Saturday, August 21, 2010

I was a big man yesterday...

but boy you oughta see me now!!

hey, I feel for you pink collar (sissy) folks in the private sector who are bitching crying and moaning (instead of working) about the public employees (who you knew nothing about but essentially were their employers!!)..public employees who cared about a secure future, getting the job done, and are reaping the benefits of personel responsibility and planning...maybe you should ask your private for-profit employer and yourselves why they treat their employees (you) so shitty!! and ask yourself why you still work for them??
ask them why they give so much money to nonprofits and corporations who pay CEOs hundreds of thousands per year to destroy companies and raid private pensions....ask them why you don't have a savings a plan and then ask yourselves how'd you get so stupid!! Hey, if you need money, walk down the road, slip and fall and break your leg and sue the county because there were rocks in the road!!
well look... I used to work for the government and was a union member and if you trust fund sucking nutball conservatives want to see my salary from start to finish, plus all the benefits I got, what I did on my days off, plus all the times I got called back in the middle of the night, the hazardous work, the shift work, the 12-14 hour days, the weekends, what I ate for breakfast, how many times a day I peed, and so on, uhh, hell, I'll even throw in my investment portfolio and some forward thinking strategy for save and don't blow your inheritance wad at the's all there... and if you want to see it , log on to WWW.KISSMYASS.COM....

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