Sunday, March 31, 2013

he's got the whole world in his hands

He´s got the wind and the rain in His hands,
He´s got the wind and the rain in His hands,
He´s got the whole world in His hands.

He´s got the the tiny little baby in His hands,
He´s got the the tiny little baby in His hands,
He´s got the whole world in His hands.

Happy Easter!!

but please be aware of Easter throngs of brainwashed Christians will flock to the Sunken Gardens at the Courthouse and eat Chik-Fil-A samwiches and praise the lord as their savior...

if you see them downtown DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY INTO THEIR EYES for you will see nothing..avoid the void if you can..

now real Catholics like me and the new Pope frown on such activites as displayed by these mega-churches...locally we got the Calvary Church...I've seen the pastor on public TV try to sell Jesus to the masses with his whiny little voice and I wouldn't trust this snake oil salesman to wash my truck...he wants you to join the Calvary Church flock at the SB Sunken Gardens for an Easter service..but God will make it rain as a sign of his displeasure.. God is sick of all these religious cults posing as spiritual beings...all they want is your money....

so yeah I like the new Pope...he's a a rebel with a cause..shuns the phoniness of the Vatican..wants to open the doors and windows and let some sunshine in....not afraid to ride the bus with the other common folks..picks up a phone and orders a pizza-pie...wants to help the poor..the really poor. I think even Jesus would like this guy....

real Catholics should be thrilled with him and I know what I'm talking about...

pious Roma?
and the Bible has been showing on the Histrionics Channel...I haven't been able to watch it for more than a few is just sooooo bad..that Roma Downey chick produced it with the Survior hubby and they run to FOX NEWS to talk about scripture and how Roma is now so holy....

well she wasn't always so pious...she played a slutty drunken housewive on Second Honeymoon...maybe she was preparing for the Mary Maggie role....

or slutty Roma
you see, I had a spiritual experience one day in Big Sur up by Esalen..I saw a vision no man or woman has ever seen or will ever I'm the channel to provide you with these little notices and warnings about religion vs in me, for I am the light...
Roma, call me! (slutty Roma)

Saturday, March 30, 2013



girls will be boys and boys will be girls, it's a mixed up muddled up shook-up world...

especially when I read the appears that the editors at the News-Press printed an AP story but changed around the gender of the main character...the News-Press referred to Sharon Henry as a "he" a guy when in fact he was a she..a Sheila...a gal!!

says the News-Press: Mr. Henry's bad day began in March 2008 when she attempted to deposit a $27,500 check from her domestic partner, Kathleen Wilkinson, in her own account and withdraw $1,000.

so the News-Press recognizing that Sharon was a lesbo with a domestic partner simply did not approve of that arrangement and made Sharon into a guy by inserting "Mr" in front of her, I mean his, no... it's her name... yeah he's a she in reality

then Lola smiled and took me by the hand, and said little boy gonna make you a man...

so I had to go to the Santa Maria Times to get the correct version of the story:
A Northern California prosecutor must pay the attorney fees of a bank she sued after she was arrested in a case of mistaken identity.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday tossed out Sharon Henry's lawsuit, saying Bank of America employees called the police out of a reasonable belief that the San Mateo County deputy district attorney was trying to cash a bad check.

The court also said Henry must pay the $50,000 the bank spent on attorney fees because a judge found she was trying to stifle the bank's free speech rights by calling the police, according to The San Francisco Chronicle

Henry's bad day began in March 2008 when she attempted to deposit a $27,500 check from her domestic partner, Kathleen Wilkinson, in her own account and withdraw $1,000.

so be careful..some folks are not who they think they are or who they think others think they are..or perhaps should be

but...I'm secure in my sexuality... I know what I am and I'm glad I'm a man and so is Lola....

UPDATE: the News-Press issued a correction in Sunday's paper and STILL got the woman's name wrong!! 

CORRECTION: A Saturday story about a Northern California prosecutor ordered to pay the attorney fees of a bank she sued after she was arrested in a case of mistaken identity included the wrong courtesy title for Cheryl Henry. She should have been referred to as Ms. Henry.

Wendy, Nipper and Don: I expect a correction of the correction on Monday...the gal's name is  Sharon, not Cheryl...geez are you guys drunk again????

Friday, March 29, 2013

Holy Moses

I have been deceived

oh I forgot it's Good Friday...but the stock market is closed..why??

I thought God liked money ...

Jesus Christ you son of a bitch WTF is going on up there???

Don't Worry Baby

everything will turn out alright....

now... some more ways for folks to get toasted... there's a new Santa Barbara Champagne Club
in Santa Barbara reports Scott Steepleton who appears to be the new alcohol-centric editor at the News-Press..the gathering takes place in the Granada Theater of all places and it's just another bar basically...I think Nipper tried this concept years ago and of course it died a quick's hoping the same for this idiotic venture...

Montecito lushes battle for prime watering holes...
actually what started me thinking about this is Mr. Wimpy's Show...he and pal Eringer were talking about the bar scene in Montecito...apparently when Pierre LaFond bought Piatti's in the upper village and turned it into the Montecito Wine Bistro, Mr.Wimpy and Eringer started seeing pink elephants...Piatti's was their watering hole where they gathered with the likes of Bruce Johnstone -the dude is 71 and still trying to be Beach Boy? and he wrote that insidiously horrible "I Write the Songs" for Barry Manilow

when I grow up to be a man

no Bruce, Brian Wilson wrote the songs that made the Beach Boys famous...and the whole world sing

and what about TC Boyle, a vastly over-rated writer who has become an annoying little Montecito barfly- he also hangs out with the wimpy lushes of Montecito

but now these guys are not welcomed at the Montecito Wine Bistro because of some incidents with the new management....

I ate at Piatti's once with a woman and we saw Dennis Miller at a table with an older gentleman..they looked pretty chummy...Dennis likes old rich white guys like Bill O'Reilly and Rupert Murdoch......I'm not saying he's gay, I'm just sayin'....

Piatti's was nothing special really-
the real gem that was lost was the Cafe Del Sol....that was Montecito in the fun we have a bunch of elderly alcoholics fighting over the bars!! trying to be all bad and it's damn silly...

