Wednesday, November 30, 2016


when all my dime dancing is through, I run to you

whenever I watch Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, it calms me down..I feel an inner peace..maybe it's because I don't speak Chinese..I love it when people talk and I can't understand takes all the social pressure off.... or maybe it's the actresses, Michelle Yeoh and Zhang Ziyi... so pretty and their battles are cool..and the flying..that's how I fly in my dreams....that's exactly how I fly...

in keeping with my spiritual relevations, I was dreaming about Machu Picchu.. on a mystical mountain range in Peru sits an old Inca citadel called Machu Picchu and I started to plan my trip..oh sure I could just call a travel agency and get some bubbly blonde to book me a flight and reserve a hotel room..but I wanted more..or less

I needed to get there but other means...I was dreaming of misty mountain ranges and religious experiences other than sex with an 18 year old Asian that would be HEAVEN!! I tell ya, I'm getting tired of these freeze-dried cranky old American chicks

but anyway I was driving around and Providence found me again...a bus on the side of the road for old  BlueBird....I pulled over and got out and stared in wide wonder at it... it was all tricked out with California mojo...have you ever looked inside one of these babies? the cockpit is supercool, there's stairs, not just steps...there's mirrors everywhere and big can see everything..and it's built like a tank..the steering wheel is big and round and confident...

ok so I wanna buy it and when I do, I can drive to Peru in about a month I would guess...there's no Operation Iraqi Freedom  going on and we haven't invaded Peru yet but with Trump in control, we may find a reason so the sooner I get there the better

the Pan- American Highway sounds as cool as Route 66 so how can I lose?? I know there's an isuue with travel thru the DariĆ©n Gap but the Bluebird is modified and doubles as a chopper with one flip of the toggle switch... and I can just fly over Darien Gap

I need to get to a place where I can hear the water heart beating  like a metronome

and fly in my dreams again

Monday, November 28, 2016


me I'm flying in my taxi, taking tips and getting stoned

I was watching Taxi Driver and I don't know if I'd watch it if Cybill Shepherd wasn't in it..dang God Almighty, she is just beautiful and a great actress...but I don't know any of the players in Taxi Driver and have no connection with them other than Ellen DeGeneres, who was sitting beside Robert De Niro at a recent Awards ceremony at the White House...I met Ellen informally when she was shopping for antiques in Summerland with her girlfriend at the time..this was around 1999 or so...maybe 2001 but I was driving down Lillie Ave, saw her, stopped and backed up and asked her if I could take her picture..she said "well since you asked, sure!"

so I took a pic said thanks and took off..she was very nice smiling and gracious and turned that winning combo into millions of dollars....

but I used that picture in my little book about Santa Claus Lane...I and others wanted to preserve the California car culture of the Lane but others wanted to turn it into Cape Cod Villa...the big red Santa statue was removed but we got to keep the name Santa Claus Lane..and the business owners, at least a few, kept crying that the name Santa Claus Lane would hurt property feeling was that was poppycock and the land values would increase and today we have some condo type homes for sale right on the Lane, a few steps from the railroad tracks and they are going for over 4 MILLION DOLLARS EACH!!

Santa Claus Lane..pricey!!

so the folks who have businesses on Santa Claus Lane should thank me....

the Lane has a great beach and lovely scenery and some good vibes

the kind of vibes I get when I look at Cybill Shepherd

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Turn Back The Pages

life's too short for ritualistic chases


the only thing Cuba did to the United States was make us look foolish and incompetent with the attempted CIA-led invasion of Cuba, the Bay Of Pigs..ever since we've been mad at Fidel Castro, who just died at 90 years old...but Cuba's ok with me...they can run their country whichever way they want, just like the place is very romantic with the cigars, the booze, the women, the dime dances and... the REVOLUCION!!!

