Wednesday, September 29, 2010

sunshine of your love

big bang theory...
ok, so a reader posted some questions about sex and put undue pressure on me to answer them..who am I, Dr. Laura?? well no I'm not, I'm a man and I'm white so vote for me!! hahah!!
but seriously, the question that needs to be answered is why do people have affairs or something like that... is it a crime of convenience? is it a biological need? a psychological need? a seven year itch? boredom?..probably all of these and blondes have more fun? do men have more affairs than women..well it takes two to tango, so I don't think so...whether you are a man or woman, or a man who secretly wants to be a woman, like Dale maybe, or vice-a-versa, if you seek, you shall find...
see that woman there? her name is Dagmara Domincyk and she's an actress...if I were married and she came up and asked me to have an affair with her, how would I respond...what would go through my mind?
First, I would probably swallow my tongue..then I would measure the pros and cons of such an adventure...and of course, if I'm in love with my wife, the answer would be "no"...but if I was stuck in a relationship that seemingly would never end when it certainly should have (ever been in one of those??), then I might more easily be lured into a fling with Dag...or if I bored a woman and showed her no affection after a few years, could I blame her for looking elswhere... or if a single guy hooks up with a married gal, who goes to Hell?? can unmarried people have affairs?? can midgets?? hmmmm...
so are affairs simply a measurement of how much you are in love with your spouse or mate? what is it a malady that lasts for a few years and then you snap out of it? just a place to raise the kids? hmmmm...why are some women so goddam attractive that they cast a spell over you and some are just like spit on a sidewalk? hmmmmm...
is monogamy done? is polygamy a better way? how about bigamy? can you have your wife and an outside woman too? if you are a powerful male, will you seek sexual conquests moreso than a powerful woman? I suppose I could try to make a move on Meg as an experiment and see if she'd go for it, but I'm not that type of guy...and Meg's not my type of gal...but wait, have you seen Mike Self lately? she's damn foxy now!! she's growing out her hair and it's got some blondy highlights in it..why do think she did that..for she sending me signals?? smoke signals maybe...hmmmmm
but the fact remains, the sex drive is the strongest of motivators..songs are sung, poetry is written, art is poured onto canvas for want to plant their seed to get the most bang for the buck, and women are looking for the big bang,, WTF did you ask me all these questions for??? I guess what I'm getting at is there are no answers, only theories, only see, all is fair in love and war..and music and art and biology....

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

the Count of Monte Carlo...

"it's a global world" says Nipper...
oh my God...I hit the crackpot jackpot! Nipper was on TV talking to his pal Robert Eringer, the Investigator...Eringer is trying to get money from the Prince of Monaco, and Nipper's trying to get money from the Queen of Santa Barbara!!
the show was SB Forum on Public Access..I guess the new SB Channels board was bought by Wendy!! After some opening small talk, Eringer interviewed Nipper and asked how the editorial staff goes about endorsing candidates..EDITORIAL STAFF??? What editorial staff's Nipper and Wendy writing, in tortured English, about their pet buyable ultra-conservative candidates!!
Nipper tells us how high tech the News-Press has become, especially with the online edition.. they proceed to show clips of News-Press TV..the "clips" were low quality and lasted about ten minutes...then Nipper bragged about how great his writers are and Eringer brought up the recent Solvang Danish and Dutch story gaffe on the front page...Nipper said "well, the paper used to be much worse"....the News-Press motto is a "champion of free speech, accurate reporting and a community leader" ....and then they went back to News-Press TV clips, trying hard to sell the online content to public TV viewers....the kicker was Nipper showing a bogus graph of traffic to, saying many more people are visiting them...but if you check out Alexa, you'll get the real story: About Santa Barbara News-Press ( Daily newspaper serving Santa Barbara County since 1855. Includes local and world news, sports, business, and classifieds.
There are 188,051 sites with a better three-month global Alexa traffic rank than Compared with all internet users, the site appeals more to users who are over the age of 35; its visitors also tend to consist of childless women earning over $60,000 who browse from work. The site is based in the US, and approximately 35% of visits to consist of only one pageview (i.e., are bounces).
Percent of global Internet users who visit is down 15%! 
a global world indeed!!
so I called in after they fixed the phone issues and asked Nipper if the News-Press is a rightwing organization..he said "no"..... geez, Nipper, wrong answer and you just lied to me... then he says the city is broke and we must not surrender Santa Barbara to people who would "disface" it, like the city workers, poor people, Mexicans and the homeless!! then they closed the show talking about the latest restaurants Nipper has dined at....
oh boy, if you get a chance to see the show, do yourself a favor....Nipper is so full of shit that it is obvious he would not be employed unless his rich girlfriend supported his lazy ass!! The guy does not have a clue....and Nipper, FYI, the News-Press is a rightwing organization, and you and Wendy have "disfaced" it.....

