty was a $200 fine or 5-day liquor license suspension...he took the suspension to teach his customers and staff a lesson...uh oh..bad boss..the buck stops with the boss-the owner-not the staff or customers

but people go to bars and cocktail lounges to get drunk and hang with other barflies..they can forget themselves for a few hours at night...and then they drive home..why aren't barswhosell these spirits and encourage drinking -ENABLERS TO THE MAX- held accountable for allowing patrons to drive drunk?

five days without Bo Henry's?? where are these people gonna go? am I happy or in misery??

Monday, December 15, 2014

The River

I went down to the river, though I know the river is dry

riparian there's a funny bunch of monkey business...I always read things like this...apparently led by UCSB forever students...grown-ups who can't thrive in the real world...these folks are on a mission to get rid of Arundo in the Santa Clara River bed..this story blurb was in the Independent...the UCSB guys are using high school kids to poison the river bed with glyphosate.....the reasoning is the arundo "chokes out" the native plants which is a catch phrase for the native cult..they got tons of little phrases for demonizing non-natives...alien organisms, invaders, bioinvasions, gnawing away at ecosystems, and so on...Invasion Biology is a pseudoscience, a reactionary movement rooted in the psychologies of racism and xenophobia..Invasion Biology-A Critique of a Pseudoscience exposes these frauds

and of course the restorations are supported by the big chemical companies...

they ignore dispersal by the birds! it's the same mindset that people have about their lawns...if they see a dandelion, they go crazy and have to kill it

it gets to the point of absurd these fools chasing their tails trying to beat Mother Nature...that castor bean plant keeps popping up for a reason!

arundo is simply a fast growing plant...if it's a problem. remove it once a year with bull dozers..but no matter what they do, it's gonna grow again...I've gone down to the river a few times to harvest the reeds..the bamboo shoots are long and I use them for my patented "Arundo Duster"'s the only thing that lets me dust my ceilings! so buy one today: Mick's Arundo Duster..only $29.95!

Arundo Duster-only $29.95!
"The reed removers are taking down the plant either by spraying it with a federally approved herbicide, glyphosate"... federally approved, oh that's reassuring

basically, it's's poison and it's not selective..and the more they use, the more resistance the invasives build up..there's plenty of info online about the harm it does to people amd animals...I stopped using Round-Up years ago..

some years ago they tried this approach at the Carpinteria Creek on a much smaller scale..some insipid nativists thought they'd plant natives, remove invasives and put up a sign telling me not to fish for steelhead or I'd end up in jail..well I was I jail once and once is enough...

this creek used to have a cool old wooden bridge, but today it's got the big iron about over- kill!! city over-engineered it...but it's still a nice creek so I went down to check it out...looks like they gave up!

the natives ain't doing so hot...the weeds, the clovers are nice and green thanks to the rains...there's water in the creek but the only thing choking anything is the sycamore leaves in the creekbed....the native sycamores here are lovely, but they shed their leaves in winter..and there's lots of big sycamores here..there's some ivy..looks pretty but someone with a native dunce hat on thinks it's evil...

but it's clear that natives don't do well just because someone calls them native...survival of the fittest...adaptabilty is the key to survival...a simple concept lost on the Blue Oyster native cult

didn't see any fish..saw some litter from people..

litter is the biggest threat to riparian habitat..not species of "nonnatives"...

litter..plastic...junk that people throw into the creek for kicks..people screw up these creeks...nature brings all types of plants in from the wind and the willows..the animals transport seeds to the creeks..

but only man brings litter..and poison to the river


Sunday, December 14, 2014

these dreams

go on when I close my eyes

I had a dream last night I was in LA, staying at a big hotel, then I was in a big arena, a big field, dancing around with an air guitar, wearing just a g-string..some chicks were laughing and pointing at me

I don't know what that was about but, hey it was dream! so I thought about some musical journeys I took over the years....

1960s- Earl Warren Showgrounds: Janis Joplin (I won tickets from KIST!!), Alice Cooper, Eric Burdon (never knew if Eric was gonna show up!) Doors, the Grass Roots! Jefferson Airplane...simply awesome at the height of rock n roll~1967 the vibe was so cool back then

thanks Earl!


SBJH-the Byrds

Cabrillo Bathhouse-Ernie and the Emperors...that big red Gibson and they had a hit with "Meet Me At the Corner"  we started a band after seeing them! 

