Monday, September 6, 2010

the salt of the earth...

let's drink to the hard working people... and take a look the enemies of labor, shall we?
Teabagger Tom Watson...broke a campaign promise already! Tom announced his campaign would celebrate the end of summer and the beginning of the fall campaign with a beach outing complete with a "fly-by" along local beaches on Sunday but I never saw a plane with a he lied!! so I flew my own airplane!!!
Mike "Oilcan" Stoker
..corporate profits over a worker's rights
Meg "the Boxer" Whitman...golden parachutes for her, golden showers for you
Carly "Shampoo" Fiorina
...golden parachutes for her, golden showers for you
Jan "the Mummy" Brewer
..a moron
Arnold "Dumbass" Schwartzenegger..a Nazi
Wendy "Mae West" McCaw for nothing
Art "the Joker" Von Weissenburger...a parasite
Brooks "Boozehound" Firestone...clueless in Santa Ynez
Dr. Laura, the Pretender...lie, cheat and steal your way through life!
ok that's a few but these shameless folks have a few things in common and the common worker ain't one of them....these imposters have worked hard to make life difficult for the working man and woman...and Wendy and Nipper had the audacity to show up at the PALS thing, a nonprofit that supposedly helps teens stay out of trouble..I'll investigate that later..look at Wendy and Nipper..they look like a couple from Circus Vargus...Wendy rides the elephants! Nipper..uh, I'm not sure what he does but it can't be good...
so these enemies of labor have put workers on furloughs, have helped make nonprofits rich, have taken money from rich ex-husbands, have taken military pensions while blasting government, have fired workers for legal union activities, have tried to monopolize the press/media, have hit subordinates, have made up stories about headless bodies in the desert to demonize Mexicans, fired people on Labor Day, helped ENRON rape California and steal pensions savings from electrical workers, have stood in front of the cameras and tried to blame GREKA's oil spills on a "phantom saboteur", leased land to Greka while they spilled oil and then blamed it on the workers!! All these miscreants are conservatives to the max and care about protecting their little turf of the wealthy. They will lie steal cheat, and do anything to stay in power, but as we've seen, a guy with a slingshot can topple a giant empire built on sand beware of the sand people who crumble when the waves of truth crash over them...keep washing over them and maybe they will clean up, but watch out for the sandflies coming out of their mouths, like moths from my careful of these people..they are EVILDOERS! and no friend to the laborer....unlike Jesus, who was a member of the Carpenter's Union....

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