Monday, September 27, 2010

American Choppers...

or the Whirly Birds...
so I'm hanging out doing what I'm supposed to do...the weather is Autumn awesome..the moon is full..the constellations are in full view, 'tho somewhat diluted in the light of the silvery moon..when all of a sudden I feel like I'm in Beirut....I hear a rumbling in the near distance, I thought maybe a bunch of Harley riders showing off again..kind of a Last Hurrah before they close shop and build a church in Arizona..then I go out on the balcony and see a bunch of red lights in the sky over the Salt Marsh by the beach...are we being invaded? those are choppers, military helicopters and they aren't going from base to base, they are going around in wonder we can't win a fucking war with guys like this in the military, harassing civilians!! I saw this same thing a few days ago in the afternoon..a bunch of helicopters going around in circles over the Salt Marsh for about an hour...just going around in circles...they were only a few hundred feet in the air and they just kept going around in circles...ok, I got no problem with military training, but they should let the residents know..we're citizens, we're Americans, no need to terrorize us since we pay your fucking salaries!! I was tempted to pull out my rocket launcher and waste one these flying machines!! maybe it's the full moon, but someone reportedly saw a zebra on Padaro Beach..well, it's Santa Claus beach not Padaro beach..get your history correct or else!! anyway, I'll find out today who is behind this and if dumbass Arnold or Teabagger Tom Watson are involved, heads are going to Rolling Thunder!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Message in a Bottle...

Bevmo.. mo drunks, mo litter
the Republicans are running scared trying to tell us that everything is gloomy and the economy is bad..the DOW is at 10800 from Bush's 6000 so it can't be that bad! I mean, I'm doing fine and I know you are don't listen to the Repubs because they are punks....that's the conclusion I've reached when I see hundreds of people rushing to buy liquor at Bevmo, the new booze outlet on upper State St..kinda like a Trader Joe's for alcoholics with "in-store wine consultants" ....hey maybe Nipper got a new job!! excuse me sir, can you suggest a nice wine that goes well with a Big Mac??
but really..what is the attraction?? the attraction is alcohol..the same kind that killed a lady on the Chumash Highway of Death..she was mowed down by a drunken Valley business this is the new cool for conservatives..killing people while drunk driving and getting as many DUIs as you can and passing these values to their children...
and the poster boy for all this nonsense is John Boehner, who is waiting in the wings to become the next Speaker of the House should voters fall for his "Pledge to America" crap..Boehner, a guy in his 60s who still smokes cigarettes (was supported heavily by big tobacco like Tony Strickland) and drinks to excess..just look at the blubbering crying speeches he makes..the guy is silly...and now there's a story about this devout Catholic involved in an affair with a lobbiest named Ms Lisbeth A. Lyons Vice President of Government Affairs/Printing Industries of America
VP of Government Affairs?? well, there you go!!
Tom and Ernie
I missed the live show with Ernie Soloman interviewing Tom Watson..poor Tom couldn't get a word in because Ernie kept interrupting...I hope Lois Capps debates Tom to expose what a ninny he is..he provided no details about his miltary service; he kept jabbering about evil Obama, said he would follow the Constitution and then had trouble remembering the Amendments... said he'd abolish government jobs because they make more than the private many times do I have to tell these people: the private sector is for profit and the public sector is for service, so you have to make up your mind early in life if you want to chase the dollar or build a stable career, or you can do both!! I chose to build a stable career and make wise investments and look at how happy and handsome I am!! Then Tom took a swipe at blue collar workers and said he only hires people with master's degrees for his elitist "high tech" company, which he didn't name...well, I don't like all Lois has done but I'll take a nurse over a drama queen Teabagger any day!!
Corner of Shame...
some of the folks in the Carp foothills are confused about the upcoming elections....I see Stoker signs, I see Watson signs, and I see Meg for a New California signs...these are bad signs..these people were born under a bad sign...most of them are plastered on the property at the corner of 192 and Nidever by the Polo Grounds..the president of the Carp school board, Terry Hickey Banks owns it and she's a Teabagger and faux farmer....these bags want a Republican slate that will remove the farm workers from California as Stephen Colbert eloquently pointed out before Congress..naturally most of what he said went over their heads...that means the guys and gals who work on Carpinteria ranches and farms would be shipped back to Mexico if Stoker, Watson and Meg get elected...I see a range war breaking out in Carp among the ranch interests here..the real ranchers vs the gentleman acres is the place for me!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Spy Game

