Thursday, January 30, 2014

Lady Godiva

Her long blonde hair
hanging down around her knees
All the cats who dig striptease
praying for a little breeze

I've heard that some people take fifteen minute of the the City of SB water girls reminds us that a 15 minute shower uses about 30 gals of water..a gallon of water weighs about 8.34 lbs....that's 250 lbs of water!!! who does she think she is, Lady Godiva?? I've seen the water girls at SB city council meetings and they're pretty smart but a little spooky...

with the drought front and center in the news these days, I wonder about people who would take 15 min showers...30 gallon showers

Lady Godiva might to clean her long hair....real dirty black girls maybe need the long showers...

my showers are about two minutes long..that's about 4 gallons of water used to keep me clean versus 30 galls to keep some other people clean....

why should I subsidize your dirtiness?? your filth??

you can throw mud at me, throw dirt at me but still all I need to clean up is about 4 gallons of water...

now, for you, three minutes in the shower tops...and never look a gift horse in the mouth...

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Turn Turn Turn

To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven:

the only reason I own a banjo is because of Pete Seeger..I pick it up and try to play it now and then and pretend I'm a great folk singer! it's better to sing to kids than drop bombs on them!

House Unamerican Activities Committee
August 18, 1955
Pete Seeger

commie Pete sings to a bunch of little commies!
A Subcommittee of the Committee on Un-American Activities met at 10 a.m., in room 1703 of the Federal Building, Foley Square, New York, New York, the Honorable Francis E. Walter (Chairman) presiding.
Committee members present: Representatives Walter, Edwin E. Willis, and Gordon H. Scherer.
Staff members present: Frank S. Tavenner, Jr., Counsel; Donald T. Appell and Frank Bonora, Investigators; and Thomas W. Beale, Sr., Chief Clerk. (did these fucks spawn the Tea Party??)

MR. TAVENNER: When and where were you born, Mr. Seeger?

MR. SEEGER: I was born in New York in 1919.

MR. TAVENNER: What is your profession or occupation?

MR. SEEGER: Well, I have worked at many things, and my main profession is a student of American folklore, and I make my living as a banjo picker-sort of damning, in some people's opinion

MR. TAVENNER Has New York been your headquarters for a considerable period of time?

MR. SEEGER: No, I lived here only rarely until I left school, and after a year or two or a few years living here after World War II I got back to the country, where I always felt more at home.

MR. TAVENNER: You say that you were in the Armed Forces of the United States?

MR. SEEGER: About three and a half years.

MR. TAVENNER: Will you tell us please the period of your service?

MR. SEEGER: I went in in July 1942 and I was mustered out in December 1945.

MR. TAVENNER: Did you attain the rank of an officer?

MR. SEEGER: No. After about a year I made Pfc, and just before I got out I got to be T-5, which is in the equivilant of a corporal's rating, a long hard pull.

MR. TAVENNER: Mr. Seeger, prior to your entry in the service in 1942, were you engaged in the practice of your profession in the area of New York?

MR. SEEGER: It is hard to call it a profession. I kind of drifted into it and I never intended to be a musician, and I am glad I am one now, and it is a very honorable profession, but when I started out actually I wanted to be a newspaperman, and when I left school --

CHAIRMAN WALTER: Will you answer the question, please?

MR. SEEGER: I have to explain that it really wasn't my profession, I picked up a little change in it.

CHAIRMAN WALTER: Did you practice your profession?

MR. SEEGER: I sang for people, yes, before World War II, and I also did as early as 1925.

MR. TAVENNER: And upon your return from the service in December of 1945, you continued in your profession?

MR. SEEGER: I continued singing, and I expect I always will.

MR. TAVENNER: The Committee has information obtained in part from the Daily Worker indicating that, over a period of time, especially since December of 1945, you took part in numerous entertainment features. I have before me a photostatic copy of the June 20, 1947, issue of the Daily Worker. In a column entitled "What's On" appears this advertisement: "Tonight-Bronx, hear Peter Seeger and his guitar, at Allerton Section housewarming." May I ask you whether or not the Allerton Section was a section of the Communist Party?

MR. SEEGER: Sir, I refuse to answer that question whether it was a quote from the New York Times or the Vegetarian Journal.

MR. TAVENNER: I don't believe there is any more authoritative document in regard to the Communist Party than its official organ, the Daily Worker.

MR. SCHERER: He hasn't answered the question, and he merely said he wouldn't answer whether the article appeared in the New York Times or some other magazine. I ask you to direct the witness to answer the question.