Trump, don't fuck up the Cuba deal Obama negotiated and don't drain the ocean!

back at home, the conservatives are mighty worried about the illegals in our country and are excited that Trump promised to build a wall down south..but Trump has already broken all his promises he made during the campaign so a wall ain't gonna happen..and he backtracked on having a special deportion crew to round up 11 million illegals and deport them....and he won't lock up Hillary
but those promises were meant to appease the teabaggers- many voting for Trump...Trump knows damn well that illegals keep the hospitality business his hotels...and the agriculture industry employs illegals but nobody is suing the farmers....the conservatives have fought not to reform immigration other than to keep it you really think white people are gonna change bed sheets and pick lettuce in the fields?? or join a union???

get real

Serendipity sleeps...and Providence sings

and as I said before, every city with a church is a sanctuary city and now I see even FOX News agrees with me....

everyone can find refuge and sanctuary in a church...

even me

Friday, November 25, 2016

Black Friday

the archbishop gonna sanctify me

so it's the day after Thanksgiving, or Black Friday as we call it..millions of turkeys were killed so fat Americans could feed and feast for the holiday....and give thanks but some seem confused as to what we are giving thanks for...the News-Press thinks we give thanks for the Judeo-Christian principles the USA was founded upon..actually the guest opinion evangelical soothsayer Andy Caldwell thinks that and a bunch of other crazy stuff about religion and the gov't....I won't even go into it but at least Trump isn't God Blessing America every five minutes..freedom of religion also means no religious establishment

after a big turkey dinner, exercise is wise!

what is Thanksgiving?? if you're white, it means you have a great big dinner, one of your rich relatives gives you some money, and the next day you go shopping for Black Friday deals...if you're black, Thanksgiving means nothing..if you're Mexican, no more gravy...if you are white trash, Thanksgiving means you might get killed on Black Friday fighting over an item at Walmart with another piece of white trash...

and if you're a Christian, Thankgiving means you get to judge everyone else and try to make them feel guilty for something

but in reality, Thanksgiving is all about the Harvest thanks for the bounty...and it was started over in old England, the guys we fought to get our's got nothing to do with Judeo Christian values or shopping...the Judeo Christians bastardized the origianl intent of Thanksgiving and turned it into a shopping holiday...the love of money is the root of all evil but it is useless to explain that to these money-grubbing God-Fearers who preach on TV and ask for donations...


these evangelical sonsabitches are turkeys!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Paper Sun

So, you think you're having good times With the boy that you just met Kicking sand from beach to beach Your clothes all soaking wet

after the night rain it finally dawned on me.... so I went out to catch some rays and this vulture circled and landed on a power pole next to my truck, which I had parked on a hillock outside of town

I was beginning to go hike the dales, but the bird caught my attention so I turned back... edging a little closer to the pole, I looked up at him and he looked down at me..

I leaned back against the headlight and we both stood there with the sun in our eyes and on our faces...

each with our respective poses

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Box Of Rain

Look out of any window, any morning, any evening, any day.. Maybe the sun is shining, birds are winging... No rain is falling

I was watching a film last fresh as when I first saw it in 1965 on a rainy night at a small theater on a side street in Paris...Texas, that is...oh I've been to Paris France avec du beurre et de pain et le vin aussi!! tres bien mes amis!

Paris is a romantic city...France is a lovely country...this will never change thanks to the French people....

now on my way through Texas once, it rained so hard my pals and I started to panic..the water was rising like Christ from the dead so we found a hill and made a detour and hung out there for awhile till the rain stopped and the waters left....that is why I don't live in Texas..well one reason anyway

so did Noah really build an ark and did he really get animals to come aboard while God made it rain for 40 days and 40 nights? I find that hard to swallow and until I see some evidence like wood an old boat, I will treat the story of Noah's Ark as satire from one of the disciples

I got an email claiming I could sleep with MARRIED women this month..sounds like an invitation to trouble so sent it to spam....but I never say never

a sheperd once told me he likes weeds because they are easy to grow and they attract butterflies...thistle, fennel, dandelions..they grow where and when they want and don't need water so much as natives do...some may protest this but the facts lay bare....all you need to to is look at what's on the ground on the trails...

so there was the Berlin Wall, the Great Wall of China, the Iron Curtain, the Israel/Palestine Wall and now Trump wants the American/Mexico Wall....wants to keep the flow of drugs and illegals out...Lots of drugs in Michigan and the Great Lakes area...where are those drugs coming from? Mexico? nope.. I bet they're are coming from Canada which is right next to Michigan...once Trump figures this out, he'll probably try to sell us a Canadian Wall

you'll notice that none of the walls mentioned served to keep people out because walls won't keep people out...

walls are psychological barriers to make insecure people feel safe....but remember this:

A box of rain will ease the pain, and love will see you through....