Operation Bug in the Looking Glass

I got an email in the form of a photo, not a word document and I'm frightened Auntie Em..the photo was from the FBI and it looks like I got into some trouble in Nigeria...drug trafficking, money laundering and terrorism! I need to send the Office of Nigeria $250 and they will release $1.5 million to me..those are the laydown rules of the Office of, I tell you this in the strictest confidence... if I fail to follow their instructions, they will take legal action and warn me: we presume you are a law abiding citizen whom (whom?? dumbasses!) would not want to have scuffles with the authority, in and outside America. We are charged with the responsibility of implementing legal norms and our authority is irrevocable so don't dare dispute our instruction, just act as instructed.. and it is signed by the director of the FBI, Robert S. Mueller
ok ok ...I'll do whatever you say, sir... and if anyone asks you about me, say "who?" and you'll be safe....but me, I think I'm a goner unless I do as they laundry..or laundry money..that's the issue... see ya later..or maybe never again

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fly Like an Egalitarian...

time keeps on slippin..
I'll say one thing about the Teabaggers..they are ferocious in their efforts to remain ignorant..whether it's the Constitution or Bible or Islam they are talking about, you can bet context takes a holiday...
ok, so here we go again with a News-Press endorsement poorly written by either Nipper or Wendy... or perhaps both of them put on their thinking caps to come up with the piece..
now, some blogs can get away murder: with poor writing, filthy words, irrelevant postings, character assassination whatever the phuck that is, nonsensical meanderings, and perverted thoughts... hehehe..... but the News-Press is supposed to be a professional, class news outfit, with writers who can string coherent sentences together.
but the News-Press has failed numerous times to do this even though their content is tightly their puff piece about Teabagger Tom Watson, they say "he has military background, is a high tech entrepreneur who is highly regarded by his colleagues for his business acumen and decision making skills"....what does this mean??? where are the details? what is his military background? does he get a gov't pension? what is his high-tech venture? who are his colleagues? nobody except Wendy Nipper and Tom knows, I guess. Everytime I've heard Watson speak he sounds like he's psycho!! now to Nipper and Wendy: before you publish another opinion, enroll in City College for a remedial writing or English course. This will help you get your thoughts onto paper and you won't look like idiots...because right now you look like a couple of idiots...look at claim that university students vote in smaller numbers in mid-term elections, so Watson should have a better chance at winning versus Lois Capps...what an ignorant statement.. First Wendy says that the 23rd district is heavily gerrymandered to favor Lois, then in the next sentence says that many Republicans, from Lagomarsino to Firestone, have held office in the 23rd District!! and the "News-Press is proud to endorse Tom Watson to be added to this list"... uuuugghhh!!!!
and another rich lady who inherited her wealth thinks the same way: Nancy Crawford Hall, the conservative fat chick who owns the Santa Ynez Valley Journal still trying to buy Doreen Farr's seat for Steve Pappas..what is with these ladies??
incredible, ferocious's breath-taking!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

snow job....