CHAIRMAN WALTER: I direct you to answer.

MR. SEEGER: Sir, the whole line of questioning-

CHAIRMAN WALTER: You have only been asked one question, so far.

MR. SEEGER: I am not going to answer any questions as to my association, my philosophical or religious beliefs or my political beliefs, or how I voted in any election, or any of these private affairs. I think these are very improper questions for any American to be asked, especially under such compulsion as this. I would be very glad to tell you my life if you want to hear of it.

"Largely misunderstood by his critics, including the US government, for his views on peace, unionism, civil rights and ecology, Seeger was targeted by the communist witch hunt of the Fifties. He was picketed, protested, blacklisted, and, in spite of his enormous popularity, banned from American television for more than 17 years. With a combination of never-before-seen archival footage and personal films made by Seeger and his wife, PETE SEEGER: POWER OF SONG chronicles the life of this legendary artist and political activist."

picketed, protested blacklisted and that's a cool legacy!!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Indian Summer

one wife will make you happy, two will make you dead....

now I've said that Andy may have taken the place of Travis in Wendy's heart...but probabbly Wendy is just stringing Andy along...always the guest...Wendy and Travis were true soulmates which is ironic since neither of them possessed any soul!!

Travis is the former editor of the News-Press and he's a gay Indian to boot...not that there's anything wrong with that, it's just that I don't have too much in common with queer injuns...

ok..oh and we know that Travis, like most Indians, had a booze problem and got busted by the Santa Barbara cops for DUI-driving the wrong way up a one-way street..perhaps a metaphor for the gay Indian thing...wrong way-one way

but Wendy wanted to protect her boy Travis and tried to kill stories about his irresponsible behavior...and that's why Wendy is mad at the cops to this day for busting all her druggie friends...that's why Wendy allowed hack Peter Lance to publish his delusional account of his own DUI arrest on the front page of the News-Press...a multi-part series that tried unsuccessfully to smear the arresting officer, Kasi Wendy's little mind, it was all payback to the SB cops for arresting Travis! the vengeful Wendy got egg all over her face and the latest is Roger Durling, the mastermind behind the SB Film Festival, just did a nice interview with Kasi Beutel in the Independent...Kasi strikes fear in wimpy drunk men everywhere!!

now I hear that Travis Armstrong is writing again for the Desert Sun in Palm Springs..or at least he wrote an op-ed piece...but methinks Travis has undergone some transformation...or maybe Wendy has regressed...

this editorial is from the days Travis was at the you think it would be allowed today?? I don't think so since Wendy is now using FOX News as her source!!

"No time for cowboy justice"

Santa Barbara News-Press editorial:

Patriotism after Sept. 11 means never criticizing the president's war plans, no matter how misguided they might be. At least that's the thinking of the Bush administration and military hawks. But the Constitution still guarantees free speech and political dissension regardless of today's political climate. Now is the time for Americans to speak up and question President George W. Bush's plans for Iraq. Every day brings more news reports, White House leaks and speculation that an attack might be coming ...

so Travis says he's a member of the Leech Lake Reservation Band of Ojibwe of the Minnesota Chippewa them and see all the problems abuse and trafficking, drug issues..

"To sum everything up in a few sentences: By comparing notes and experiences, conducting my own research into the history ICWA and specifically child welfare on Leech Lake, and after having my partner's "traditionally adopted" daughter abducted from us this summer, we now have a very good idea about what the kids are being used for: money, money, money and sex, sex, sex. This money supports gangs, casinos, corrupt relatives, corrupt non-relatives, sex trafficking operations, sexual abuse/incest, tribal governments and political agendas."

the problem with Travis and Wendy is they are so anti-gov't, they printed lies about public workers and wouldn't print my letters to them way back I started this blog to parody their lies... and the rest is hysterical....

one thing I hate is hypocrites..and Team Wendy is full of them!! and full of shit

Monday, January 27, 2014

I think it's gonna rain today....

human kindness is overflowing

well it rained yesterday as I predicted...Droughtman? How about Rainman...


- so umbrellas- yah are good for catching rain yah -if you're thirsty yaeah....


