Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Disney Girls

a fantasy world of Disney girls.....

so former county supervisor Bob Kallman died and the News-Press went into mourning and Lanny Ebenstein wrote a teary good-bye in the editorial pages...apparently Kallman was an old family friend even supporting Lanny when he ran for political office...Lanny always lost all his races of course so Kallman couldn't have been as smart as Lanny claims...

I didn't know Bob Kallman so I wasn't moved much by his passing but I guess he started the Alpha place out there in that little gully way out there in the backroads of Santa Barbara

now I've spent time with alphas and they are beautiful people except for the chromosome issues, but they are brutally honest when you can engage them in conversation...but I'm thinking maybe that's why Lanny acts like a wannabe alpha to curry favor with guys like Kallman... conservative father know Lanny's daddy taught at UCSB and that's how Lanny got a job there

I met a chick from UCSB at the Olive Mill Bistro bar one night...she took me back to her dorm room and this gal had huge tits..nice but big...and she was cute and friendly..a brunette looked kinda like Annette Funicello...a Disney girl! but we get there and she takes her top off and WOW and I take my top off and we're on the teeny little bed in her teeny little dorm room, three stories up..and I'm thinking to myself..geez her tits are bigger than her miniature sized furniture! so I'm starting my instincts to be breast fed kicked in and mmmmm...kissy...mmmmm....then all of a sudden she tells me she doesn't want to have sex! I say what?? WTF? she says she wants to go out on a real date!

well I was a little disappointed because a formal date was the last thing on my sloppy sex sick mind....I was a little pissed and told her she shouldn't invite guys to her dorm from a bar, take her clothes off and then announce she wants to date them....

well I told her I'd call her and we'd go on a picnic or something...she said that sounds good...I never did call her because I think that chick was an alpha! or maybe I am..

Disney girls..geez

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