Eringer wrote a book about the drunken nightlife in Montecito, called White Zombies of Montecito.. or something like's 125 pages (a booklet really) or so and there's one Indian guy who drives a truck and drinks all day long..then he goes to bars and starts screaming at people..there's another guy....and actor Christopher Lloyd apparently sits at the Lucky's Bar like a catatonic! like Jim from Taxi!!

and a black guy that Eringer calls the "mascot"....and Mr. Wimpy got tossed from the Wine Bistro for something related to alcohol....or cigars or something stupid..they sit and talk about this stuff like a drunkalogue in group therapy where recovering alcoholics relive their greatest drunken moments....part of the process of giving up alcohol...maybe that's what these guys are subconsciously trying to do...perhaps it's a collective cry for help...and look at me, always here to give 'em support!

I really don't know what happened to Montecito or where these weird old men came from but I'm sure many more are lurking in the shadows, waiting for a chance to be... ghosts

Thursday, March 28, 2013


was she told when she was young that fame would lead to pleasure, did she understand it when they said, that a man must break his back to earn his day of leisure...

I saw a story about songs that get stuck in your head and how someone found away to get them out of your head....but I thought why would anyone do that, try to remove a song from the brain....I would think it better to enjoy the piece, instead of getting rid of it....

so I was listening to Rubber Soul and now I can't stop singing Girl... thanks Beatles!!



Wednesday, March 27, 2013

secret garden

"Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them." - A. A. Milne ...


so I saw in the Independent that CALTRANS spilled 300 gallons of weed killer on Highway 154 up by Bradbury Dam...

why is CALTRANS spraying weed killer chemicals on public highways still? why? weeds will die on their own so all CALTRANS needs to do is let them grow and cut them down once or twice a year if it bothers them so much...but poison? oh I've seen the orange trucks amble slowly up and down Highway 101 spraying those demon weeds...and it serves no purpose

Most herbicide-resistant weed populations develop following repeated use of the same or related herbicide group for a number of years on the same field. Weed populations contain a very small number of individual plants that are naturally able to withstand a particular herbicide (or herbicide group) that is registered to control the weed. This naturally occurring resistance is not due to weather conditions or application technique but is an inherent characteristic of the genetic makeup of the resistant plants.

Why The Weeds Grow

by Malcolm Beck

After a long winter, when spring finally arrives, the gardeners and farmers just can't wait to get out and start planting. However, they soon discover plants sprouting from seeds they didn't plant. These plants, like greedy strangers, soon become unwelcome, and the dictionary calls these unwelcome plants "weeds." Like troublesome insects, weeds take some of the enjoyment out of gardening.

You can read through the gardening magazines and farm journals and find much written about weeds, but very seldom is it praising. You are told how to prevent, outwit, and even poison them. Did you ever read anything good about weeds?

Weeds are Nature's greatest and most widely dispersed group of plants. Man has often condemned the weeds and considered them his enemy. Mention weeds and most people think in terms of control. They rarely think of why weeds grow.

Have you ever wondered why weeds seem to grow everywhere? Or have you ever thought of how desolate and bare the earth would be if the only plants growing were those we planted?

I, too, fought weeds, with much dislike, until one day I asked the above questions. After much thought and study, I discovered some obvious, but usually unseen or unthought of, facts. I found weeds weren't the enemy I accused them of being.

The weeds aren't all bad, and I feel they deserve at least a fair amount of recognition in the plant society. Weeds are here for a purpose and they have a job to do. They are here to insure that the soil of our planet always has the protection of a green blanket, and little does man realize the importance of this cover. Our fertile soil, man's greatest natural resource, which took Nature centuries to build, would erode away without the protection of a plant cover.

The profusely growing weeds are part of the Creator's plan because man, with some of his bad cultural practices, would lose much of his valuable topsoil if the weeds didn't move in to help prevent it. Weeds take no chances; they soon invade and protect any soil left bare.

If it weren't for weeds, mostly unwanted weeds, the topsoil of many farms would have eroded away years ago, gone from our farms forever, gone to muddy our rivers and fill our lakes and eventually end up in the ocean. Weeds are said to rob our crops of moisture, sunlight, and nutrients, but they shouldn't be unjustly accused. The weeds don't rob, they only borrow, as eventually it all returns to the soil for future crop use.

Weeds are not given the protection man has given his domestic crops from insects, disease, and other adverse growing conditions, causing weeds, or wild plants, to maintain hardiness. Rarely do you find weeds destroyed by insects or diseases.

Some weeds are pioneer plants as they are able to grow in soil unsuited for edible or domesticated plants. Each year, as the pioneer plants grow and decay, the soil is improved. Nature gave these plants a means of protection, such as a bitter taste, thorns, or even made them poisonous, so they wouldn't be eaten by animals. This is so they could continue the soil-making and building processes until finally good soil is made. Then the edible plants can move in and take over.

Weeds are indicators of certain soil deficiencies. For example, scientists have found that wild daisies grow in lawns that are deficient in lime. The daisies somehow collect or manufacture and store lime in their tissue. When the daisies die, the lime is deposited in the topsoil. This continues until the lime becomes sufficient for the lawn, then the wild daisies disappear.

Daisies are rarely found growing around the area in which I live because the soil, having been made from limestone rock, is already rich in lime. Many of the wild plants tell us other conditions of our soil. Some grow only where the soil is waterlogged; some grow in soil that is acid and others only in alkaline soil.

There are times when weeds are even good companion plants. Some have insect repelling abilities, while others with deep roots help surface feeding plants growing next to them to obtain moisture during dry spells through capillary attraction. Water moves up the outside of weed roots from the deep moist soil toward the surface, and shallow rooted plants make use of this moisture.

Properly controlled or spaced weeds also give a certain amount of beneficial shade and humidity. When the weeds transpire, the air becomes more moist and there is less moisture loss from domestic plants.

Weeds are easily grown and make an excellent cover crop. The successive growth and decay of weeds lays down an absorbent mat on the soil, which prevents erosion from rain runoff and wind. This absorbent mat of growing and decaying weeds traps the rainwater and causes it to soak into the soil for future needs. The water soaking into the soil keeps the springs flowing, which feed our rivers, keeping them crystal clear and flowing at an even rate instead of flooding after each rain. This insoak also feeds the wells from which many people get their water supply.