Friday, November 18, 2016

On The Border

I'm out on the border, I'm walkin' the line, don't you tell me 'bout your law and order


let's face it..the Democrats got butchered this we got protesters blocking streets, calling people names, making fun of Trump and acting like spoiled children...wait, isn' that what the Republicans did during the debates? called each other names like lying Ted Cruz, little Marco Rubio, Trump mocking a disabled guy..calling Mexicans rapists and killers...and he blocked traffic with too many speeches and crowds??

so why shouldn' the students be allowed to vent a little???

now I said that Trump has trouble with finding the right people as witnessed during his campaign..and we know his spoiled kids are calling the shots, but Jeff Sessions for AG?? ALABAMA retard racist to the max!! ? besides, Trump is a fraud and he just settled the scam Trump University lawsuits for 25 million dollars! the president-elect is a crook!!

let's face it again...the only people you're gonna see for the next four years are white..everyone else will be hiding somewhere and certainly not at the golf course...

speaking of golf courses, the Montecito Country Club course is greening up...Jack Niclaus designed it and Lee Trevino did not..

now, I've offered to house up to seven illegal Mexican girls for free

one for each day of the week until Trump is no longer president....or until the Democrats get a little smarter

I expect nothing in return except maybe a little hot tamale in the morning and some hot salsa in the evening

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Voices In The Sky

Nightingale, hovering high
Harmonize the wind
Darkness, your symphony
I can hear you sing
Of voices in the sky

after working, I used to come home at night around 1:30 AM, get off on Santa Claus Lane, swing over to Via Real, head up Cravens Lane and shoot up to the ranch....I always loved driving home at traffic, the cold air was sweet..I'd see the sparkling eyes of raccoons in the headlights...maybe coyote slipping over a fence....a big yellow moon rising over the hills to guide me

before that when I was a kid, I'd do a shift at a greasy spoon as a short -order cook, then head up to Camino Cielo, find a place to park on the side of the road...pull out the sleeping bag and watch the full moon shine over the city.....


then in Carp again, done with the ranch and bad plumbing I chose the best of both worlds...I bought a "unit" close to the ranch with mountain and ocean views...close to the trains ( I love trains) and the highway for a quick getaway if needed...

and I can watch the moon rise over the mountains..while the black moon gave me some trouble, all the other many moons have been an almost religious experience...I never get tired of seeing that big gorgeous mysterious phantom in the sky...endless songs and poems have been written about her and it brings me joy

so the latest lunar delight is the brightest Supermoon since 1948...I wasn't alive then so I don't know, but today I am alive and I did get out to watch as it rose rather early...reddish orange then silver then yellow

the moon brings the high tides and makes for enchanted evenings being surrounded by these voices...these beautiful voices

Just what is happening to me
I lie awake with the sound of the sea
Calling to me

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Taming Of The Shrew

Of all things living, a man's the worst

I took a pin and dropped it on the floor but I couldn't hear it you actually CAN'T hear a pin drop because it's too light to make a noticeable sound...

so Wendy was finally able to muster up an opinion about journalism with Donald Trump winning the election..Wendy has relied on cuckoo fire and brimstone Christian fuck Andy Caldwell to write Guest Opinions to distance herself from any scrutiny...

but since Wendy finally picked a winner in Trump, she thinks she's all important now...

well I can cut to the chase for ya Wendy....the election was not rigged...Hillary won the popular vote and Trump won the electoral college votes, so Trump is president-elect

the fact that Wendy's News-Press endorsed Trump means nothing becuze only 4000 people read the News-Press all comes down to the voters and number of electoral votes per state...state by state... some states have more electoral votes and the candidates pour big money in to win favor in those states....the press has very little to do with winning or losing elections in America because as Will Rogers once said "never believe what you read in the newspapers" .... "esp if it's the News-Press"..I said that

"read my grampa's paper or else!"