- I'm not doin' anything on Wednesday. - Yeah, Wednesday.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

I'll Follow the Sun

tomorrow may rain...

well you've heard of Superman, Batman, Survivorman, Mighty Mouse and  Felix the Cat...look up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane and there ain't no it must be Droughtman!!!

yes Droughtman.. I am Droughtman... I will hike and travel the back roads of California to see who's drought tolerant and who ain't...well there's S&S Seeds of Carp...not drought tolerant as they water the lawns in the warm sun on Saturday morning.......don't they provide native seeds to all the native cultists?? BOYCOTT S&S Seeds..

further on down the road I see some cactus plants....and I see a puddle in an ag field...I run down to the puddle and take a sip to whet my whistle...then I cut into the cactus...OUCH!! them pricklers are sharp so you need to be careful, but the cactus is holding some moisture...I'll check my field guide book to see what I can do with a cactus....

S&S Seeds is bad news!!
now we know that Wendy is weird and got rich the old fashioned way: big divorce payout...there oughta be a law against that...getting married and divorced to get rich....where are her morals??? but I'm reading the News-Press and I get to the World Section...the stories are from Rupert Murdoch's FOX News ...and the Washington Times...FOX News tells righwingers what they want to hear and the Washington Times was once owned by the Rev Sun Young Moon...and I remember the folks who followed the Sun were Wendy a Moonie??

In 1973 the Moons moved their headquarters to Tarrytown, N.Y., from which they operated an international network of businesses. Reverend Moon began to get involved with politics, and his strong anti-communist feelings and his willingness to spend his money strategically gained him acceptance into many political circles. Moon give a series of public speeches, including one in Madison Square Garden in New York City in 1974 and two in 1976: In Yankee Stadium in New York City, and on the grounds of the Washington Monument in Washington D.C., where he spoke on "God's Hope for America."

One of Moon's early converts would come to be tremendously influential in the spread of Unificationism in America. Young Oon Kim, known as Miss Kim, was prone to seeing visions in her youth and came to believe she had a religious role of importance to fulfill in the world. She was especially interested in the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg (which influenced New Thought), and even reported receiving visits from him in visions. Wendy in fact Miss Kim?? well, I'm on the road to find out for nothing will slip under the radar of...DROUGHTMAN!!!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

let it rain

let it rain...let your love rain down on me

when I was hiking around the Carp Bluffs recently I was appalled to see a row of scrawy sycamores getting watered at about 10:00 AM on a was another hot day..these trees were planted about four years ago (!) as part of the native-only theme..they even got their own little irrigation system...and the PVC lines weren't even installed below ground making an easy trip hazard!! and the native trees are still puny....what a total waste of resources.....any plant on the bluffs should be able to live on its own without water and witout help from the native -only cultists

Carp Bluffs wastes water

the salt cedar they ripped out did just fine...the eucalyptus do just's the so-called native plants that are struggling..and the reason is the soil is salty and there's a drought...survival of the fittest....just because they label it native doesn't meant it will survive or it's drought resistant...

the way the bluffs looked before native-cultists came

the way the bluffs should look is full of plants of all and lush even without water...I wonder where those plants went? oh they'll be back when the winds and rains come and they will grow without anybody's help...

but they won't grow with interference from the plant police...

so whoever is watering the plants on the Bluffs in a drought....

knock it off..I'm paying for that too dummies!!!

Friday, January 24, 2014


Heaven fell from the sky tonight There were virgins in my backyard chasing angels with fire sticks

if it wasn't for the beard and towel around his head, this al-Qaida dufus Ayman al Zawahri reminds me alot of COLAB's Andy Caldwell..hear me out now...

smell my finger, infidels!!
they both talk alot and babble and ramble on about nonsense..they both belong to terrorist religious organizations: the News-Press and al-Qaida and hang out rich oil barrons...Cowboy WiIlie and Brooks are Andy's sugar daddies and Wendy is his sugar mommie...

so I check the Andy Caldwell Show on facebook ..a show provided by Wendy and a show that Andy solicits money for on the COLAB site....the IRS is looking into that

Just off the press! Introducing the NEW "COLAB Magazine!" We are excited about our new magazine and hope you will be pleased too. Please share it with others and ask them to consider joining COLAB.