With the decaying weeds holding the rain on the soil to soak in, and the growing weeds taking up and storing in their tissue the soluble plant foods, the wasteful leaching of phosphate, nitrate, and other minerals is prevented. This helps prevent the pollution of our water with an excess of these nutrients.

Weeds are a vital link in the soil fertility and food chain. Farmers should realize the value of weeds toward soil building and conservation and take full advantage of them.

When vigorous weeds become too numerous in the fields and gardens, however, their control does become necessary. Not realizing the dangers of spraying chemicals into the environment, many farmers and gardeners use powerful herbicides to destroy weeds. Some of the herbicides are hormones so powerful that one ounce distributed over 35 acres of cotton will seriously injure the entire crop. Some herbicides can persist in the soil for years, and they upset or unbalance the necessary harmony of the soil organisms.

There are safe and non-polluting weed control methods available. Mulching with organic materials smothers weeds while also conserving moisture and helping control soil temperature. The old reliable method of hand weeding, hoeing, and timely cultivation with adapted equipment is still the most widely used and most effective safe method.

The most important thing in weed control is to stay ahead of them, especially if permanent control is desired. The weeds must not be allowed to reseed. In a fertile soil, rich in humus and beneficial soil organisms, weeds are not such a problem because the rich soil will compost and digest some of the weed seeds, preventing them from sprouting. The result is that weeds don't become too numerous where they aren't really needed.

Are you beginning to see that weeds are not just an accident, but were planned and have a purpose?

Besides protecting the soil, weeds and plants perform still other services for man. Plants are the bridge of life between the mineral kingdom and animal kingdom. Plants alone have the ability or power to use the energy from the sun to convert the elements of the earth into food for man and animal. The plants are the bridge between the soil and you because all the food that nourishes your body, sustains your life, and makes you grow, comes directly or indirectly from plant life.

The delicious vegetables we eat today were nothing more than weeds centuries ago before people started cultivating them. Even today a lot of the plants we call weeds are cherished by many as delicacies.

Since long ago, certain weeds have been valued as having therapeutic powers and medicinal value. They are no longer called weeds but are given the respectful name of herbs. If you search through the folklore medicine journals you can uncover a natural herb remedy for almost every ailment, and from these much of our modern medicine has advanced. Aspirin and many of the other pain relievers doctors use originated from plants. Penicillin, which is a drug of nearly miraculous effectiveness against a number of dreaded diseases, is obtained from a primitive plant of the fungi group.

Plants have the power to convert man and animal waste products back into useful materials. The carbon dioxide we exhale while breathing is converted back to life-sustaining oxygen and a food element-carbon. The pollutants from automobiles and factories are filtered from the air by plants. Without these services, we would soon suffocate and starve.

The algae and fungi that feed on garbage, manure, and dead plants and animals, cause your compost pile to transform waste into valuable fertilizer. These plants are very small or microscopic but serve a vital link in the continuing life-cycle of birth, growth, death, decay, and rebirth.

Wild plants also furnish fiber for clothing, building material for our homes, and make homes for most of our wildlife.

The fuel we use to warm our homes and run our automobiles is energy from the sun's rays captured and stored by plant life many years ago. Each plant, be it domestic or weed, is still today operating as a perfectly efficient factory, capturing the sun's rays to be used now or stored for future use. In capturing and converting the sun's energy, the plants prevent the air and earth surface from being overheated by the penetrating sun's rays. You might say the plants are air conditioners, as they keep us comfortable.

Because of the plants, especially the wild plants, Nature is never boring, but always beautiful and fascinating. When the plants bloom, they add sweet fragrances to Nature. They attract and feed the fluttering butterflies, and the bees make honey from the wildflowers. The grasses and flowering weeds beautify our roadways. They cover or hide the trash and litter thoughtlessly thrown aside as well as the bare rock and dirt.

We could probably go on and on finding good things to say about weeds. If you are wondering, I still hoe, pull, and cultivate to control weeds when necessary, but it's with a different frame of mind. Mainly, I have learned to use the weeds to an advantage. Here we might add-the weeds cause the gardener to get his exercise between planting time and harvest.

Even though few people love them, and they are always being destroyed, the weeds are very generous. They keep coming back, as their seeds are usually impatiently waiting in the soil to sprout forth. Weeds take no chances-they produce many seeds to insure the survival of their kind so there will always be plants to clothe and protect the earth.

above all, do no harm....

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

not fade away

I'm gonna tell you how it's gonna be...

the Rainbow sculpture-a metaphor for a faded city

City of Santa Barbara files for bankruptcy!!

"our sad city has fallen into disrepair and lost its luster" says Mayor Helene Schneider as she wiped away tears in front of the tattered Rainbow sculpture.....

but it was a move forseen by Libertarians, non-profit directors, conservatives and Ayn Rand pantie sniffers everywhere, the City of Santa Barbara filed for bankruptcy in Wendy McCaw's Bankruptcy Court building because it couldn't fund its pension obligations...people who have worked for the City of Santa Barbara in the last 30 years and are now retired are being asked to give the money back...any investments they made while employed with the city and any funds that went from their paychecks into the CALPERS retirement fund need to be returned to the city treasury...

conservatives blamed the public employee unions and especially the fire and police officers..said one city administrator who just bought a $2,000,000 house in Santa Barbara, "why should cops retire at 50 when they can retire at 70??"

looking back at previous city councils, it became obvious that liberal councilmembers were in bed with the unions and lavished expensive benefits upon city employees for political support....

the conservatives claimed that since they lost all their money at the casino, in bad investments, poor career decisions, and private industry fraud and corruption, why shouldn't the city workers suffer too..."it's only fair" they whined...."now maybe we'll win an election!" they squealed

the first order of business for the city brass was to cut the DUI task force and concentrate on removing the homeless from Santa Barbara...says one city councilmember: "oh, we're poor too but there's no reason we need to be reminded of it on a daily basis"

not arresting drunk drivers will save the city money in court costs...

and is Santa Barbara the only municipality to go broke? no..and all these cities had one thing in common: collective city official said collective bargaining is the single-most threat to the financial stability of cities across America because "public workers and unions are commies, you know, because they all work together"

Since 1980, 32 cities and towns have declared bankruptcy, according to James Spiotta, a leading municipal bankruptcy lawyer. Most notable of these were Bridgeport, Conn., population 140,000, which declared bankruptcy in 1991. And, in the nation's biggest municipal bankruptcy, Orange County, Calif., sought protection from its creditors in 1994 after city officials made a series of bad investments.