Snow White and the Eight Dwarfs...there's Sneezy, Sleepy, Dopey, Doc, Happy, Bashful, Grumpy and one more.. Slippery (Mike Stoker)
it seems that some Americans have forgotten what made this country great; it seems that some Americans have forgotten the blood sweat and tears their foremothers and fathers have shed to build seems that some Americans are just crybabies too lazy to get out there and do the's easier to collect unemployment or complain about no jobs...well, when I was a kid I worked summers and walked fifteen miles in the snow, climbed over a small mountain, swam across a river, and crawled under a barbed wire fence just to get to my job....I did anything I could to get money, any job that was legal and developed a work ethic that is second to none...and that's what America needs right now: a work ethic...if there was a work ethic, Wall Street would not have melted down, Enron would not have destroyed lives, The City of Bell would be functional and people would not buy what they could not, I know that circumstances differ and if I had a hot blonde on my arm I would buy her something I couldn't afford, but I'm between blondes right now and my finances are up.... ethics..if you need a lesson in how to work, you need to look at history..and by history I don't mean what hot blonde Fergie & Black Eyed Peas sang yesterday!! the labor movement has tons of heroes but the best heroes that personify the real American work ethic are Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs...Snow White was a princess but she worked hard, cleaning up the house with all the little animals she befriended in the woods...teaching them to sing "Whistle While You Work" and the Seven Dwarfs worked the gold mine really hard with picks and axes...singing Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it's off to work we go...all good dudes and a little daffy, but good..well did you know there was an eighth dwarf who was lazy and messy..he spilled oil all over their beautifully landscaped yard, and he cowtowed to rich folks all his life, trying to steal gold from the other dwarfs, ie workers, working class, public workers...this eighth dwarf was named Slippery and he went on to become a freakin' political hack for the wealthy scabs like Wendy McCuckoo and Greka Oil!!
so the News-Press, Wendy and Nipper, in an "OUR OPINION" piece, endorsed Slippery for was the dumbest most uninformed piece I've ever read so I figure Nipper wrote it...he says that Das Williams favors an anti-egalitarian platform and will tax the poor, working families, single mothers and others so public employees can retire in their fifties with $50000 to $100000 pensions" ....Nipper, you dumbass, do you know what egalitarian means?? it means equal rights for everyone which is what Slippery and the News-Press hate!! Wendy fears union working class power and she should because it means she has to raise her employment standards!! Public employees have been retiring for years without problems, the city has been unionized for about thirty years and all of a sudden you blame them...they all pay into their own retirement accounts and when they leave, they withdraw a monthly's all the cost of people providing services to you..if you don't want those services, if you don't mind sewage running down the street every day or no cops or firewomen, then privitize and get Greka to run things! Nipper, you would know this if you'd ever done an honest days work in your life..the economic meltdown was created by lack of oversight and regulation in the private banking sector and Wall Street...with a few public municipalities in cahoots..the rank and file had nothing to do with it... plug corporate loopholes and tax nonprofits, churches, liquor and tobacco: problem solved... and the stock market has rebounded under low sell high...nuff said.....and don't vote for slippery candidates!!

Monday, September 13, 2010


it's my favorite color!!
well I woke up Sunday morn to a bunch of whooping and hollering, some horns honking and people laughing and whistling...whooping it up...I stumbled out of bed and looked out the window and wow there's a girly van with two boobs on the back and more pink than I've ever seen..I pinched I dreaming.... are all these women coming to kill me?? fuck me?? no! they are here to fuck with cancer, beat it, cure it and are walking thru Carp as part of the Avon Against Breast Cancer event..I gotta be among all this powerful pink so I showered, doused myself in Aramis aftershave and went outside to join them...I got in their faces and shouted: FUCK ME.. I'm CANCER!! you know, as a joke to spur them on and they got it.. they laughed!!
then down to 7/11 to get coffee and support them in their journey to beat breast cancer...these ladies mean business!!
now, I hear a story out of ultra-conservative Clovis California that some students were fighting cancer with a little humor..they wore "I Love Boobies" wrist bands and the dumbass school administrators harassed them, sexualized it negatively and told them to remove the wrist bands!! FIRE THESE JACKASS administrators...
The latest fashion craze in one California school district declares the wearer's love for boobies, but officials don't seem to share in the enthusiasm.Students in the Clovis Unified School District, in Clovis, Calif., have been spotted sporting colorful rubber bracelets emblazoned with the message "I Love Boobies," according to the Fresno Bee. The accessory is part of an American Cancer Society breast cancer fundraising and awareness effort.The only thing being raised by Clovis Unified officials, however, is eyebrows. Students who wear the $4 bracelets to class have been asked to remove them and stow them in lockers or backpacks, due to the provocative nature of their slogan. The district's dress code prohibits the wearing of any item that includes sexually suggestive language or pictures.Taylor Trujillo, an eighth-grader at Granite Ridge Intermediate School in the Clovis district, tells the Bee she wore her bracelet on campus to show support for cancer patients. She says she was asked to put the item in her backpack, or it would be taken from her.
"I didn't think it was a big deal because of the reason why I was wearing it," she tells the newspaper. "I feel that we should be able to wear them at school because they are not saying anything bad."Funds raised from bracelet sales will be used for research and help pay for local support programs for patients, including cosmetics and hair replacement. But that hasn't swayed Clovis Unified. However, at least one school did relent after parents rallied to support the campaign -- and their kids' participation in it.The
Fresno Unified School District confiscated about 30 of the bracelets, but then listened to parents and met to discuss the campaign and its goal. They decided to return the bracelets and lifted their ban."Breast cancer has touched so many families and some students feel this is very important to them," Fresno Unified spokeswoman Susan Bedi tells the Bee.
so the FUSD had a change of heart after talking to the families..the question is why they over-reacted in the first place...if school officials pull that stunt here, they will hear from me personally about cancer, fucking cancer...