Download the NEW COLAB Magazine's first issue!

well, I tried to download the mag but the file was bad...dumbass COLAB terrorists!!

now Andy was mad at a guy named Mac for using hyperbole to describe Andy's anti-environment rhetoric and hyperbole! Andy kisses up to Wendy alot in his guest opinion role at the News-Press and claims that only Wendy provides an open forum for a discussion of ideas via her newspaper and radio station...huh? AM 1290 is consistently at the bottom of the ratings pile!

well just check the Andy Caldwell Show facebook page and you'll see all kinds of weird stuff.. a racist cartoon about Obama...some child-sex fixation..Andy claims that Wisconsin public schools are teaching children about masturbation...of course that's not true but you get the idea what a sick puppy this Andy Caldwell is...the religious nuts wanted to teach abstinence as part of sex education which means if a kid had a question about sex, it would not get answered....the current system merely provides guidelines to answer those tougher questions...why is Andy fixated on sex and children, anyway??

remember Andy, honesty is the best policy

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

so tough

He had a fun experience / Nothing he does ever makes sense / He is only curious / Don't take it serious / (So tough)

most of the 9/11 terrorists were from oil rich Saudi Arabia...the Prince and President Bush were seen holding hands and kissing in an abhorrent public display of affection...

 oil is the elixir of seems we have some eco-terrorists in our as in economic...the Grand Jury suggested the county tax oil at a dollar a barrel in Santa Maria, the new Saudi Arabia...but the eco-terrorists from COLAB, the SB County Taxpayer Ass, the News-Press and others gathered together and forced the Board of Supes not to put the tax initiative on the June ballot..that money was desperately needed to fund the retirement of county bureaucrats, but now transients and tourists will have to foot the bill with more TOT taxes....

when gas goes from $3.75 to $4.50 in one day, you know something is wrong..the market is being manipulated and the consumer is getting screwed....there's plenty oil and gasoline prices should never go over $2.00 per gallon....but the oil terrorists have one ultimate goal: destroy Mother Earth ..they do this with pollution and so-called mineral rights...people do not have mineral rights, Nature does..and besides, oil is not a mineral, so how can it have any rights??

the oil people in Santa Maria are terrorists..they will plot to destroy the earth, they will gather at Vandenburg Air Force Base, and they will wait for the second coming of Christ...they tell me "God is Great"... is he?

well I'm not concerned really..I don't use oil any least not that kind..I use olive oil to lube and a mixture of vodka and olive oil to gas my truck...

me and Olive were driving around yesterday and she looked at me and says "I feel like a tossed salad"...I looked over at her and said "you look like one!"

we both burst out laughing so hard I almost hit the new bus stop in front of the zoo...that's a dumb place for blocks the entrance making accidents more likely!!

well, as we drove home I pulled up to the Montecito roundabout and ahead of me was a really awesome looking car..the license plate read was a TESLA! first one I've seen and boy it looks sharp..powerful and quiet it shot through the roundabout like a cue ball..

I gotta get one...maybe Wendy could buy me one and we'll call it even....the TESLA stock is about $175/share and even though a few batteries are prone to spontaneous combustion, the Tesla is worth the risk..and it's electric!!

Olive sure would look tough in one

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

singing in the rain

what a glorious feeling, I'm ha-ha-happy again

now last year I warned people that Casitas Lake was low... when I went up to check the bald eagle I was concerned at the low lake level....during the recent city council election in Santa Barbara, the candidates were fixated on the homeless and unions while I was waiting in vain for them to talk about the impending one said a word...all they did was offer empty stupid campaign promises and do karaoke at local bars...promises...I never promise anything to anybody, I will guarantee that...

ok so when all the priests and pastors and bishops and north county farmers gathered somewhere in a country church to pray for rain, I wonder were they sacrificing serpents too? Rick Perry the dumbass governor of Texas called for prayer to end the Texas drought...thank God this guy isn't going to run again and a gal, Wendy Davis, seeks to replace him.....Texas is a great state and in dire need of leadership, not evangelicals...

prayer is an inner spiritual dialogue, not something you use to ask for things...Jesus was a homeless, socialist hippie who offered this: seek and ye shall find.....Santa Claus was a fat capitalist..maybe these bible thumping yahoos should ask Santa for rain!! SANTA=SATAN

neither Santa nor Jesus will provide the rain just because we think we need it...what we need is to reduce growth, over- building, and all the waste...

so I went out to the creeks and they are bone dry...the tree limbs are breaking and falling...tree limbs....hmmmm...tree limbs yield branches so I found a good one and fashioned my own divining rod...

I waved my rod around like a crazed teabagger while hiking the creek ...I pointed my rod at the sky!! I pointed my rod at the ground...rain is here! water is here and rain is forthcoming...

I saw some gals on bicycles heading down the back road by the creek, so I pointed my rod at them too....oh the power!! oh, the glory of it all!!!

remember: water is life, don't waste like water and seek your own level, that's my advice...