William Randolph Hearst was a big newspaper publisher who controlled the media during his reign, but then lost it all in the Great Depression....wikipedia: Hearst entered the publishing business in 1887 after being given control of The San Francisco Examiner by his wealthy father. Moving to New York City, he acquired The New York Journal and engaged in a bitter circulation war with Joseph Pulitzer's New York World that led to the creation of yellow journalismsensationalized stories featuring crime, corruption, and sex, and of sometimes dubious veracity.

sound familiar?? Wendy is about as yellow as a banana.... and WRH turned his granddaughter into a terrorist...remember Patty Hearst?? Machine Gun Patty...where is she today? she's a dog show gal!! Jesus Fucking Christ, I think I just solved the dog problem issue!! Wendy and WRH have brainwashed people into owning dogs!! I'll report later

now, Hitler controlled the German press with Nazi propaganda and Wendy wants to do the same..she doesn't want a free press, she wants a controlled press that will spread rightwing propaganda so she can think she is in control..but Wendy must remember, she is not in control, I am

the National Enquirer, a tabloid gossip rag that endorsed Trump and printed crazy headlines about Hillary is a perfect example of rightwing bias and an absurd attempt to influence elections..
oh wait, the Donald won!!

well I can't help it if people are stupid

Monday, November 14, 2016

Me and Baby Jane

oh how we laughed together, trapped in the Grapes of Wrath together

so I'm listening to the radio Sunday morn and they're playing lots of Leon Russell...good! I love Leon Russell...then I hear even more so I figure either he's coming to town for a concert or he died...

from Rita Coolidge's memoir: Delta Lady

Leon Russell died...he was in bad health for awhile so I'm not shocked...but what an interesting cat he leader, producer, songwriter extraordinaire, solo artist and worked on so many Top 40 hits in the sixties..really great songs like This Diamond Ring...and did sessions with everyone from Sinatra to Dylan ..a huge part of the gorgeous sounds coming from that era..a time in music that will never come again

in the early 70s music was pretty loose and brilliant and still a mega- business... and Leon was a big part of it with the Mad Dogs and Englishmen tours...Joe Cocker and Rita Coolidge..get her book, Delta Lady... she tells some great stories...her sister Priscilla was married to Booker T Jones and they all had ranches in Malibu! Leon and Rita were an item for awhile...

Superstar was written by Rita and Leon finished it and the Carpenters, with Karen Carpenter singing, did a lovely version...

Leon with the long white hair and flowing beard and dark glasses looked like a guy from another the 1800s..maybe in a traveling carnival show...

but the early 70s was where he many great songs he did with Cocker and on the solo albums...This Masquerade, Cry Me A River, Song For You, Me and Baby Jane, Rolling in My Sweet Baby's Arms...he was about as gifted as a musician could be! he was a legend

then he fell on some hard times and Elton John lifted him up and out of it...Elton was a big fan of Leon...

pretty good piano players those two...

Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Searchers

well, I plan on getting myself unsurrounded


so I'm watching The Searchers...a great American western with John Wayne...John Ford directed the epic scenes

I hadn't really watched it much before because it's rarely on TV, but tonight I did...that big Carpinteria moon was shining bright outside...when the light hits the waves, it looks like electric eels surfing

so I'm watching the Searchers and see some things that give me a thrill...John Wayne and Olive Carey in a little ranch house...Vera Miles, who played the gorgeous sister of Janet Leigh in Psycho, plays Olive's daughter and she is just on fire beautiful!! Harry Carey, Jr and Natalie Wood rounded out the incredible cast..WOW!!

oh, I love these old westerns....The Searchers is brilliant and disturbing ....and a little odd

I've mentioned Rancho Monte Alegre in the Carpinteria foothills is up for auction in reserve and a $32 million target...having lived on the ranch in the 1990s, I wondered should I bid.. I will if I come up with 32 million dollars

Olive Carey lived on the ranch until she died in the old pink of the owners, a character herself, just loved Olive!