Sunday, September 12, 2010

God Bless America??

on the wings of a snow white dove
so we got the local Tea Party, Young Republicans and UCSB Republicans getting together to plant thousands of little American flags (made in China) at West Beach..then they prayed and brayed and sang patriotic songs...nothing wrong with that, is there? Well, considering the folks who put it on, was another political event on 9/11..pure conservative politics and the poor little kids, thinking they are participating in something meaningful, were just pawns for their rightwing parents...of course everyone is sad and angry at the 9/11 attacks and the ensuing religious dogfight (Jesus is better than Allah) points to the incredible ignorance of rightwing Americans...a simple look at our relationship with Israel as they terrorize Palestinians should explain the attacks on 9/11...but we won't look at the Iraeli soldiers who beat and kill little Palestinian boys and girls as a matter of routine: a 10-year-old Palestinian boy was beaten to death by an Israeli army officer/settler on October 27, 1996. The boy’s name was Helmi Shawashe.
The Israeli man suspected Helmi of throwing rocks at his car, so he pressed his army boots against the little boy’s neck and beat him savagely on the head with the butt of his pistol. When Helmi began screaming and begging for his life, the Israeli dragged the little boy through thorny terrain and resumed beating him until he lost consciousness. Helmi died the next day of a massive brain hemorrhage.
"Every time we do something, you [Shimon Peres] tell me America will do this and will do that... I want to tell you something very clear: Don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it."
— Ariel Sharon Israeli Prime Minister
"Every time anyone says that Israel is our only friend in the Middle East, I can’t help but think that before Israel, we had no enemies in the Middle East."
— John Sheehan, S.J.
There are only two demented minorities in America who have any interest in advancing the cause of this total liability. Obviously one of these groups consists of the Jewish-American Zionists. Not all Jewish people, just the Zionists. The Jewish Zionists have bought and/or brainwashed the second group: their immoral, venal and ignorant Gentile supporters.
This second group includes "Christian Zionists" like Pat Robertson, Jerry Fallwell and their followers like Beck, Palin, Gingrich, John Hagee and FOXNEWS. These satanic wackos support Israel because they’re eager for Armageddon, and they’re sure the state of Israel will help to bring it about. They’ve got that right, at least.
so it is no surprise that people like Palin and Glenn Beck held a for-profit booze party to commemorate 9/11. Tickets went for $225 but the 4000 seat event in Alaska didn't sell amazes me that so many are led around by the nose by an alcoholic ex-disc jockey and a half-governor ...if one group of people is responsible for 9/11, it is the folks who perpetuate the Muslims-are-evil stereotypes, using God, the bible, the American flag and phony patriotism as their props..

Thursday, September 9, 2010

the Great Depression...

you can't rollerskate in a buffalo herd...