1975, New York City: The Big Apple teeters on the verge of bankruptcy but is rescued at the last minute, thanks to a loan from the federal government and other measures. 1991, Bridgeport, Conn.: The city, population 140,000, declares bankruptcy after a dispute with the state. 1994, Orange County, Calif.: The county declares bankruptcy after officials make a series of bad investments. It was — and still is — the biggest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history. 1995, Pittsburgh: The city escapes bankruptcy — barely — by selling its water plant. 1995, Washington, D.C.: The nation's capital is in danger of bankruptcy but is rescued when the White House and Congress establish a financial control board for the city. 2000, Camden, N.J..: The state of New Jersey takes over the faltering city. It's the biggest city takeover in the country since the Great Depression...

next on the agenda is a fire sale..the city's wastewater and water treatment plants will be either sold or privatized and all current public employees will be fired..and fleeced

so when you flush the twa-lay, you gotta run on down to the sewer plant and clean it up yourselves!!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Chelsea Morning

Woke up, it was a Chelsea morning, and the first thing that I heard / Was a song outside my window, and the traffic wrote the words

now I have to admit that ever since Judge Rigali pulled a Wendy and slapped duct tape over the mouth- Darryl Genis- things have been a little quiet..the local news outlets are more interested in the latest wine tasting event and Teen Star than real news...

oh how I long for the days when Darryl would email me..when Darryl would advertise for free in the Independent comments section...when Darryl would describe his fantasies about the Deputy DA in the News-Press

so ok let's go with the flow...the front page of Sunday's News-Press had the picture of the Teen Star Winner..a cutie from Carp..but next to it was a story about the porn industry scouting for locations in Santa Barbara....perhaps this is Nipper's front page fantasy?? or Katich's?? introducing the Teen Stars to the porn industry...this is in very poor taste..very poor taste

and has the News-Press ever fully explained why they had thousands of child porn pictures on their there's a cover-up if there ever was one!

well let's see...I see that Wendy's pal Michael Douglas is hiding a gay secret according to the National seems that Michael is consumed with guilt for letting his gay half-brother Eric die..according to the report, Eric was brutalized for years by father Kirk and shunned by Michael because they could not deal with his sexuality...

wow...Kirk and Michael Douglas are homophobes!! why don't they print this kinda shit in the News-Press??

"what a cute lil monkey" say Chel
next I see Tiger Woods bagged another white girl an athlete named Lindsay Vonn...geez Tiger leave some for the rest of us...had I been a golfer I coulda been Coyote Von Caw and had women lined up around the freaking 18th hole!! damn and congrats to Beatriz Recari who just won the KIA Open..she's from Spain and she's FINE!!!!

and Chelsea Clinton is adopting a black African baby! you know damn well that baby is Tiger's and Chelsea's..nice try guys!!!

obviously it's time for the local media to get with it...get jiggy with it...

Sunday, March 24, 2013

darkness darkness

Be my pillow / Take my hand / And let me sleep / In the coolness of your shadow / In the silence of your deep /

well I love the drive to Ojai up Highway 150...a prettier place you won't find..old time California...but lately things have been getting dark in Ojai...the city council up there is really concerned about light pollution and is trying to outlaw all sorts of need a permit to change a lightbulb now!

and one councilmember, Carol Smith, wants to outlaw those little string lights..she calls them Hansel and Gretel've seen the lights on trees or some restaurants use them at the entrance...they look kinda Christmasy but are all solid white color so they are good year round...
 No more Hansel-and-Gretel look," she said at a council meeting last week. "They look like Christmas lights."

but the Hansel and Gretel thing... I can't figure out why she would bring up Hansel and Gretel...sure it was a charming childhood Grimm fairy tale: Hansel and Gretel are a young brother and sister threatened by a cannibalistic witch living deep in the forest in a house constructed of cake and confectionery. The two children save their lives by outwitting her.

Hansel and Gretel

Hansel and Gretel are the young children of a poor woodcutter. When a great famine settles over the land, the woodcutter's second, abusive wife decides to take the children into the woods and leave them there to fend for themselves, so that she and her husband will not starve to death, because the children eat too much. The woodcutter opposes the plan but finally, and reluctantly, submits to his wife's scheme. They are unaware that in the children's bedroom, Hansel and Gretel have overheard them. After the parents have gone to bed, Hansel sneaks out of the house and gathers as many white pebbles as he can, then returns to his room, reassuring Gretel that God will not forsake them.

The next day, the family walk deep into the woods and Hansel lays a trail of white pebbles. After their parents abandon them, the children wait for the moon to rise and then they follow the pebbles back home. They return home safely, much to their stepmother's horror. Once again provisions become scarce, and the stepmother angrily orders her husband to take the children further into the woods and leave them there to die. Hansel and Gretel attempt to gather more pebbles, but find the doors locked and find it impossible to escape from their parents' house.

The following morning, the family treks into the woods. Hansel takes a slice of bread and leaves a trail of bread crumbs to follow home. However, after they are once again abandoned, the children find that birds have eaten the crumbs and they are lost in the woods. After days of wandering, they follow a beautiful white bird to a clearing in the woods and discover a large cottage built of gingerbread and cakes, with window panes of clear sugar. Hungry and tired, the children begin to eat the rooftop of the candy house, when the door opens and a "very old woman" emerges and lures them inside, with the promise of soft beds and delicious food. They comply, unaware that their hostess is a wicked witch who waylays children to cook and eat them.

so Carol Smith of the Ojai city council seems to have a problem with the "white pebbles" in our story..the white pebbles maybe remind her of the string lights in Ojai...maybe from some childhood trauma.

ok I love stargazing as much as anybody and you can see the night sky better without a bunch of lights diluting the black....but last night the moon was so bright I couldn't see much in the way of stars! so is Ojai gonna ban the moon??

and Gretel must be, what, 25 or 30 years old now by now...all grown up...I'd like to shoot the moon with her!