Monday, January 20, 2014

I'm Leaving It Up To You

Dear News-Press,

re: letters policy

EX 2

 I 'd like to bring to your attention some matters that I find disturbing, confusing, upsetting and outrageous...on Sunday, January 19, 2014 (Exhibit 1) there was a letter to the editor by some whackjob from Bakersfield claimed God is punishing us for our sins..and unless we repent he gonna be holding back the rain..

EX 1
 ok, then on Monday January 20th, (Exhibit 2) the same whackjob from Bakersfield writes another letter to the editor...just about saying the same thing only this time with bible quotes!! look, it's pretty simple: Christians need to stop molesting children, then the fucking rains will come!!

now, the News-Press letters policy clearly indicates limit submissions to one every thirty days..and you will not print submissions that lack a civil tone or allege illegal wrongdoing...(vs legal wrongdoing, Wendy??)

on January 1st, 2014, the owner of this paper violated the submission policy with a lack of civility to our south county supervisors and accusations of terrorism by some eco-punks!!

so my question is WTF is the editor doing all day, jerking off in his office while watching FOX News???

geez people... get on the ball....let's start the New Year on a better note....

I have a DREAM!!!

and it concerns a college co-ed....

is the new strategy by the News-Press to print slutty stories by slutty correspondents to increase circulation numbers?? the circulation is at an all-time low... is that why employees can't get a raise??? we'll see

so the News-Press is offering helpful hints for students who need some extra cash: not do a car wash or hold a bake sale, but....become a prostitute! well girls before you go find yourselves a sugar daddy, I would hope you explore other opportunities...

but there on the front page was the story by Sara Bush...must be that slutty looking blonde chick who used to work for KEYT and now is a News-Press correspondent...but according to the story, there's website called that can hook up students with wealthy older men for tuition help...the coeds exchange sex for money...kinda like what Nipper does with Wendy...Wendy gives Nipper money and I assume they have sex although I can't see how or why these two could possibly have sex...maybe guys from the Young Miss America Foundation come over to Hope Ranch and service Wendy???

well I checked out the website and it says you can get a sugar mommie, sugar daddie or even a sugar babie!! I used to eat those when I was a kid..sugar babies..mmmmm!! so I tried to use the website ya know for research and none of the links worked!! then they took me to a generic site then an ad site...the site was nonsensical!!

so I'm thinkin' that Sara made the whole thing up...maybe Sara's got her eye on Nipper! or even Wendy!!! gimme some sugar babay!!!

I was at Von's earlier and I saw this lovely young woman..she was texting and standing in front of the oranges...the problem was I wanted some oranges, so I looked at her for a minute and gently swooshed her over a few inches (without touching her) while I grabbed the thing I know she's following me around the store right up to the check-out stand...I look over at her and she looks down and smiles...well, I got a hundred dirty thoughts racing through my mind as I pull out my wallet to pay the clerk... and there's no way the orange gal would fuck me unless I paid her a stipend, not that she looked like a whore..she didn't ..she was young, dark haired, healthy and beautiful...a college student... a co-ed..I was really interested in the content of her character, not the color of her hair

now if she came right out and asked me to be her sugar daddy, I 'd say no and tell her to go out and find a guy her own age and live a passionate, healthy for a living...stay away from the thief, the beggar, the saint and the liar

at least I hope I'd say that

Saturday, January 18, 2014

I'll Be Back Again

I wanna go, but I hate to leave you

that was one of the songs she sang..the great old Beatles song..she sang to me, she sang to me

I was looking forward to seeing Shawn Colvin at the Lobero so off I went to the 8:00 PM show...first some dinner at the Cafe with some visiting karate masters from the republic of Chad, then to the Lobero...

Friday night and the parking is pretty tight so I parked on this is the famous Santa Barbara night life on a warm winter's evening...pretty cool...where are the gangsters? where are the drunks?

I hung out on the Lobero sidewalk and a homeless lady came up to me and we chatted for awhile...she likes the old Lobero entrance and so do I...the new improved facade is ok..but there's two little booze booths can drink but you can't bring it in the theater...

uh Encore Lobero, lose the alcohol's a tacky and tasteless distraction

ok so the doors open and the place looks good... but big screens on the walls are advertising banks and wine ...geez is that really necessary? ok the new seats are more comfortable but still if you're six feet tall or over, you can't stretch your legs out...same problem as the old seats!!

then a guy in a business suit comes out on stage and talks some jive and says no cameras....respect the artist and your neighbors, he says...I mutter something under my breath that I can't even repeat here

ok so Shawn Colvin comes out and the show woman with a guitar..I was fixated on her for two this chick is good..her voice is flawless and guitar playing superior..she is old school..the real deal...even with a few microphone issues-cutting in and out- the sound system was crystal clear and superb......after a few songs Shawn started talking and telling stories and joking with the full house....