I rented that pink cottage a few years after Olive Carey died..... I had a wild time up there..the most beautiful piece of land I've ever seen..and I heard from the crazy but fun owners at the time that Olive held cocktail parties at her cottage with the likes of John Wayne and Robert Mitchum dropping was Olive who gave John Wayne his break in showbiz and he never forgot her

so I stayed for a few years in a cottage that Olive Carey lived and died in and John Wayne walked and partied in...and they were in the Searchers together... with Vera Miles

Olive left her cool old burgundy piano in the cottage..I'd play it at night..all the lights off except for the one over the had a cover of stained glass and looked eerie and beautiful when lit...

and I'd play that piano and I swear Ollie's ghost was in that cottage

I think about that beautiful place and it still gets me to this day...

Friday, November 11, 2016

End Of The Innocence

who knows how long this will last....

Halloween may be over but I was watching a spooky film called the "Innocents" last night..I'd watch then go play my new conga drum...beat beat beat...I love beating off to keep the spirits's fun!!

but Deborah Kerr was running around scaring the shit outta me and those weird kids were unsettling...possessed long before the Exorcist, but I love Deborah Kerr!

so the scary won't stop and we have two frightful holidays coming up: Thanksgiving and Christmas...I shudder to think where I'll be come late someone's home who doesn't really want me there? everyone wants to be wanted but below the surface is always a tinge of hostility from the host's family..the host may be a sister or brother and of course you love your sisters and brothers but not necessarily the spouses they've you end up showing up the spouse who won't stand up to you in his own house because the wife has all the money!! and if you're not the host, you're the parasite... hahaha..well I can tell you this...there's no fucking way I'm going anywhere for Thanksgiving, esp the inlaws...I've got plenty to be thankful for and it's got nothing to do with eating turkey...if I get invited, I got my excuse


ok so Christmas is less scary than Thanksgiving but the damn Mexicans next door leave the Christmas lights up until March! I expect President Trump will have an idea on how to deal with the Mexican issue...but then again, who's gonna pick the crops that feed the white folks??

and the Jews removed Santa statue from Santa Claus Lane! does Trump like Jews I wonder? maybe he can get Russia to bomb Israel..would that be something?

I miss ol' Santa by the highway in Carpinteria but things change..there was time when they wanted to drain the Salt Marsh and build condos so if enough people care, you can stop change...

but sometimes you can't, but you can don't have to but you can...try..or not

hey, it's 100 degrees outside and I'm eating a fudgsicle!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016


in that case I'll go underground, get some heavy rest

well I may have to go underground to get away from President Trump and all the stoners in California...

roll me over, Romeo..there you go
Oh I voted.. unfortunately so did a bunch of other people..but I voted with a clear conscience

the election was exciting but Hillary lost her virginity and now all pussy is fair game which I guess is pays to be a white male because I never have to worry, 'bout what is worst or what is best...Trump can't deport me and he can't grab my pussy...but if he fucks with the stock market or the working class, I may have to become an outlaw again....


afterwards, I drove around kinda giddy at the historic nature of the election...then I see some early signs of things to come...smoke rising near Summerland..if feels like summer today but the stoners are out...Prop 64, the legalization of Mary Jane, passed..and the stoners knew it yesterday! their cars, in their houses, walking down the know if John Denver hadn't written that stupid song "Rocky Mountain High", this wouldn't be an issue

but at least it will be easier to rape stoned chicks now!

so Salud beat young gun Justin surprise there..yo Justin..yo...and evil woman Kamala Harris won big...Carpinteria School Dist picked up two good people....Joan Hartman beat Bruce Porter for 3RD dist supe..good!