UCSB-CSN and Y....acoustic guitars and harmonies

Aquarius Theater-the Doors in LA...LA WOMAN!!!

the Troubadour- I can't remember the name of the band, but they had an old guy on guitar and a beautiful young chick singer with shiny brown-black hair  and big brown eyes and red lips and mmmm...and they sang a song called "Child of Nature"...I was a kid watching her sing and fell instantly in love!

so in my early 20s, I decided to become a folk singer and played at bars and restaurants and coffee houses down the coast..Ventura- almost played at the BanDar....that club was just as weird and cool as can be..and I was gigging at the Rounders when the Bandar owner Johnny Mosby came in one night..he and wife Jonie had a few country hits....he asked if I'd play a gig over there I said yeah... but my manager wouldn't let me..he was afraid he'd lose customers!! hahahah..what a hot star I was..but had I played that gig, I could've become a big country star instead of a little pathetic blogger...pretty sad

in Goleta at the Midnight Mine Steakhouse...w/Brownwood and Barbara Long...oh yeah... and the Grateful Dead were supposed to show up one night and jam with us..they never made it...geez I coulda been a member of the Dead...and that wasn't coffee in my coffee cup, boys

1970s- Jesse Colin Young at UCSB gym...this cat was good

1970's- Vance or Towers...downtown Santa Barbara..really good SB duo...Glen Vance wrote the prettiest song called "the Presence of her Absence"...

1970s- Kinks at UCSB Robertson of my fave concerts with the masters of pop/rock satire..Ray Davies and the boys

1970s-O'Jays, Commodores, Cool and the Gang....traveled one summer with the O'Jays tour because I 'm cool and I got soul.. a different town every night...crazy time

1970's Angel - traveled with Angel tour..a KISS knockoff...they sucked..I quit half-way thru the tour and flew back to LA on a big Delta jet with about ten people on it....coming into LA at night...whew, that was something I'll never was beautiful

1970s-Van Morrison and Leo Kottke at the Granada..Van was great but Leo stole the show

1970s-1980s Dave Mason, Loggins and Messina, Stephen Stills at the Santa Barbara County Bowl

1980s-Tom Waits at the Arlington..funny dude

quit folksinging and became a fry cook...quit cooking and became a career-minded responsible adult- made alot of money, bought tons of guitars, and quit that crazy scene

1980s- Suzanne Vega...downtown Santa Barbara at some club.. I snuck in during Suzanne's rehearsal with my camera..heard a few songs then some big dude kicked me out!

1990s-Richie Furay and Jim Messina at the old Feedstore...that was a fun place and I don't mean ping-pong type fun


Iris Dement at SOHO..I love her!

Brian Wilson at the Lobero...probably my favorite concert..the pop genius doing all those songs..he was in excellent form with a great band...watching Brian do "Sail on Sailor" was..well it brought me to tears and chills

Odetta-at the her 80s and wheelchair bound, the folk legend sang some incredible songs with a piano player...I was awestruck

Bob Lind and Danny O'Keefe- at the Carp Theater..that was an obscure one but "Elusive Butterfly" and Springfield connection was cool...O'Keefe's a fantastic songman

Shaun Colvin- at the Lobero..the new Lobero! she was joined by Jackson Browne for a few songs but Shaun was the main attraction and she was really good

Shaun and Jackson

Ringo- at the SB Bowl..the salad bowl?? no...Ringo and his "Awful Starr Band" as he called them...I had my camera on video- running- and I didn't even know it.. I caught the end of one Ringo song and before he introduced Todd Rundgren, he said he loved the band and called them the Awful Starr Band...instead of the ALL-Starr Band...I'm the only one who caught that...just a little joke between me and the boys...

seeing Ringo was a more famous drummer ever..he played on all those songs as part of the greatest musical force ever..EVER!! the Beatles! opened the doors for the British Invasion...

and the rest is history!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Free fallin'

there's a freeway, runnin' through her yard...

so the Pacific storm blew into the area and caused some havoc..and also gave us a rainbow and some awesome beauty...people were so thirsty for rain, some drove with the tops down!

I'm watching the news in the morning and it's amateur hour....but still they managed to impart some info...power outages in Santa Barbara from NATIVE pine trees falling...up in Paso Robles a 100 year old NATIVE OAK tree fell into a house...I guess it's ok for a native tree to fall but if a eucalyptus tree free falls, the native freaks panic..just silly because all trees fall...gravity...that's why it's important to prune them, cut them back

and the folks down in Camarillo Springs got hit hard with big mudslides after the springs fire in 2013 denuded the hillsides....hmmmmm....

this area burned from Camarillo to Malibu down to the's also part of the Santa Monica Mountain range....before the burn, nativists have been busy removing invasive species and restoring the creeks and watersheds for the steelhead..the National Parks Service is involved in these projects..these native restorations...pulling out the weeds and planting natives loosens the soils and makes it ripe for landslides, don't they know that..this area is not their private garden!!!