when you're depressed, things get magnified, little things become huge, your energy level drops, you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel and all these issues are caused by one catastrophic (to you) event added to a bunch of unresolved inner conflicts from the past...kinda like the straw that broke the camel's back..the big purge...but never fear, you can rebound and evolve into a more aware being...depression is simply a scary fit of unawareness, a necessary learning with that in mind I think we can say the mediaconservatives are depressed, in a great depression, sleeping with the black dog (or fearing him!) and are in need of some compassion...we see it daily...from the overarching public opinion pieces...Obama says we need some public works projects and the mediaconservatives turn that into a commie union takeover of jobs; as 9/11 approaches, conservatives want to burn the Koran as a desperate attempt to ease the pain, kinda like popping a Prozac; conservative media have turned to polls to help them cope, a Rasmussen conservatively biased poll a day keeps the bogeyman way; the cons have enlisted false prophets to tell the future for them... like Nancy Reagan and her horoscopes, the mediacons rely on a guy named God to help them get rid of the black man in the White House so they can make more money; and they try to rewrite history because they don't like reality..depressed people are afraid of reality and one way to become healthier is to confront real issues head on, instead of pretending they don't exist...that means looking at life without booze, drugs and dealing with all the issues can be painful, but that's okay! OK.....we're making some inroads to a healthier mediaconservative more John Boehner/Glenn Beck crying videos..face things like men, John and Glenn, not drunken bottle throwing college boys...with these changes, the mediacons will put things in better perspective: God won't be a crutch, reality won't be the enemy, booze won't be the medicine, and we'll start to return to responsible leadership from the cheer up everybody!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

idiot wind....

blowing...from the Grand Coulee Dam to the Capitol.....
Well, if everyone is outta work, why are nonprofits getting rich? why? I'll tell you why... because
God wants them to! That's the only possible conclusion I can reach after reading an account of the Restoring Honor Rally by a chick on noozhawk
man these church ladies are weird!! ..would someone please pray to God for them to rejoin the fucking human race again..great God Almighty..this hair thing was on with Billy Graham's son Franklin spewing religious nonsense like God is coming to deal with sinners...they tell us who will go to Hell and who will go to Heaven...well I hope God gets the right ones like all those Catholic pedophiles!!!
anyway, this Noozhawk gal wrote her bible, flag, phony patriot message and oh by the way snuck in that the real object of the event was to raise money for the war nonprofit TAX EXEMPT Special Operation Warrior Foundation!! Now, logic tells me if we Americans were smarter about the wars we export, we wouldn't have the need for all these nonprofits, but when you mix the bible among the ignorant masses, logic flies out the as long as our foreign policies hurt poor people, terrorism will be a threat..period. Of course, the bible thumpers don't want to hear that, they just want to remain brainwashed....and continue to endanger America.
ok, so what we got more war nonprofits than I care to count...we know about the fraud at Operation Family Fund and the rightwing Wounded Warriors Project...both with heavy support from FOX NEWS cronies. In case you didn't know, FOXNEWS exists to defeat Obama and the liberals..that's why Ruppie pays Glenn Beck ten million dollars a year...all this money passes back and forth thru all these nonprofits and rightwing groups...they are PACs disguised as charities..that's what the religious rightwing fanatics at Harley Davidson did, hooked up with shady lady Dr. Laura now look at them..both banished to Loser Island!!
now, what is the Special Operation Warrior Foundation? and why didn't Beck just say he was doing a benfit for this charity...because he's a friggin liar and a drug addict and gets paid to do anti-gov't stuff...the charity supposedly gives the troops and families more money and support than the GI Bill gives, but I don't think so...This flood of money comes to SOWF at an interesting time. Legislation passed by Congress in 2009 amends the GI bill to provide children of all military personnel killed in the line of duty after September 11, 2001 with full scholarships equal to in-state tuition for a public university, plus a stipend for living expenses and books. This largely duplicates what SOWF does, although Rosenthal said funding from her organization will cover tuition for children whose parents were killed before 9/11 and will also supplement the new government funding. The GI bill, for instance, only pays for four years of college, while SOWF will pay for students to attend school longer if they need to.... SOWF also pays for more expensive private college tuition and provides money beyond the limited stipends included in the legislation....
"All contributions made to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation (SOWF) will first be applied to the costs of the Restoring Hon...or Rally taking place August 28, 2010. All contributions in excess of these costs will be retained by SOWF."
So really it seems to have been a look at me and the troops will get whats left over. I also believe that both Beck and Palin charged hefty fees for speaking there which as the above states the wounded troops get the left-overs."
with all the fraud in nonprofits, I can imagine who is benefitting from all this loose cash..the charity people and their cronies. Most veterans I know used the GI bill to get houses and an education and that's what I want my taxes to pay support them for serving. These nonprofits, tax-exempt and full of CEOs and staff people are simply Political Action Committees raising money for conservatives...the bible thumping, war exporting conservatives..and it all has nothing to do with honor! invading countries and killing children is not honorable!! at all!!
beware the beast Man, for he is the Devil's pawn. Alone among God's primates, he kills for sport or lust or greed. Yea, he will murder his brother to possess his brother's land. Let him not breed in great numbers, for he will make a desert of his home and yours. Shun him; drive him back into his jungle lair, for he is the harbinger of death.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

