Monday, March 11, 2013

Harbor Lights

the Harbor Lights of Venus
shinin' through the breeze

ok so I find out why Superior court Judge Edward Bullard wasn't on the DeNunzio case..because he recently died...was it a hit by the booze lobby? too bad, he seemed like a damn good judge

flic your Bic

ok it seems like around 1998, Stearns Wharf was constantly burning.... the Moby Dick Restaurant kept catching on I didn't start the fires but the owner of Moby Dick's was a pretty squirrely guy so I drew the conclusion that maybe he had something to do with know, the insurance cash...
from LA Times 1998: The fire appears to have started at or near Moby Dick, a popular restaurant at the end of the pier, fire officials said. Three other nearby structures--another seafood restaurant, a bait and tackle shop, and a tourist kiosk--were also destroyed.

As the pier continued to smolder Thursday and charred debris floated in the nearby surf, workers began leveling what was left of the gutted buildings and searched for clues to the cause of the fire. Officials said it will take days before they have a preliminary explanation, although they added that there was no immediate evidence of arson.

Moby Dick co-owner Al Steinman took some solace from the day's few bright moments, waiting anxiously to see what workers were able to salvage from the wrecked restaurant he has operated for 30 years.

"They got the safe! Great!" Steinman exclaimed when told of the workers' latest find. Inside the safe was a few thousand dollars--including tip money he planned to distribute to waiters and waitresses who are now out of work. yeah right!

so we see that the Condor whale watching boat recently caught fire a few days after the skipper Fred Benko the family involved? but really you need to take what you can gather from coinicidence....I mean how hard could it be to torch a wooden boat??

and then I look up in the sky and see a jet...but this particular jet had no contrail.....then another jet comes into view and I see the contrail in its wake

so I draw the conclusion that the first jet was a drone set by Obama to kill me as Rand Paul said....Rand is the goofball senator from Kentucky who wouldn't be a senator if his daddy wadn't Ron Paul...

fires and filibusters, drones and the booze lobby...draw your own conclusions

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