Thursday, November 3, 2016


you better take care...

I was out sitting last night watching the moon and Venus thru the trees....a little after sundown...then watched the Cubs win...then back outside...beautiful night..then I hear we got high surf coming..

then I check my lottey ticket and I WON 20 bucks!! 20 BUCKS!! I'm finally a WINNER!

now I know that SBCC has fallen on hard times recently with bad management and trustee decisions..and Adult Education isn't what it used to be...years ago, Wendy and Nipper tried to buy some influence because they thought Adult Ed was too radical..well, it wasn't was a nice way to spend an evening.. I went to a few classes, not to learn, but to scope out women...those were the good ol' days

but today, I received an Adult Education's called the Center For Lifelong Learning now...I browsed through it and was mortified by some of the classes...under Psychology and Spirituality, they got a class called: Create Your Own Luck-Three Easy Steps
WTF?? 3 easy steps??

look both ways before crossing the street..I'm talking to the dogs, lady

and then there's the other class that disturbed me: Doggy and Me: 5 NEW Workshops
these people say "We always want to bring our furbabies with us, and now you can"

WTF?? Dog Training and Life Skills for Our Canine Friends...

life skills for dogs??? are you fucking kidding me!! dogs lick asses and hump legs...some people have this unnatural irrational fixation on dogs that may have started with trustfunder Paris Hilton..she used little dogs as fashion accessories and dumb blondes in their fifties like Wendy became enamored with this peculiar behavior..and tried to duplicate it throughout America

with this weird attitude that puts dogs on a higher level than kids and they may have succeeded

but you know what? I kinda feel sorry for the dogs

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