"These Four Walls" she played off her album of the same name...this song is seriously beautiful...I was spellbound..

then after an hour, Shawn says she's got a friend she invited to sing a few songs with her and Jackson Browne walks out on stage with an old guitar....the crowds hoots and hollers....

so there's about fifteen ushers guiding people to their seats and one gal usher wearing some erotic perfume sits next to me..I was looking for an opportunity to take a picture and when Jackson walked on stage, I whipped it out..the usher gal looked at me like I committed a crime....I told her "sorry" and she said well as long as I don't keep doing it...taking pictures that is..I said "don't worry" ...don't worry baby

so Jackson Brown and Shawn did a few songs and Jackson stopped once and "whoops I fucked up the guitar part" and started again...he heaped a bunch of praise on Shawn and said he was a big fan like the rest of us...Shawn said "well it doesn't get any better than this"....

so after two hours, the show ended...thunderous applause brought her back for an encore, and Shawn did three more songs...this gal from Texas, this doting mom to a 15 year old daughter, this crazy gypsy favorite aunt, this fiercely independent musician is a master of this art form...

and it's something we must never, ever lose

Friday, January 17, 2014

another one bites the dust

and another one's gone....

well I see the weekly freebie Sentinel, Montecito Journal's sissy publication is going that is this the beginning of the end for the fledgling paper? the owner is Jim Buckley and the paper is run by sonny boy Timmy Buckley..that's right, Timmy's daddy bought him a little paper....well if you can call it that....the Sentinel hooked up with the online Santa Barbara View but I still don't know why....

the Sentinel is mostly frat boy nonsense..a silly, worthless rag that promotes alcohol abuse..endless articles about beer and the Funk Zone wineries and cutesy banter from Mattie Mattzaball, the editor..Mattikins has the same writing style as Dr. Laura!!
I've written a few stories about these screwballs but seeing them less on the newsstands is a good thing...from a weekly... to a bi-weekly... to a no-weekly!


the SB View and Sentinel tried to spin it as a positve and Matt and his pals now think their paper is a "newsazine" or a "magpaper" it took Matt and Timmy a few months to come up with this concept and decide to publish every other week...

now what this means is that the Sentinel is probably losing advertising revenue: as one similar straights paper owner said: "There will always be revenue loss, but it’s really hard to anticipate what it’s going to be," she said. Ad revenue losses will be partially offset by reduced print costs, she said.

but who know..maybe Timmy is getting bored and wants to play somewhere else....or maybe people are getting tired of reading the same silly stuff every week...or maybe Matt is just too cutesy- wootsy for everyone but the Montecito cocktail set...or Bo Henry's cockroach set!!

I predict the Sentinel will shut down soon...we don't need a newsazine and we certainly don't need a magpaper...

hey boys, how about a beerazine!!!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

the Authority Song

I fight authority, authority always wins

so I'm watching Paula Lopez on KEYT and she says Raymond Moron has got a new lawyer...Darryl Genis....and Paula also said Darryl is being prosecuted for something..ethics..I didn't know about that one maybe I heard her wrong....prosecuted??

now the first mistake Raymond Moron made was drinking and driving and killing Mallory Dies...that part Darryl doesn't deny his new client did...but apparently they want Lois Capps to pay for the if Lois, Raymond's former employer, ordered him to attend the party in question, whose responsibility is it not to drink and drive?? it's Moron's responsibilty, that's doubt that Lois was stupid for hiring a moron and the Independent was stupid for throwing yet aother booze party, host or no host....

the Dies family deserves a settlement, but Moron is not rich so the big money may not be forthcoming if Lois or the Independent don't pay up
when you mix people and booze you usually get stupid....


ok so Dr. Laura's friend says he doesn't remember anything about the crash in Malibu according to a News-Press story about Levi Saks...and doesn't hold a grudge against the allegedly drunk lady in the SUV who was arrested at the scene...I've heard rumors that a wobbly thin blonde lady was being arrested by the cops on that day in Malibu so booze seems to be a major caustive factor in the crash...that's just logical deduction...