Saturday, March 23, 2013


my aim is true....

well the News-Press has a new correspondent, Alison, and apparently she's an obnoxious little foodie... she did a Food section column-how to make an Egg Salad sandwich-she takes you thru the process, step by step and ok I got no issues with this little egghard telling me how to make a sandwich but then at the end of the column she tells you how to make a hard boiled egg..

I used to be a fry cook so I know how to make a freakin hard boiled egg Alison!!!

...but your way you want me to put the eggs in a sauce pan, bring the water to a boil, then turn the heat off and let the eggs sit for 12 minutes....

but why would I do that unless I'm..well why 12 minutes"? why not 13 minutes or 10 minutes?

oh wait maybe she's confusing rice with eggs...that's how I cook rice...I bring the water up to a hard boil it then let it sit for 12 minutes..not a minute more!! "a hard boil" maybe that's where Alison gets confused with hard boiled eggs...well I hope she can take a yoke..

next, I'm reading the editorial pages and Alison's boss Nipper fancies himself a water expert and writes once a year in his rich girlfriend's paper, the News-Press telling everyone to honor World Water Day and make sure we conserve...Nipper used to work for Anheuser-Busch and once while out walking, he felt an attraction to a place and below the ground he found an aquifer and thus some fresh water for making Budweiser! that's 20 gallons of water to make a pint of beer..

then Nipper says that water is spiritual to him...he talks of water on Mars...he wonders why life begins in amniotic fluid which has the same properties as ocean water...well, um, inside the pregnant woman is a little baby that floats in liquid...The amniotic fluid constantly moves (circulates) as the baby swallows and "inhales" the fluid, and then releases it.

in reality all humans started out as fish or other sea creatures which is probably why Wendy is so cuckoo about whales!

Friday, March 22, 2013


me with a spoon

oh so the only way to stop Darryl Genis from lying and/or blabbing about his clients is to put a gag order on all his future DUI trials...gee, why didn't Judge Hill think of that??

the News-Press had the story so I'll go by Catherine Shen's account and if I mis-speak just blame her..slit the throat of the slit eyed lady so to speak....

now the reason I just said that is to make a point: Judge Rigali issued a gag order on the lawyers-don't say anything to the press about the Tony Denunzio DUI trial-

Shen's article went on to say that Judge Rigali said that the lawyers demeanor changed outside the court room...but the problem of course was DUI lawyer Darryl Genis' statement about slitting the prosecutor's throat...the Judge protected Genis when he claimed that Darryl was just kidding and people who were upset by it took the bait, which according to Judge Rigali was "silly"....

hmmmm..really judge? silly? a few posts ago I mentioned that Rigali also has an issue with women and I imagine that his comments calling the women at the Rape Crisis Center "silly" just confirms this judge dude another Akin???

so keep an eye on Judge Rigali and Genis....something is up with these guys...why are so so ok with  such violent comments about women??

give 'em some more rope I say!

did you ever wake up with bullfrogs on your mind?

You had to sit there laughin',
Laughin' just to keep from crying...

Sen John McCain

John McCain is my hero now....oh I know Senator John McCain from Arizona has been all over the place politically and he killed his chances to be president by picking Sarah Palin to be veep...but he seems like a level headed guy most of the time...

and I always like it when representatives try to cut wasteful spending and one of the biggest wastes is habitat restoration in California..specifically for the steelhead trout...the last time I looked, trout can't swim in dry creekbeds which is what happens most of the time in SB and Carpinteria..and maybe McCain can stop all these other crazy restorations that do more harm than good..and use tax money unwisely....

March 12, 2013

As budget sequestration continues to level strain and uncertainty on the men and women of our nation’s armed forces, and as we draw closer to the ‘devastating’ effects on our military readiness as foreseen by our former Secretary of Defense, Members of Congress have an even more profound responsibility to account for every taxpayer dollar. Every dollar we waste through pork barrel spending today is a dollar not spent to support our troops and preserve our nation’s security.
"With this in mind, Senator Coburn and I last week made a standard request to be able to review for 72 hours the Continuing Resolution legislation coming before the Senate prior to moving forward and considering it on the Senate floor. Instead, we received the 587-page Continuing Resolution – which totals more than $1 trillion – at 9:00 p.m. last night, and the sponsors of the bill attempted to begin Senate consideration just hours later this afternoon – before anyone could have plausibly have read and considered the bill in its entirety.
"After reviewing this legislation for less than 24 hours, it is clear that our suspicions were well justified. The bill contains numerous examples of egregious pork barrel projects as well as hundreds of millions in spending that was never authorized by the appropriate Committee and not requested by the Administration.
"This is a preliminary, partial list of questionable spending that we have identified in the bill so far:

• Provides $65 million for Pacific Coast salmon restoration for states including Nevada, a program that even President Obama mocked in his 2011 State of the Union address.

the NOAA and the National Marine Fisheries Service has a bad plan for restoring the steelhead habitat...

Specific threats to steelhead populations include:

Blockage of access to 90 percent of historic spawning and rearing habitat above dams
Dewatering of streams by dams and diversions
Loss of riparian vegetation from agricultural, residential, and commercial development, and related flood control activities

Filling and degradation of estuarine habitat
Introduction of non-native, exotic fish and amphibians
Point and non-point pollution from up-slope land use practices

Priority recovery actions include:

•Establishing access above impassible barriers (road crossings, dams, debris basins)
•Restoring flow regimes for migration and over-summering habitat
•Reducing point and non-point pollution sources
•Developing and implementing a comprehensive habitat monitoring and stock assessment program
Restoring ecological estuarine functions to support steelhead rearing and acclimation

and don't forget the #1 threat to water in the creeks!!

and this is what pisses me of the most: they want to kill so called non-native amphibians like bullfrogs..BULLFROGS ARE NOW THE ENEMY!!! I love bullfrogs and their croaky music after it rains..I love it!!! I was raised with bullfrogs..running around the streams and creeks with my little friends, the bullfrogs...and the tadpoles eat insects like mosquitoes!!!

the Forest Service had a crazy plan to burn out the Sespe to kill "exotic" animals that "threatened" the steelhead: from the LA Times, 1997: another factor threatening the steelhead and their habitat is the presence of exotic plants and animals that were brought into the area from other locales. They include salt cedar, also known as tamarisk, bullfrogs, green sunfish and black bullhead catfish.