these are the same people who killed honeybees on the Channel Isalnds for being "feral"!!!

but folks like Miss Betsy here do this for a living.. she has a "landscape architect degree" Betsy has worked for MRT since January 2012, where she often goes out in the field to plant and water nursery grown natives, and to weed invasive plant species. In the office, she drafts restoration plans, sends projects through the proper government approval channels and writes grants.

now this confounds me...people weed out the bastard species that could help prevent the quick spread of a wildfire, and they plant more flammable politically correct natives!!

from the NPS: Chaparral is a general term that applies to various types of brushland found in southern California and the southwestern U.S. Plants such as manzanita, ceanothus, chamise and scrub oak, along with other grasses and forbs, are examples of typical chaparral flora. This community contains the most flammable type of vegetation found in the United States. It is no surprise, then, that many of these species are well-adapted to fire and some actually possess traits that encourage fire. One chaparral plant, ceanothus, has leaves that are coated with flammable resins. Ceanothus seeds require intense heat for germination, and its roots are specially adapted to enable the plant to grow in areas that were recently burned. Other chaparral shrubs also contain flammable oils and resins in their leaves. The leaves and branches of these plants are small, adding to their flammability. - See more at:

the Santa Monica Mountain range could be the victim of unintended consequences thanks to the native cult interference time you see an old hippie or yuppie hipster ripping out weeds on the hillsides, in the wild areas, weeds that help bind the soil and prevent it from sliding

ask yourself: why are these idiot fucks doing this???

Friday, December 12, 2014

Hurt So Good

c'mon baby make it hurt so good

people are worrying about torturing Islamic terrorists, but what about torturing me? I went into Santa Barbara at 7:30 am-0730 hrs- to make my jury duty appearance at 0800 hrs... I reach the Santa Barbara County Cathouse..

I love these streets..this block...the girls are all dressed up and smelling so good...classic beauty!! such a welcome change from the beer-swilling hillbilly goat gals in Carpinteria!

I make my way to the back of the jury assembly room....I spot some babes and a young woman sits next to me...ohh what an ass on her...I tell ya the thoughts racing through my head, the dirty thoughts..I should be the one on trial today!

but then a 78 year old woman squeezes in next to me and starts blabbing away...I tell her to shut the fuck up as nicely as I could...I am not the caretaker of geriatric evil-doers!!

ok so the torturey part of this whole ordeal is the video they show in the assembly room....a 14 minute snow job about how great jury duty is....same as last year

but today things are moving a little quicker so I'm not feeling so bad...they split us up into two groups instead of herding everyone into one little I go with my group over to Courtroom #3 in the Cathouse .....the wind is blowing through the big black wooden doors of the stately old building..they are always open...I love open's cool and refreshing and the storm is approaching..I feel like I'm in's a lovely day!

Anderle is the judge...he's a nice old fellow but annoying with the "beam me up Scotty" talk...he's talking to his aide about computer stuff to put on the screen so he tells the guy "beam me up Scotty"...geez

and he had his wife in the courtroom..introduced her to that was weird...

so we finally get to the case and the voir dire (vwah-deer) is still going on...Anderle tells us it's not a French phrase, but something from the middle ages...Judge, voir dire is French..look it up

there's already a full jury seated in the box..picked yesterday but the lawyers are still weeding them out....more questions from the lawyers and judge for  a new batch of prospective jurors today..that's us

I never did get called but I would have been dismissed immediately..the judge asks the jurors to promise him they won't talk about the case, talk to the lawyers, or google anything about the case when out of the's stupid..of course we will... I've already told everyone I don't make promises...makes my life so much easier however some of the girls here, shit, I'd promise them the moon for a piece of ass..serious

so the actual case was a domestic violence... a guy beat his wife and the witness list has a bunch of stoners and boozers on it, according to the defense lawyers....they asked the jurors if they had any bias against boozers and potheads because the crime in question was possibly fueled by and witnessed by hallucinations!!

that's another reason to dismiss me...I don't like stoners and boozers who wind up in court doing stupid stuff while they were high..they are wasting my and your time...

there's a street in Santa Barbara off Milpas called Jauna Maria? does it mean do ya wanna Maria..or Mariajauna??