the lady was allegedly  driving an SUV drunk  with some kids in the back seat when she crashed....

but if Levi doesn't remember anything, here's some pictures that might refresh his memory..and maybe highlight the utter moronic stupidity of drinking and driving

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sweet Seasons

all around the block people will talk

geez I read that the Independent has hired one-eyed lawyer Joe Cole to replace Randy Campbell as publisher...Cole used to finger Wendy's dog and now he's gonna finger Marianne's..well that explains all the booze stories in the Independent....was a much better paper with Randy Campbell!! what a sad day for the once great I can look forward to more stories about dogs and wineries...fucking dogs and fucking wineries!!

taxes?  I don't have to pay no stinkin' taxes!
so why would a judge in Chicago give Ty Warner a flimsy two year probation sentence for tax evasion... Wesley Snipes who was so funny with the other guys in To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar......Wesley got three years for a misdemeanor and Ty got probation for a felony....Snipes was acquited of the felony stuff as CNN reported

(CNN) -- Actor Wesley Snipes has been released from a federal prison where

he was serving a three year sentence after being convicted on tax charges in February 2010.

The release to a supervised residential location in New York occurred Tuesday, the Federal Bureau of Prisons told CNN.

Snipes, 50, who starred in the "Blade" action movies and "White Men Can't Jump," had been serving time at a federal prison in Pennsylvania. A jury convicted him of willfully failing to file tax returns for 1999, 2000 and 2001. Snipes was acquitted of felony tax fraud and conspiracy charges.

In June 2011, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal of his sentence, which he had argued was too harsh for a misdemeanor conviction.

so was this a miscarriage of justice? no it wasn't..Lady Justice got tied up, raped and the baby was aborted

it was an abortion of justice!! the dumbass Chicago Judge let Ty off the hook because he is a rich white male....

probation for two years makes me think Ty bought the judge something extra special...the rationale was Ty has done lots of good with his money so tax evasion isn't a big deal...oh really???

all the more reason to remove his name of the Sea Center..

well maybe one day I'll be able to afford to be a criminal, too


don't fly away, fly away

after seeing the great rare gray hawk yesterday, little did I realize that my bird adventures would continue when I got home....

now we have plenty of animal rescue non-profits all over the place...they rescue animals tell you about it and get corrupted rich folks like Wendy to send them money so
they can keep rescuing...without these folks, all the animals would just lay down and die without their mommy rescuing them...

they couldn't rescue all the animals killed on the Channel Islands sir...the helicopters chased and harassed all types of animals but the US Humane Society, PETA and all the rescue groups stood silently by and let the animals get does that make them feel??

and the farmers who use poison to kill rodents are tooo stupid to realize seconday poisoning from the rodent to the raptors....and the animal rescuers can't get that message to the dumbass farmers up in the Santa Ynez Valley..

Carpinteria farmers are a lot smarter and caring....they don't poison wild animals

but me? I don't need fame and glory.....I would save an animal because I am at one with Nature...a natural man who doesn't wear make-up and who can relate to animals more than Wendy and more than #69 more than pretty-boy Wayne of the US Humane Society

yesterday after coming home from my bike ride, I was gazing out over my balcony, over my kingdom... I opened the sliding glass doors and a hummingbird flew into the living room...I was surprised and filled with wonder but also concerned for the little guy

there's a big picture window above the  balcony doors and he was trying furiously to get out through that ..but picture windows don't open

the poor little bird was crashing and scrimmaging around that window...I had to do something fast or the bird would die....because his brain is small like a conservative's, he just don't get the window thing!!

so I got one leather glove and a ladder and climbed up to the ledge...I cornered the bird and laid my soft leather glove hand over him...he played dead and went limp like a possum...I didn't know hummingbirds played possum!! anyway, I got him by the wing and flung him ever so gently out the sliding door..and off he flew...once outside, he hovered for a moment and winked at me like Tinkerbell....our karma joined...that bird took a little bit of my soul with him

haven't you noticed the days, somehow keep getting longer...

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hang On Sloopy

Sloopy hang on

I heard there's a gray hawk hanging around Carp..I hadn't seen him until today.. on a bike ride on a hot day...he was perched on a wire by Santa Claus Lane, looking for something to kill other than time...

so I got a few pictures until he dried up and flew away...apparently, gray hawks are seen in Arizona and Texas amd Mexico..but are scarce...

he looked a like a regular hawk to me...but with more'd have to see one to understand what I mean....

but even though it's hot outside, this bird was really cool!

