Tuesday, March 12, 2013

the rime of the ancient mariner

To make islands safe for rare native species, biologists are mounting increasingly complex campaigns to shoot, trap, or poison exotics.....

and therein lies the problem

Fraulein Kate
ok I can't decide which is the more worthless gov't agency: FEMA or the National Parks Service...on a side note FEMA finally corrected its flood zone blunder... incorrectly putting a bunch of properties in Carpinteria in a special hazard flood zone, or Flood Zone A

that blunder caused mortgage companies to require flood insurance from homeowners......flood insurance they didn't need  ...the Coastal View was the only paper/media that covered the story

the City of Carp and the SB County Flood Control District were of great help in showing FEMA the error of its ways..but to make matters worse, FEMA contracted with CORELOGIC, a shady outfit from Texas to put me and others in the wrong flood zone! so FEMA finally issued a correction and forced flood insurance will be dropped....

Texas has been trying to fuck with California with ENRON stealing pensions and Rick Perry trying to poach business...therefore, I DECLARE WAR ON TEXAS!!!

back to the rime: so the shady National Parks Service is saying after ten years, Anacapa Island shorebirds are rebounding thanks to the black rat eradication..cause and effect...the shadier Nature Con is chiming in too...of course it's just more propaganda from these folks who killed thousands of animals but for some reason aren't serving any jail time..instead they crow about what success the Channel Islands Restorations have been..they said that 5 years ago too according to Science Magazine....

and the next target is ice plant!

dispersal at its finest

the notion that they can remove all predators to make life easy for some shore birds is silly...what these folks don't tell you is the poisoning killed shore birds, owls, hawks and other non-target species.. and the black rats on Anacapa were demonized so the public would go along with the plan..you couldn't very well expect them to say the restoration was a failure....no, but every now and then come up with the propaganda media pieces for the gullible public

however, when they say the supposedly native shore birds are recovering  TEN YEARS AFTER without black rats on the island, I wonder why it took so long....

and one of the biologists said he could tell the restoration worked because Anacapa was teeming with life....ten years ago it wasn't teeming with life??? of course it was..these people are full of baloney

esp Kate "Eva Braun" Faulkner and  Russell "Fatman" Galipeau...the two who pushed for all the destruction...these two are full of hate, remain fugitives from justice and have perpetrated the biggest scam on California I've ever seen..the Channel Islands Restoration....

now...all this native restoration is a problem because some folks are demonizing honey bees for being "European"....one chick over at Noozhack suggests that the native plants in her garden are attracting native bumblebees, which she prefers over the honeybees...she is doing her part to restore the bees...Karen Telleen-Lawton: Over the years, I’ve enjoyed replacing much of my landscape with native plants. In the process, I noticed something curious about the bees. The typical European honeybees are happy to pollinate anything — in scientific talk they’re called promiscuous. But the native bees — in particular the large, black stingless bumble bees (which I hadn’t seen before I transformed my garden) — have flourished.

oooohh, those dirty promiscuous Euro honeybees! this is just a crock of shit and I don't see how these people can get thru the day being so stupid!!

if bumble bees are disappearing, it's not because of honey bees...I've always seen bumble bees in spring ...Bumblebees live in underground nests, in abandoned holes or tunnels left by rodents. They can also build nests close to the ground.

so when the NPS and the Nature Con drop poison on Anacapa island to eradicate black rats, that also affects the bumblebees on the islands by messing with their habitat..

and the NPS actually had an eradication of "feral honey bees" program on Santa Cruz island:

Russell "Fatman" Galipeau
Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA
2Department of Entomology, University of California, Davis, CA 95616
3Department of Biology, University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond, OK 73034
Abstract—After 1880, feral colonies of European honey bees (
Apis mellifera) spread over all of Santa Cruz Island, though never invading any of the other northern Channel Islands. In line with other exotic animal removal programs (e.g., cattle, sheep, pigs), we outlined a program in October 1987 to eradicate all honey bee colonies on that island. That project evolved through four phases: 1) mapping and eradication of
many colonies on the eastern half of the island (1988–1993), 2) introduction of a parasitic mite as a
biological control (1994–1998), 3) monitoring residual honey bee activity (1999–2004), and 4) continued monitoring and certification of honey bee absence (2005–2008). We located the last known feral colony at the top of the Matanza grade on August 6, 2002 and found that same colony dead on March 31, 2003. The number of target foraging sites visited by honey bees declined steadily through the years, with the last visitors seen on rosemary plants at the ranch headquarters in August of 2004. We conclude that the introduced exotic European honey bees no longer exist on Santa Cruz Island.

The University of California’s Natural Reserve
System, The Nature Conservancy, and the National
Park Service greatly assisted our efforts on Santa
Cruz Island. We especially thank Lyndal Laughrin,
Brian Guererro, Chris Spohrer, David Dewey,
Sarah Chaney, and the scores of volunteer
assistants during the two decades of our study. We
also thank the diligence exerted by Christine
Damiani during the editing process.

these genuises introduced a parasitic mite to kill honey bees?? and people wonder why the bee colonies on the mainland are collapsing....just crazy!!!

With nearly 20,000 species of bees known to mankind, they exist on each continent, with the exception of Antarctica. They inhabit every area of the planet that contains flowering plants that must be pollinated by insects,
but these people are proud of the fact that they killed all the bees on the Santa Cruz....and there's ol' Kate Faulkner in the middle of the eradication of the bees..there was no reason to kill the honey bees..NONE AT ALL!!

they kill the bees and then complain that there's not enough flowers on the islands

I'll have some more later but I am really annoyed with these folks..they are now on my radar...and that can't bee good!

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