Saturday, November 5, 2016

Rikki Don't Lose That Number

send it off in a letter to yourself....

so I got up early and did my seems the only place I'm truly happy is at the laundromat...

then off to the beach to check out the high surf..not necessarily high waves but yeah the surf was up and the day was was rather nice but the five year heat wave is perplexing..I guess I'll give all my winter clothes to Goodwill...brand new fleece, lambswool sweaters and leather jackets just make me sweat when it's 80 degrees outside all the what's the opposite of global warming? global cooling? certainly don't want to be cold all the time either..these politicians need to figure it out...meanwhile, I'm Dreaming of a Hot Christmas

ok so I'm reading the Independent and see the light...Rickie Lee Jones and Madeleine Peyroux playing at the Arlington Theater in March heart races..I go online to get tickets and Ticketmaster is fucking with me as usual and then my computer starts fucking with me then my TV so I tell them all to fuck off, jump in my truck and hightail it to the Arlington to get tickets...surely mine will deliver me there....

Swing Low, Saint Cadillac

I love the Arlington..they haven't messed it up like they did the Granada..the Arlington is GORGEOUS!! and I can't wait to see Rickie Lee Jones...she muscled her way into the music scene back in the 1980s, added some sweet street jazz and is well-established as brilliant all the way around...

so I check out SB a little while I'm here..lotsa babes and some weird guys in slim-fit's like they go to the little boys section to buy their clothes..guys, your clothes don't fit!!

Here I'm going / Walkin' with my baby in my arms / 'cause I am in the wrong end of the eight ball black

then I see some wine bottle corks at the base of a downtown tree....I can't explain other than to suggest the hipsters drink wine and dump their corks here...then polish their tattoos and groom their dogs... broken like valiums and chumps in the rain that cry and quiver

I get some sage and cedar at Paradise Found... I burn these while I'm meditating or hyper-ventilating and I bought a cool ring too because today, I feel cool

Concrete is wheeling by, Down at the end of a lullaby, On the Night Train

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