Sunday, March 3, 2013

these eyes

cry everynight for you....

the Chumash Casino says that The Guess Who will be playing there's not the real Guess Who with Burton Cummings and Randy Bachman...Cummings and Bachman produced some great music and Randy had BTO.. whenever I hear "Takin Care of Business" I turn it wayyy up!!

Prince Albert and galpal head for Palmieri's
geez everytime I turn around some Christian youth pastor is busted for child molestion or sexual abuse of the flock..well these guys can always blame the devil and seek foregivenss from God for their sins..and of course keep on sinnin'..oh I got plenty of issues with these mega churches and all the dummies who Carp we got the Reality Church and in SB there's the Calvary church by the sewage plant..hell I'd rather hang out at the sewage plant!

this alleged incident was at Carp Community Church....I went around Saturday looking for this church but couldn't find it...I went over to the church by St Joseph's Thrift store but the church in front is St. Joseph's church..duh!

I shop at the St. Joseph's Thrift store right behind the church...some of those clothes according to Christian nut Pat Robertson are spooked..second hand sweaters are supposedly touched by demons! well I don't buy the second hand sweaters, I buy the second hand panties in the bins probably worn by some cute Mexican gal..ooowww they are so soft and satiny and silky and for fun I ...well I...well, I cut them up and use them for washing my windows...

to all my friends!!!

as life gets challenging, more people turn to the drink to cope which is why we see so many broken down alcoholics hanging out in bars..the watery eyes, the red noses, the wasted words....and now we have a distillery opening in Buellton...more alcohol for the masses.... and the Montecito Journal reports that spyguy boozehound Robert Eringer just bought a Santa Barbara bar..Palmieri's Cocktail Lounge....or dive bar

I guess he got some money from Prince Albert of you go to a bar, meet other barflies, get drunk and drive home..the cops catch you and you run to the News-Press for protection...what a racket!!!

LONDON -- A massive spill at a Chivas plant has sent the smell of spirits flowing through a Scottish sewer and sorrow coursing through the hearts of Scotch whisky fans.

Chivas Brothers Ltd. spokeswoman Jennifer Stevenson says the group is investigating what she described as an "accidental loss" of spirit at the company's bottling plant in Dumbarton, Scotland on Feb. 26.

She declined to estimate how much of the bulk whisky had been lost, saying only that it was less than the 18,000 liters (4,755 gallons) mentioned in media reports.

Bulk whisky can be used in various ways, and it wasn't immediately clear which Chivas brand the liquid was meant to fill....

the only place liquor belongs is poured down the sewer as a disinfectant!!

speaking of pathetic drunks, Tony DeNunzio is sucking up tax money for his trial in Santa Maria.....he's GUILTY!! why waste time...and the tried and true Darryl Genis motions to dismiss didn't work this time and have been denied...good judges up north but the crime happened in Santa Barbara so he should be on trial in Santa Barbara....


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