good vibrations

daughters of darkness....
so I'm watching the baseball game last night and afterwards started flipping through the channels, Anthony Bourdain, Pawn Stars, a stop at BYUTV..the Mormon channel where they were talking about successful marriages...if you put God first, your marriage will be ok and I suppose if you need a third party to stay together, who cares if it's me, God or a vibrating cobra. Let me explain....while I was flipping channels, I see an ad from Trojan, the rubber company. Well, the commercial had a gal with a squeaky yet sexy voice shouting about the virtues about this little machine that comes in its own sack, or pouch for $39.95....apparently, it is some sort of vibration mechanism that may cause side effects like "shouts of ecstacy" "curled toes" "fits of pleasure" ....the product is called Trojan Vibrating Triphoria from Trojan Vibrations and you can buy one for yourself or give some out to your friends..the ad showed a blonde woman driving down the road throwing her clothes off and smiling radiantly...well, they didn't say exactly how the thing works so I don't know what's going on and I need to know what's going on so I went on line to find out what's going on...needless to say I was shocked...first of all Texas bans these little things maybe because they don't want women vibrating and driving geez we got enough problems with them texting and gabbing on their cell phones while driving..but there's also the morality issue and if you need to resort to a life of ease and hedonism, you should be ashamed of yourselves.... however, girls will be girls and I don't want you to hurt yourselves so I did a safety check for you and some issues popped up and if you buy a Triphoria beware it's not waterproof, and the batteries last only about 30 minutes..and well... ladies...why not just use a maglight for Pete's sake??

Monday, September 6, 2010

the salt of the earth...

let's drink to the hard working people... and take a look the enemies of labor, shall we?
Teabagger Tom Watson...broke a campaign promise already! Tom announced his campaign would celebrate the end of summer and the beginning of the fall campaign with a beach outing complete with a "fly-by" along local beaches on Sunday but I never saw a plane with a he lied!! so I flew my own airplane!!!
Mike "Oilcan" Stoker
..corporate profits over a worker's rights
Meg "the Boxer" Whitman...golden parachutes for her, golden showers for you
Carly "Shampoo" Fiorina
...golden parachutes for her, golden showers for you
Jan "the Mummy" Brewer
..a moron
Arnold "Dumbass" Schwartzenegger..a Nazi
Wendy "Mae West" McCaw for nothing
Art "the Joker" Von Weissenburger...a parasite
Brooks "Boozehound" Firestone...clueless in Santa Ynez
Dr. Laura, the Pretender...lie, cheat and steal your way through life!
ok that's a few but these shameless folks have a few things in common and the common worker ain't one of them....these imposters have worked hard to make life difficult for the working man and woman...and Wendy and Nipper had the audacity to show up at the PALS thing, a nonprofit that supposedly helps teens stay out of trouble..I'll investigate that later..look at Wendy and Nipper..they look like a couple from Circus Vargus...Wendy rides the elephants! Nipper..uh, I'm not sure what he does but it can't be good...
so these enemies of labor have put workers on furloughs, have helped make nonprofits rich, have taken money from rich ex-husbands, have taken military pensions while blasting government, have fired workers for legal union activities, have tried to monopolize the press/media, have hit subordinates, have made up stories about headless bodies in the desert to demonize Mexicans, fired people on Labor Day, helped ENRON rape California and steal pensions savings from electrical workers, have stood in front of the cameras and tried to blame GREKA's oil spills on a "phantom saboteur", leased land to Greka while they spilled oil and then blamed it on the workers!! All these miscreants are conservatives to the max and care about protecting their little turf of the wealthy. They will lie steal cheat, and do anything to stay in power, but as we've seen, a guy with a slingshot can topple a giant empire built on sand beware of the sand people who crumble when the waves of truth crash over them...keep washing over them and maybe they will clean up, but watch out for the sandflies coming out of their mouths, like moths from my careful of these people..they are EVILDOERS! and no friend to the laborer....unlike Jesus, who was a member of the Carpenter's Union....