Judge Anderle did a fantastic job of keeping the lawyers moving on schedule as they tend to wander off on tangents and crazy long questions...and they found a jury around 11:30 without even calling me up there

so I was free...the trial was set to last from now until Tuesday...I kinda wish I had made it up there on the jury....the guy charged with domestic violence looked rather normal but I saw the drink in his eyes ....the People vs XXXXXX..the wife brought the criminal charges against the dude...I forgot his name

but I don't care about justice anymore...

all I want is just ass

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Do It Again

 go back Jack, do it again..wheels turning round and round

so I had to go into Santa Barbara again..again! well you see I'm on jury duty stand-by which means I gotta call the courthouse after 5:30 pm to check my status is PISSED OFF!!  do they pay you for the stand-by/ on call type deal?

well they better...

and it's another hot December day..the sun is killing me.. I can't breathe, I can't breathe

but anyway I'm doing the errands before the courts call me and I finish then I get on the highway, southbound..wheels a'turnin' when I spy a white Dodge Ram pick-up truck sneak up behind me around Hot Springs, where the lanes go from three to two..this guy is on my bumper practically and won't let off so I figure he's gay...why else would a man follow me? and who drives a Ram pickup anyway? my Chevy could've smoked him..maybe he was suffering from an inferiority complex...

I feel road rage coming on...lucky for me I'm cool but packin' heat..the most powerful handgun in the world and could blow this fucker's head clean off

so I call 911 and report a possible drunk driver...the chick transfers me to Highway Patrol where I get a recording! must be the patrol folks are having sex or something...then finally a chick answers so I give her the details...there's this guy in a white RAM pick-up truck speeding and tailgating me and everyone else, then he gets off on Padaro.... so I tell the dispatcher I'm following him and she tells me not to.. I say I follow everyone if they are in front of me..then she says DON'T FOLLOW HIM!!

I ask her "why not?"

then she says if I continue to follow him, she'll end the call....end our conversation..that's the Highway Patrol policy!!

then I say if she ends the call she's letting a possible drunk driver go and she'll hear from me and my lawyer (a bluff) I hang up..I gave her the info she needed and she tells me how to drive!! treats me like a criminal!!

so I swing in to Loon Point parking lot..wait a bit, then proceed down Padaro and see the RAM truck parked in front of a beach house

I know there's rich and famous people who live on Padaro Lane but the Highway Patrol should have busted this asshole RAM driver for at least reckless driving...and check his license for previous issues

hey maybe I'll bring this all up at the courthouse- the  jury duty voir dire... and they gonna get an earful!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Highway to Hell

No stop signs
No Speed limit
Nobody's gonna slow me down

I'm on the highway to hell
Highway to hell
Don't stop me

so what happened to Team Wendy? well most members have jumped off the USS Wendy McCuckoo....still hanging on are Scott Nipper Don and Yolanda and a few other parasites...former Team Wendy member Dr. Laura is reportedly addicted to meth, something she learned at the News-Press when she was wrting her Page 2 column...apparently Wendy had a bomb shelter built in the News-Press basement and Nipper co-managed a meth lab there... geez poor Dr. Laura!

poor Dr. Laura!

and it appears there's a new member of Team Wendy, Matt Dies the father of Mallory Dies..Mallory was killed by a drunk driver
now it's curious that Matt Dies, who appears not to be very bright, would run to the News-Press to tell his story, like Peter Lance did...Pete was busted for DUI in 2011 and thanks to the News-Press and Scott Steepleton, wiggled out of any responsibilty for drinking and driving..and he blamed the cops who arrested him!! if those same cops were out patrolling that fateful night when Raymond Morua chose to drink and drive, Mallory dies might still be alive

but instead, a cottage industry of blaming the cops and City of SB gov't for arresting drunk drivers and interfering with their "civil rights" was born....yeah Matt, you can thank the News-Press for that..the News-Press is one of the biggest promoters of drinking alcohol and dumbed-down news..take a real hard look Matt at all the drugs that have passed through the News-Press doors..pot, booze, heroin, cocaine

now I saw Raymond Morua's PSA on TV and it was pathetic...the information about drinking and driving has been out there for years...and Ray is a repeat took killing someone and getting caught that forced his hand..otherwise, he'd still be out there DUIing it up...

oh you can talk Designated Drivers all you want, but what really needs to be talked about is alcohol addiction/consumption and personal responsibility...

front page booze promo

but still, we got Matt Dies blaming Lois Capps and the Gov't for Raymond Morua....well I guess you could blame President Bush for Ray's PTSD...but the investigation that Peter Lance started should bear some fruit shouldn't it? the feds are probably off on some wild conspiracy goose chase thanks to Peter!

and then we got happy hours... where bars and restaurants ply you with cheap drinks and of course you willingly belt 'em down....when you're in your twenties, bars may seem exciting, but you should evolve  out of the need to saddle up to the bar and drink..nothing sadder than an old drunk..nothing

so we have the complete hypocrisy of the News-Press with the weepy story about Mallory..and the front page story on Oct 4th about the Great American Beer Festival..It's All About the Beer...

unfortunately, it is all about the beer..and the booze..and the drugs...and a one-way ticket to Hell