drought? what drought?

the Montecito Water District got two guys supported by the biggest water wasters in do you think these over-manicured gardens look so lush in a drought???

think it's time for a change

hey Mr. DJ.. I just wanna hear some rhythm and blues music, on the radio, on the radio

Sunday, November 6, 2016


celebrate, dance to the music

we get to vote NOV wikileaks, a criminal enterprise; no FOX News; no News-Press jive....just American democracy for you and me

daylight savings time went off without a hitch.. I thought I would wake up at 4:00 AM and pace the floors, unable to sleep...but that didn't happen..I woke up at 3:00 AM in virtual HELL!! so two valiums and a sleeping pill and I was dead to the world until 6:00 AM...and there was light!!

The NRA is a nonprofit that's full of balony...they keep sendng me letters saying Hillary will go after the guns and the 2nd Amendment...but the conservatives are most likely to mess with the Bill Of Rights with their Christian laws trumping the Constitution...

ok need to put down your bibles, go outside and get some fresh air because you're starting to sound can still buy an UZI..BUT...but we may have to check your IQ first...a reasonable request

if you do elect evangelicals, you can be sure they will spend their time trying to control your lives...why? because they got lots of time on their sweaty little hands...they don't want anything in the public arena that makes them uncomfortable..public art, school curriculums, choices for women, what you do in the bedroom with other consenting adults ..I was having sex with a woman once and she started flapping her arms like a bird..I could barely finish I was laughing so hard but what if conservatives outlaw that that type of sexual demonstration? well, you had to see it to believe it

Peter Adam who is on the county Board Of Supes and Justine Fareed who is running for Senate have never had to pay their own mortgages because they never left the nest..that's why Peter Adam supports Justin...these guys simply do not live in the real world..remember it was Adam who had a piece of art removed form the Santa Maria council chambers because he was offended..a violation of the FIRST AMENDMENT!! if anyone is going to mess with the Bill Of Rights, it's the conservatives

Justin Farted?? hahaha!

I saw these signs on a drive through the hills and laughed....Hillary for Prez, Justin Farted  For Congress (someone climbed the avocado fence and changed Justin's name! hahaha) and the American flag flying upside down..some white boys are very distressed...first a black president, then possibly a woman president!!

but the Constitution rules..all men created equal; freedom to practice any religion but there's no established religion to force down America's throat...when Christian terrorists bomb Planned Parenthood, or block access and harrass people, then you see God's Law in action..

the Bill of Rights clearly states in Amendments 1 and 2...Religious establishment prohibited. Freedom of speech, of the press and right to petition

some folks are distressed!

and Amendent II says a well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed

so it seems that the Founders left some wiggle room for interpretation...but mainly they were concerned about securing free states having just broken free from British a WELL-REGULATED militia will be needed...and they will need arms to secure free states..

in a case where that security may be threatened (like from America's invasions into sovereign countries), the people can keep and bear arms..but not to kill people you don't like, like your neighbors

this election should fill each of us with celebration!!

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Rikki Don't Lose That Number

send it off in a letter to yourself....

so I got up early and did my seems the only place I'm truly happy is at the laundromat...

then off to the beach to check out the high surf..not necessarily high waves but yeah the surf was up and the day was was rather nice but the five year heat wave is perplexing..I guess I'll give all my winter clothes to Goodwill...brand new fleece, lambswool sweaters and leather jackets just make me sweat when it's 80 degrees outside all the what's the opposite of global warming? global cooling? certainly don't want to be cold all the time either..these politicians need to figure it out...meanwhile, I'm Dreaming of a Hot Christmas

ok so I'm reading the Independent and see the light...Rickie Lee Jones and Madeleine Peyroux playing at the Arlington Theater in March heart races..I go online to get tickets and Ticketmaster is fucking with me as usual and then my computer starts fucking with me then my TV so I tell them all to fuck off, jump in my truck and hightail it to the Arlington to get tickets...surely mine will deliver me there....