The fish and the bullfrogs will be sacrificed because there is an abundance of those populations, Garcia said.

Efforts are ongoing with volunteers to remove the tamarisk and take it to higher ground where it can dry out and die. If the tamarisk is not removed, it could potentially dry out the entire stream because it consumes water much faster than other surrounding vegetation, Garcia said.

The plan to restore the steelhead habitat by using controlled burns and by killing the other nonnative fish and bullfrogs met with support Monday from Russ Baggerly, president of Citizens to Preserve the Ojai.

"These are species that don't belong there and it will ruin the resource for the species that do belong there," Baggerly said. "The Sespe is such a prime habitat for steelhead and the Santa Clara River watershed is relatively unspoiled. I think its incumbent upon those of us who understand the need for species preservation to make sure that they have every chance possible to survive."

all of this is just bullshit..salt cedar is good and harms nothing and the can anyone hate bullfrogs??? to suggest that the bullfrogs "don't belong here" is nonsense and Ross Baggerly of Citizens to Preserve Ojai..these guys are now on my radar...

and they should read this: Although intended to help restore salmon habitat or habitat for other organisms, habitat restoration activities can be detrimental to salmon and their habitats. Inadequate, and often absent, analyses of habitat deficiencies and their causes can result in ineffective restoration efforts or habitat injury (Gregory and Bisson 1997, Kauffman et al. 1997, Roper et al. 1997). This should not discourage efforts to restore functional aquatic and riparian ecosystems, but efforts should be part of a watershed or basin conservation plan, carefully monitored and evaluated, and revised accordingly. Efforts should initially identify and eliminate the causes of habitat impairment, and only then consider active restoration techniques to accelerate habitat recovery (Bisson et al. 1997, Lawson 1997).

If restoration efforts are not undertaken with an understanding of the conditions in the watershed, not only may they be unsuccessful, but they may also create additional problems. For example, while stabilizing an eroding bank may improve local water quality, the same treatment may deflect water flow and create erosion elsewhere, thereby decreasing streambank cover, and constricting the natural dynamics of stream channels.

in other words, tread lightly when attempting any restorations....

and if you want to see some steelhead, go to Idaho

Thursday, March 21, 2013

you can't always get what you want

but if you try sometimes, you might find, you get what you need...

ok now I get it...all this hoopla over SB County District Attorney Joyce Dudley's book from Darryl Genis and Peter Lance and the members of Team Wendy is because of the Green Eyed Monster..JEALOUSY...envy over Joyce's writing skills! that's it..that's gotta be it...

now when I heard that Joyce had written a book I ordered one from Amazon and got it yesterday....I did the same thing with Dr. Laura's nutty book about revenge last year..Sharks on Dry Land... I read these books to see if the players in this little melodrama we call life have any talent or they are just hacks...I haven't bought any of Peter Lance's books because he talks too much and I've already seen his act at his DUI hearing fiasco, and on the pages of the News-Press..I've concluded that Peter Lance is a hack and a of the worst writers I've ever seen... goes off on long tangents....leaves out important and critical information to pad his lies....a perfect fit for the News-Press

now of course I don't read these books from cover to cover...just enough to determine if the talent to write is there...

and when I picked up Joyce's crime novel, I was a little skeptical given some of her public statements..she seems kinda goofy...or aloofy...

but when I started reading "Intoxicating Agent- A Crime Novel by Joyce Dudley- I could see why Lance was jealous....Joyce Dudley is a damn good writer!

wow..this is a like a romance novel-with crime- about the DA's office!! in the book, Joyce's character is married but has the hots for a black dude colleague...geez, do they hire black people at the county?? and then there's a trial that had a 8-4 hung jury! wow.....just like Denunzio's! there's salacious things and Joyce's character, Jordan Danner, likes the Beatles and Stones....

the book is's easy to is immediately interesting and I want to know what happens next... and the crime takes place in Santa Wendy McCuckoo's Bankruptcy Court building...on Sola St.

while I know there's nothing more to Peter Lance and his cronies, I think there's more to Joyce Dudley than meets the eye....

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

ride my seesaw

school talk one and one is two....

local attorney in big trouble for misogynistic words...

while local DUI attorney Darryl Penis tries to quell a storm of controversy for his statements about a prosecuting attorney, more women are calling for Mr. Penis to answer to the State Bar...

it seems that after a hung jury in the Tony Denunzio trial, Mr. Penis was excited about his client's chances and told the News-Press referring to the prosecutor that "he slit her throat and she didn't even know she was bleeding"..the prosecutor is a French gal named Mais Oui and she's pretty I'm no misogynist...I love women..I love their panties that their mother laid out for them and their sweet little pu......oh whoops..sorry!!

actually Mr. Penis is the misogynist not me so let's try to stay focused, okay?

so a gal from a political committee wrote a letter to the News-Press comdemning Mr. Darryl Penis for his violent hateful comments about Mais Oui, the county prosecutor...

Darryl wrote an apology of sorts in the Independent instead of the News-Press and Mr. Penis cited the Dick Act of 1902 which allows for American males to act stupid every now and then...

actually the Dick Act was about the right to have weapons unregulated by gov't or something like that...what Mr. Penis was referring to was the Dickhead Act of 1972 which gives males some leeway when they make idiots of themselves....

however, in a professional setting, Mr. Penis needs to learn to control himself and not act like such a dickhead..and that goes for the rest of you, too

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

little boxes

they're all made out of ticky-tacky and they all look just the same

ok so I'm looking over some things and one thing I know..people are always suing the county or city for something..they are lined up around the block waiting to sue....most are looking for a quick buck, some are trying to stop development, and some sue to get publicity....

now remember Tony Denunzio? some folks claim he should sue the City of Santa Barbara for police brutality when he was arrested for DUI again...that's not gonna happen so get it out of your greedy little minds...when the cops deal with drunk drivers they sometimes need to use force..that's why they carry guns, handcuffs, batons and deal with belligerent drunks and other lowlifes...

but that's not the issue today..the issue today is Goleta...apparently there's a development called Park Hills Estate and some folks don't want it to be built so they sued the county...the plaintiffs are the Native Plant Society, the San Antonio Homeowners Association and the Friends of Saspili.....

