Thursday, March 7, 2013

I'd love to change the world

but I don't know what to do..

well thank God for some honesty from Alvin Lee...the brilliant legendary guitarist who blew everyone away at Woodstock....Goin' Home was epic and cocky and he played the heck outta that red Gibson....and Ten Years After was a fantastic blues rock and soul band...thanks to FM radio we got to listen to the less commercial stuff and what a musical trip it was...

but Alvin Lee died after complications from surgery.....ok he was 68 and how many rocknrollers live that long? still, he was one of the greats...

I went to get a brake fluid transfusion yesterday and stopped by Chik Fil A but I could not go was too weird..the outside was bright red and white with more red than anything.. a big shiny new American flag stood off to the side, and the place had no customers at about 11:00 looked like no people were working was looked staged and phony and creeped me out so no chicken for me...later I'll go back with a camera and do a story on the creepy aspect of Chik Fil A...bad vibes man!

the Lobero Theater is a landmark so who are these folks who want to cheapen it with wine concessions? wine tasting at the Lobero?? can't people in Santa Barbara do anything without drinking alcohol 24 hours a day?? well, I guess they can't...

an ape guy is in a battle for his life it seems according to the front page of the News-Press...he's a tree trimmer ape who doesn't like a city tree trimmer ape so they went to court and got his fine for trimming trees thrown's on the front page and I guess he's the new News-Press hero...what is all the fuss?? trim the fucking trees and stop boring me, got it apes???

everywhere is freaks and hairies, dykes and fairies, tell me where is sanity?

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