Swing Low, Saint Cadillac

I love the Arlington..they haven't messed it up like they did the Granada..the Arlington is GORGEOUS!! and I can't wait to see Rickie Lee Jones...she muscled her way into the music scene back in the 1980s, added some sweet street jazz and is well-established as brilliant all the way around...

so I check out SB a little while I'm here..lotsa babes and some weird guys in slim-fit's like they go to the little boys section to buy their clothes..guys, your clothes don't fit!!

Here I'm going / Walkin' with my baby in my arms / 'cause I am in the wrong end of the eight ball black

then I see some wine bottle corks at the base of a downtown tree....I can't explain other than to suggest the hipsters drink wine and dump their corks here...then polish their tattoos and groom their dogs... broken like valiums and chumps in the rain that cry and quiver

I get some sage and cedar at Paradise Found... I burn these while I'm meditating or hyper-ventilating and I bought a cool ring too because today, I feel cool

Concrete is wheeling by, Down at the end of a lullaby, On the Night Train

Thursday, November 3, 2016


you better take care...

I was out sitting last night watching the moon and Venus thru the trees....a little after sundown...then watched the Cubs win...then back outside...beautiful night..then I hear we got high surf coming..

then I check my lottey ticket and I WON 20 bucks!! 20 BUCKS!! I'm finally a WINNER!

now I know that SBCC has fallen on hard times recently with bad management and trustee decisions..and Adult Education isn't what it used to be...years ago, Wendy and Nipper tried to buy some influence because they thought Adult Ed was too radical..well, it wasn't was a nice way to spend an evening.. I went to a few classes, not to learn, but to scope out women...those were the good ol' days

but today, I received an Adult Education's called the Center For Lifelong Learning now...I browsed through it and was mortified by some of the classes...under Psychology and Spirituality, they got a class called: Create Your Own Luck-Three Easy Steps
WTF?? 3 easy steps??

look both ways before crossing the street..I'm talking to the dogs, lady

and then there's the other class that disturbed me: Doggy and Me: 5 NEW Workshops
these people say "We always want to bring our furbabies with us, and now you can"

WTF?? Dog Training and Life Skills for Our Canine Friends...

life skills for dogs??? are you fucking kidding me!! dogs lick asses and hump legs...some people have this unnatural irrational fixation on dogs that may have started with trustfunder Paris Hilton..she used little dogs as fashion accessories and dumb blondes in their fifties like Wendy became enamored with this peculiar behavior..and tried to duplicate it throughout America

with this weird attitude that puts dogs on a higher level than kids and they may have succeeded

but you know what? I kinda feel sorry for the dogs

Tuesday, November 1, 2016


we got married in a fever, hotter than a pepper sprout

so I closed out October and Halloween with The Haunting and The Hound Of The Baskervilles..both classics and thoroughly enjoyable

I see that Sue Burrows died..she was on the board and served as Chair for the Montecito Planning Association a while run-ins with Sue were always pleasant and though I didn't know her personally, I liked her and her way on the boards ...she was smart and a real nice lady...real classy!

cool Sue Burrows

now for the record, I have tens if not twenties of emails on my computer...

this FBI Director Comey appears to be an idiot with the femme-painted eyebrows, moronic expressions and email fixation....if there is a problem with Hillary, then go through the proper legal channels and resolve it instead of running around like a chicken with his head cut off! he's worse than that J. Edgar Hoover freak

and bring me the head of Julian Assange from wikileaks..American Enemy Number One..why isn't the FBI and Comey going after him???

so it rained.. I actually saw it fall from the sky and hit the ground although it is rather warm outside, I'll take it


I went to the pharmacy and as I was leaving, thought I saw Nancy Sinatra coming in..she looked right at me..she's only 5'3" and about 76 years old but I'm a fan..loved all her cool songs on the radio...

so I hung around CVS, looking suspicious, waiting for a good picture but Nancy left with a guy in car with Washington license plates

Frank Sinatra used to spend time in Washington

but I wonder if he ever spent time in Jackson?