Friday, November 25, 2016

Black Friday

the archbishop gonna sanctify me

so it's the day after Thanksgiving, or Black Friday as we call it..millions of turkeys were killed so fat Americans could feed and feast for the holiday....and give thanks but some seem confused as to what we are giving thanks for...the News-Press thinks we give thanks for the Judeo-Christian principles the USA was founded upon..actually the guest opinion evangelical soothsayer Andy Caldwell thinks that and a bunch of other crazy stuff about religion and the gov't....I won't even go into it but at least Trump isn't God Blessing America every five minutes..freedom of religion also means no religious establishment

after a big turkey dinner, exercise is wise!

what is Thanksgiving?? if you're white, it means you have a great big dinner, one of your rich relatives gives you some money, and the next day you go shopping for Black Friday deals...if you're black, Thanksgiving means nothing..if you're Mexican, no more gravy...if you are white trash, Thanksgiving means you might get killed on Black Friday fighting over an item at Walmart with another piece of white trash...

and if you're a Christian, Thankgiving means you get to judge everyone else and try to make them feel guilty for something

but in reality, Thanksgiving is all about the Harvest thanks for the bounty...and it was started over in old England, the guys we fought to get our's got nothing to do with Judeo Christian values or shopping...the Judeo Christians bastardized the origianl intent of Thanksgiving and turned it into a shopping holiday...the love of money is the root of all evil but it is useless to explain that to these money-grubbing God-Fearers who preach on TV and ask for donations...


these evangelical sonsabitches are turkeys!

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