Friday, March 8, 2013

Willy the Wimp

and his Cadillac coffin...

well I had to laugh when boozehound Mr. Wimpy/ ultra-conservative Jim Worthen hosted the Santa Barbara Forum with three retired cops as his guests...

the talk eventually got around to drunk driving and Mr. Wimpy says he used to drink alot-no surprise there-but this guy is a total crackpot and seems alcoholic but doesn't realize it..first he complains to the cops about an alcohol bias...he thinks if you've drunk 12 drinks and get pulled over for a broken tail light, the vodka fumes wafting through the car shouldn't concern the cops...the cops should just write a ticket for the broken tail light and let the drunk drive away!!

well there's no alcohol bias...this is not Prohibition....people are free to drink themselves into oblivion..but they aren't free to take me with drunk!! you have a social responsibility to use your head when you're out in public and not feed your Id all the time...because I end up paying for all this infantile behavior as a taxpayer funding the trials for these particular bias is against drinking and driving..period!!

now the Wimp admits he's been in 12 accidents but claims he wasn't drinking...then we learn he sold Palmieri's bar to his pal Robert Eringer, another blissful drunk! Worthen is a real estate broker and a shady one at that...again, the denial...a heavy drinker is affected by alcohol even if skips a drink ..the motor skills and judgement are affected...and it's guys like Mr.Wimpy who cause the insurance premiums to go up!!

but Worthen's guests, the retired cops, just kinda sat there and rolled their eyes instead of hammering him for his stupid statements about drunk driving...drunk driving is never ok and anyone who advocates for it is an idiot..

now, nobody is trying to take your bottle are free to go drink and bar hop and act stupid...but when you get in a vehicle and drive inebriated...all bets are off

drunk drivers..look out, here I come!!!

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Anonymous said...


Cops are some of the most likely to drink and drive, becuase of the old boys network, thus they are unlikely to talk much about it on some stupid TV show.