Sunday, November 6, 2016


celebrate, dance to the music

we get to vote NOV wikileaks, a criminal enterprise; no FOX News; no News-Press jive....just American democracy for you and me

daylight savings time went off without a hitch.. I thought I would wake up at 4:00 AM and pace the floors, unable to sleep...but that didn't happen..I woke up at 3:00 AM in virtual HELL!! so two valiums and a sleeping pill and I was dead to the world until 6:00 AM...and there was light!!

The NRA is a nonprofit that's full of balony...they keep sendng me letters saying Hillary will go after the guns and the 2nd Amendment...but the conservatives are most likely to mess with the Bill Of Rights with their Christian laws trumping the Constitution...

ok need to put down your bibles, go outside and get some fresh air because you're starting to sound can still buy an UZI..BUT...but we may have to check your IQ first...a reasonable request

if you do elect evangelicals, you can be sure they will spend their time trying to control your lives...why? because they got lots of time on their sweaty little hands...they don't want anything in the public arena that makes them uncomfortable..public art, school curriculums, choices for women, what you do in the bedroom with other consenting adults ..I was having sex with a woman once and she started flapping her arms like a bird..I could barely finish I was laughing so hard but what if conservatives outlaw that that type of sexual demonstration? well, you had to see it to believe it

Peter Adam who is on the county Board Of Supes and Justine Fareed who is running for Senate have never had to pay their own mortgages because they never left the nest..that's why Peter Adam supports Justin...these guys simply do not live in the real world..remember it was Adam who had a piece of art removed form the Santa Maria council chambers because he was offended..a violation of the FIRST AMENDMENT!! if anyone is going to mess with the Bill Of Rights, it's the conservatives

Justin Farted?? hahaha!

I saw these signs on a drive through the hills and laughed....Hillary for Prez, Justin Farted  For Congress (someone climbed the avocado fence and changed Justin's name! hahaha) and the American flag flying upside down..some white boys are very distressed...first a black president, then possibly a woman president!!

but the Constitution rules..all men created equal; freedom to practice any religion but there's no established religion to force down America's throat...when Christian terrorists bomb Planned Parenthood, or block access and harrass people, then you see God's Law in action..

the Bill of Rights clearly states in Amendments 1 and 2...Religious establishment prohibited. Freedom of speech, of the press and right to petition

some folks are distressed!

and Amendent II says a well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed

so it seems that the Founders left some wiggle room for interpretation...but mainly they were concerned about securing free states having just broken free from British a WELL-REGULATED militia will be needed...and they will need arms to secure free states..

in a case where that security may be threatened (like from America's invasions into sovereign countries), the people can keep and bear arms..but not to kill people you don't like, like your neighbors

this election should fill each of us with celebration!!

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