Santa Barbara County Sued

On 16 November 2012, CNPS filed a legal challenge to the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors' ill-advised decision to let the Park Hill Estates development project move forward without the benefit of a full impact assessment with an EIR. Instead, they let the Planning Commission's decision to allow the flawed and inadequate MND stand. For the reasons stated above on our appeal, CNPS was joined by the San Antonio Creek Home Owners Association and the Friends of Saspili (a Chumash Indian organization), to sue the County, and the developer, over this. A copy of the press release can be read
here. Environmental attorney, Marc Chytilo, Esq., is representing CNPS and the other plaintiffs. Available here is the legal complaint (lawsuit).

On Sunday afternoon (18 November 2012), David Magney (representing CNPS) and others were interviewed by
KEYT 3 News about our concerns about the project and what CNPS hopes to gain from the lawsuit. A local newspaper reporter from the Santa Barbara News Press was also there and interviewed the plaintiffs, writing a good story on the issues. Also present for the cameras was a Red-tailed Hawk and a Great Blue Heron, both who depend on the habitat of the site to forage.

these folks don't want the developer to build homes on his own land because they think it will disturb native flora and fauna..well I got some issues with the plaintiffs..first of all, the Native Plant Society is a nonprofit that encourages destruction of habitats so native plants can grow..they are intolerant of non native species.. and because they don't understand a fundamental principle of nature called dispersal, the lawsuit should be thrown out...second, they used a story from the News-Press to pad their case...and their attorney, Marc Chytilo according to the article, subscribes to the News-Press!! that immediately disqualifies them from any credible the judge needs to throw the case out the window...

we need to weed out the zealots from the conservation movement...that's my recommendation and I will file a pre-trial motion today....

Monday, March 18, 2013

Madame Joy

Here she comes talking
I do believe it's Madame Joy

Joyce Dudley responds to Darryl Genis, Esq.

Dear Darryl,

why you little hamster! how dare you pull me into your little soap opera with that chronic low life law breaker, Tony "the Dunce" Denunzio! I got better things to do like I'm writing another novel and this one's about you Darryl so I'm not going to be your prosecutor again...we got staff lawyers for that when your clients keep getting caught for driving under the influence...hey buddy, that costs the taxpayers you know..why can't the Dunce follow the law? is he mental? then send him to a mental hospital and make him less mental! that's your job to help him, not just get him off!! (teeheehee)

now, why Darryl are you starting to quote dead people who are smarter than you? quotes don't float if you use fifteen in one post...get a grip, drip!

and no Darryl, you may not expect the pleasure of my company as opposing counsel in the Santa Maria Miller Branch of the Santa Barbara County Superior Court Department 2, Starting March 25, 2013!

no fucking way pal!!!

Best regards,

Country Roads

take me home....

I feel like I've been locked up in Mel's bar for the past few days, drinking cocktails and smokin' stale cigarettes and hacking (smokers hack up what is the equivalent of fur balls but they are covered in mucousy yellow slime) and listening to tales of woe from some a window and let some fresh air in, you damn freaks!!

so naturally the best place to detox is in from the addicts and as Cynthia Roseberry said:
We, as criminal defense lawyers, are forced to deal with some of the lowest people on earth, people who have no sense of right and wrong, people who will lie in court to get what they want, people who do not care who gets hurt in the process. —Cynthia Roseberry

 yeah, her clients!! the kind of folks who hang out in bars..hahahahaah!!

but anyhoo, spring is right around the corner and the flowers are blooming....there's coreopsis, sage, poppies, castor bean, thistle, a big nest in a sycamore...oooohhh, it's very pretty out here and you don't have to spend millions or kill thousands of animals to get the coreopsis to does very well with natives and non-natives close by and it smells so good! all you gotta do is PLANT IT!!!!

nature knows no indecencies-man invents them/Mark Twain

ok so I have been waiting for the fog to leave so I can see the comet because I haven't been able to see the comet..the PANS-STARR comet and it makes me mad..why can't I see it? is it that things can reach my eyes but not my heart?

never mind, I found the comet...

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Paperback Writer

I can make a million for you overnight...

DUI lawyer Daryll Genis tries to slit DA Joyce Dudley's throat!!!

ok so Daryll Genis has been making the rounds on the Independent, EdHat etc trying to defend the indefensible: a DUI three-peater (and he's also trolling for future clients!)

Scott and Darryl, sittin' in a tree...
one comment at the Indie caught my was about DA Joyce Dudley and her book writing escapades...apparently she wrote book while she was on a case and someone said the book resembled the trial too much and took her to court for it and the Appeals Court found her least that's all Daryll cared to share with the Indie readers... Daryll pulled a Scott Steepleton here!! Steepelton writes for the News-Press and using Scott's trademark biased reporting style of lying and leaving out big chunks of a story, Daryll tried to slit Joyce's throat...more proof that Darryl and Scott are in bed together!!

and Darryl defends a RAPIST!!

but a gal named Ellen Peck,a former State Bar Court judge who writes with a touch of satire about legal cases, provides a bit more detail: 

Exhibit A

"The California Supreme Court reversed the Court of Appeal decision disqualifying Ms. Dudley. It held, pursuant to Penal Code §1424, that there was no conflict and even if there had been, no unlikelihood of a fair trial was proven. (Id., pp. 582-583.)

Holy Hariguchi Hollywood!
Disqualifying a prosecutor just got a little harder, thanks to two rulings by the California Supreme Court

By Ellen R. Peck

©2008. All rights reserved.

The guy who is prosecuting my client thinks he’s the criminal law version of John Grisham," remarked Meryl Terpitude, sitting with his feet up on his partner California Joan’s desk. "We are about to go to trial and he is promoting sales of his first novel about winning a case remarkably like my client’s. I want to get him and his entire office recused. Do you think it’ll fly?"

