Friday, November 11, 2016

End Of The Innocence

who knows how long this will last....

Halloween may be over but I was watching a spooky film called the "Innocents" last night..I'd watch then go play my new conga drum...beat beat beat...I love beating off to keep the spirits's fun!!

but Deborah Kerr was running around scaring the shit outta me and those weird kids were unsettling...possessed long before the Exorcist, but I love Deborah Kerr!

so the scary won't stop and we have two frightful holidays coming up: Thanksgiving and Christmas...I shudder to think where I'll be come late someone's home who doesn't really want me there? everyone wants to be wanted but below the surface is always a tinge of hostility from the host's family..the host may be a sister or brother and of course you love your sisters and brothers but not necessarily the spouses they've you end up showing up the spouse who won't stand up to you in his own house because the wife has all the money!! and if you're not the host, you're the parasite... hahaha..well I can tell you this...there's no fucking way I'm going anywhere for Thanksgiving, esp the inlaws...I've got plenty to be thankful for and it's got nothing to do with eating turkey...if I get invited, I got my excuse


ok so Christmas is less scary than Thanksgiving but the damn Mexicans next door leave the Christmas lights up until March! I expect President Trump will have an idea on how to deal with the Mexican issue...but then again, who's gonna pick the crops that feed the white folks??

and the Jews removed Santa statue from Santa Claus Lane! does Trump like Jews I wonder? maybe he can get Russia to bomb Israel..would that be something?

I miss ol' Santa by the highway in Carpinteria but things change..there was time when they wanted to drain the Salt Marsh and build condos so if enough people care, you can stop change...

but sometimes you can't, but you can don't have to but you can...try..or not

hey, it's 100 degrees outside and I'm eating a fudgsicle!!

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