Monday, March 18, 2013

Madame Joy

Here she comes talking
I do believe it's Madame Joy

Joyce Dudley responds to Darryl Genis, Esq.

Dear Darryl,

why you little hamster! how dare you pull me into your little soap opera with that chronic low life law breaker, Tony "the Dunce" Denunzio! I got better things to do like I'm writing another novel and this one's about you Darryl so I'm not going to be your prosecutor again...we got staff lawyers for that when your clients keep getting caught for driving under the influence...hey buddy, that costs the taxpayers you know..why can't the Dunce follow the law? is he mental? then send him to a mental hospital and make him less mental! that's your job to help him, not just get him off!! (teeheehee)

now, why Darryl are you starting to quote dead people who are smarter than you? quotes don't float if you use fifteen in one post...get a grip, drip!

and no Darryl, you may not expect the pleasure of my company as opposing counsel in the Santa Maria Miller Branch of the Santa Barbara County Superior Court Department 2, Starting March 25, 2013!

no fucking way pal!!!

Best regards,

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