 "I don’t think so, based upon the California Supreme Court’s recent prosecutor/novelist disqualification case, Hariguchi v. Superior Court (Santa Barbara Co.) (2008) 43 Cal.4th 706 (Hariguchi)," Cali said. "Tell me about the case," Meryl replied.

"On Sept. 14, 2005, Massey Hariguchi was charged with rape by intoxicating agent, oral copulation, residential burglary and marijuana possession after allegedly assaulting his victim in her apartment," Cali explained. 

Exhibit B
"Santa Barbara County Deputy District Attorney Joyce Dudley, the assigned prosecutor, was promoting her first recently published novel, Intoxicating Agent, around the time Hariguchi’s case was proceeding to trial in April 2006. (Hariguchi, p. 583.)

"Hariguchi sought recusal of Ms. Dudley and her entire office arguing: (1) the novel was a fictional account of the rape of an intoxicated person; (2) like Hariguchi’s case, the novel’s trial was to begin in April 2006; (3) one character in the novel closely resembled Hariguchi; (4) the novel’s rape was similar to an unrelated case which Dudley had tried resulting in a hung jury; (5) Dudley was promoting the book in Santa Barbara at the time Hariguchi’s trial was set to commence; (6) the book was selling at two local bookstores; (7) Dudley appeared at public ‘book signing’ events locally; (8) a Santa Barbara television station interviewed her about her book; (9) the Santa Barbara Independent, a local newspaper, published a complimentary review of the novel; and (10) Dudley’s marketing of her book compromised her ability to discharge her prosecutorial duty to seek justice impartially." (Ibid.)

Meryl interjected, "I’ll just bet Dudley denied that her novel was based on the Hariguchi case; that her promotion of the novel had any connection to the Hariguchi case; or that her decisions in Hariguchi had been affected by the book’s publication."

"Correct!" Cali affirmed. "The California Supreme Court reversed the Court of Appeal decision disqualifying Ms. Dudley. It held, pursuant to Penal Code §1424, that there was no conflict and even if there had been, no unlikelihood of a fair trial was proven. (Id., pp. 582-583.)

"Didn’t publishing a book linked to Hariguchi’s case give Dudley a monetary impetus to prosecute the case, since the publicity would increase her book sales?" asked Meryl.

now if Peter Lance can write a book of fiction in the pages of the News-Press, why can't our heroine Joyce Dudley write a book, too?

Saturday, March 16, 2013

wah wah

I don't need no wah wah

ok so I get another letter from DUI protecter/ lawyer Darryl Genis...that's TWO so far..don't we have stalking laws in this state?? Darryl confesses some stuff to me like he's not gay especially at the rumors aren't true? well I've never seen you with a woman Darryl, just tender moments in court with Peter Lance and Wendy's boy Scott I just kinda figured you guys were queer!

but if you're bothered by it, you can always "cure a gay with Chik Fil A"... a few chickum samwiches from the bible belt (upper State St) and you'll be fine...

Daryll attempts to get The Boss's autograph! 
then I get my score from the music trivia quiz Daryll gave...however, I contest the results..

actually two issues..first Daryll says that Hang on Sloopy was written by Roy Buchanan...Roy was a great old guitarist who invented the wah wah sound but was a heavy drinker:
Roy apparently came home from the local bar in West Virginia with some male person, who then along with Roy acted up, so Judy threw them out, then called the cops. The cops picked up Roy and, the county sheriff tells Jim Buchanan, he was jovial when locked up. Sheriff says they didn’t even arrest and book him and told him to sleep it off. A routine check supposedly found Roy hanging from his shirt in the cell...that's one version of the story..

and the McCoys recorded Hang on Sloopy with another great guitar player, Rick Derringer..the song as I said was penned by Wes Farrell who wrote alot of top 40 hits back in the old days....

next I have an issue with question #1...Kenny Loggins was never ever ever in the Buffalo Springfield.....ever...Crosby may have sat in with them a few times, but Kenny was just too precious for the Springfield...I met Messina once in an elevator at the Granada..he was on his way up to KTYD I think...I gave him a tape and he wrote back some words of wisdom, he told me I suck

I and about 50 other people saw Richie Furray at the old place by the waterfront...Messina joined him for a few songs

I talked my way backstage during a Stephen Stills concert at the County Bowl in the late -70's and asked Stills to listen to a tape I had..he was speaking Spanish...he took the tape and said "ok man"...

and Neil Young and I wrote a song called Cinnamon Toast ..."I wanna eat me some cinnamon toast"...which he later stole and turned into Cinnamon Girl!

so you see, I have had more contact with the Buffalo Springfield than Kenny Loggins....

ok you don't see me standing in front of juries flailing my arms around and screaming at the judge do you?? well maybe I did do that at Judge Hill's gangbanger voir dire a month or so ago, but I had my reasons..but does Judge Hill have his reasons??  hmmmmm..

the point is you stick to the drinkers and I'll stick to the music...

sweet dreams

Friday, March 15, 2013

Celebrate, Celebrate

dance to the music....

ok the City of Santa Barbara declared next week March 18th- 24th as Be Kind To Ugly Drunks Week..

in honor of Be Kind to Ugly Drunks week, Tony DeNunzio will be Honorary Mayor and be given the Key to the City! congratulations paisan!!! Joyce Dudley will be Maid of Honor....

Mayor Schneider will be out of town during the week working on gun control legislation in Washington, DC

Mayor Denunzio has issued a proclamation and the cops have been advised not to pull anyone over NO MATTER WHAT...

the City of Santa Barbara has more retail booze outlets than any other city in America, so this was a shrewd business move by the council and fully endorsed by the Chamber of Commerce..

"more drunks means more money" says councilman Frank Hotchkiss

and Palmieri's Bar and Rathole will be offering free drinks between the hours of 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM...dubbed the Very Very Happy Hour, anyone who downs a full bottle of Jim Beam bourban will win a free night at the Chumash Casino-Mexican division- and a day wine tasting in Santa Ynez!!

so Iya, Joe, Peter and all the rest..come on into Santa Barbara next are encouraged to drink and drive and have some fun for once without worrying about the cops busting you...go to the grocery store drunk..go get gas can even go to the post office and get stamps drunk!!

and remember kids: your parents booze cabinet can unlock a whole new world for you...GO FOR IT!!!