Sunday, March 10, 2013

does anybody really know what time it is...

does anybody really care??

well if I'm paying for all these trials for all these drunk weasels, you can be damn sure I'm gonna get my money's worth... it's my time I'm wasting time!!

and there's Darryl Genis and the News-Press-the best friends a drunk driver could have- no accountability! hey Nipper..why wasn't DeNunzio's battery case on the front page???

a while ago, Santa Barbara Superior Court Judge Edward Bullard  ruled that SB cops had probable cause to conduct a traffic stop and arrest DUI suspect Tony Denunzio, and denied the defense attorney’s motion to dismiss evidence.....

but for some reason there's a different judge today, Judge James Rigali, hearing this case in Santa Maria and he just threw out one DUI charge against repeat DUI offender Tony De Nunzio...the new Judge Rigali has got some issues with women, just like Tony DeNunzio has issues with women...hmmmmmm... something is dirty here....

from NFOJA

This judge is extremely bias towards women, he has made statements to other women with whom I have spoken about them being not credible, claiming men are better than women etc. ... the judge has told me I’m not credible, has told me to shut up, has disregarded my other child and says she is not important. I have not received a fair trial with this judge and it is severely impacting the health and well being of the child involved. It has also affected my other child, in her behavior, attitude and school performance when her sister is not around.

Judge Rigali inputs his own beliefs into these cases and does not give mothers a fair chance at protecting their children....

now as I look at DA Joyce Dudley, the People vs Tony DeNunzio, I see he's charged with driving under the influence, driving with a BAC over 0.08, driving on a suspended license..the resisting arrest was not among the charges filed because Joyce Dudley is apparently insane..

I guess the only time a drunk driver will be prosecuted seriously is when he kills someone...why can't these people get their shit together?

so the case of Tony DeNunzio goes to the a jury the last best hope for justice, or will they think about happy hour and just let DeNunzio off the hook? I think they will let him off the hook since the substitute judge Rigali inexplicably threw out the driving with a BAC over 0.08 charge...nobody reporting on the story will say why.... De Nunzio is not supposed to drive with ANY alcohol in his system since he was driving on a suspended license for a previous DUI..Oh my God, do you see how silly this guy is???

Nipomo-the closest thing to South Carolina in California

and then there's the case of the drugged-out Nipomo skinheads who killed a 15 year old girl for no reason...the ringleader is some old bag named Rhonda Maye Risto and she birthed some hillbilly boys with no brains..
Wisto and her dumbass son are charged with first-degree murder, kidnapping, torture and aiding-and-abetting in the murder of 15-year-old Dystiny Myers.
oh boy these people are a mess-white trash ignorant pieces of crap-it is inconceivable that anyone would kill a 15 year old girl, but I see the DA dropped one of the murder charges-"
Deputy District Attorney Jerret Gran said the decision to drop one of the two murder charges against mother and son was made in an effort to streamline the prosecution’s case."

"In this case, we wanted to make it simple ... and not muddy the waters," Gran said about the decision.

how nice....dropping legitimate charges to make things easy on the DA....a bunch of damn weasels

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Anonymous said...

Yes. Please keep writing for something needs to be done about Santa Maria court players. Shocking and a waste of our money. Peoples lives are on the line but rudness and laziness is the ego game these players perform.