Monday, March 4, 2013

lesson in survival

are you native? or are you non-native??

so look out the window and you'll see a bunch of little fluffy silver white parachutes blowing in the wind..oh good it's seeds...flower seeds...I can't tell for the life of me if them seeds is native or non native and I don't care because I know Spring is coming soon....all those seeds will fall on the land and flowers will spring up and some idiot will come by sooner or later and kill them with poison or something...

but I will not let that happen..not this year.. I will run in the woods and spring from the boulders like a mama lion! and protect these roadside bee motels!!

now Bruce Reed, the Botanic Garden guy who also writes for the News-Press informs me that county workers who pruned some trees "will guarantee continual maintenance over the years as new growth will continue to reach toward utility lines. It is the tree's placement that is a continuing problem".... in other words: to be continued!!

the Botanic Garden will host a little seminar in April on saving the bees..these are the same folks who approve of poisoning the landscape to get rid of roadside wildflowers deemed non-native..I may have to visit the Botanic Garden to check it out...

and I had to find out where that flurry of seeds is coming from so I went to find out and I found out...these branches are full of seed pods that are breaking apart and any disturbance will scatter the seeds to the four's awesome and nobody can stop this  dance so hurray for Nature!!

the point of all this is survival....of the fittest ..whether you're a seed or a person, adaptability is the key to survival

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