Angel from Montgomery

make me an angel, that flies from Montgomery

so the SB Film Festival is coming up and I'd like to see Robert Redford and Cate Blanchett in person...

and speaking of films I was watching one last night..Cat People..the one with Nastassja Kinski..I like the Simone Simon version best but this one with the Nasty was pretty good -some cool gore and at least it showed her nude...I saw her tits and ass so what more could a man axe for??

as I stared at her tits I forgot what the little round part is called...those little circles right beneath the nipple...ummm...aurora borealis? no...oriole? no.... oh I know: areola and the the bumps on the areola are Montgomery glands...I've slurped on those many many times and now I know what they're all called!

but I just saw them differently when Nastassja was naked...slinking through the forest...

well at least she didn't cough up any furballs...

once in a lifetime

Letting the days go by/let the water hold me down
Letting the days go by/water flowing underground
Into the blue again/in the silent water
Under the rocks and stones/there is water underground.

under the rocks and stones, water flowing underground

I remember big fat Nancy Crawford Hall, the chubby chick in the valley who hates govermnent with a passion...the gov't shut her paper down..the Santa Ynez Valley Journal and the gov't stole her family's cattle ranch on the Channel Islands...the corrupt National Parks Service and corrupt nonprofit Nature Conservancy want to turn the Channel Islands into a great big winery with hotels and wine tasting I can't say that I blame Nancy for being mad..but compared to Chris Christie, Nancy's a skinny girl!!
Nancy is still publishing..only now she has a blog just like me....

a blog is an economic way to get your message across so Nancy won't have to worry about employees or Obamacare...but Nancy is really worried about the Chumash take over of the Santa Ynez 4 was sold to the injuns by injun lover Fess Parker and the land sits on a big aquifer which means the Chumash have some serious water claims..and water is a big deal in California...we haven't had much rain to fill the reservoirs, so underground water is the next source..drill some wells and use the water for camp 4...well water is pretty good too...sometimes the pumps get clogged with pebbles or rocks but generally if it hasn't been polluted with oil or chemical spills like in West Virginia it's good quality water....

I'm mindful of our drought, so I spend a few hours a week drilling my well back in the foothills above Carp..I can't say where, but I'm getting close to a supply that will keep me hydrated while the rest of you are parched and withering away...sorry but that's life..

but ladies if you're thirsty, I'm sure we can work somethin out...only I can satisfy your hunger and quench your thirst

and you may ask yourself "how did I get here?" and you may ask yourself "where is my beautiful wife?"

Monday, January 13, 2014

Marrakesh Express

Looking at the world through the sunset in your eyes
Traveling the train through clear Moroccan skies
Ducks and pigs and chickens call
Animal carpet wall to wall
American ladies five-foot tall in blue

these hot dry days make me long for Morocco...on a train....looking for a lady wearing striped djellebas....

ok so some kid named Bryan from Carpinteria was arrested for failure to provide evidence for financial responsibility and Hit and Run resulting in property damage...I think this is related to the Porsche incident on East Valley Road behind Summerland...the kid was traveling fast and mowed down some trees and power word of DUI yet....

let's see....hmmm.... the address listed is over on Sand Point Rd...that's behind Santa Claus Lane and the Moroccan castle..lovely area!!! one of my favorite hang outs....I think the kid's mommy and daddy are realtors and they probably spoiled him so he goes out and races pop's Porsche and crashed it a la Fast and Furious..only the kid lives whereas Paul Walker and his pal died racing their Porsche 100 mph on a city street..dumbasses....

and another kid named Brian, this one's from Montecito was arrested for trespassing...well it says he's 25 years old and the only reference I see is he is also in the real estate business...maybe he was just showing a house but because he's a black dude, they thought he was breaking in..

I posted this last year in July : ok so this guy Jason Hunter, another useless drunk American, is trying to exit at El Sueno and flies his Subaru into the cops and just misses a few other folks, innocent sober bystanders-ie responsible adults..

then I see Jason's been arrested again on 1/7/2014 for DUI with injury...

geez..I really need to get to Morocco

Take the train from Casablanca going south
Blowing smoke rings from the corners of my mou-mou- mouth....

all aboard the train....

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Mother's Little Helper

doctor please, some more of these

I think the musical acts who perform at the casino must be working off some gambling debt..they are long past their primes these guys but keep on showing up at the casino lounges...

recently Peter Noone, Mickey Dolenz and David Cassidy performed..Noone was with Herman's Hermits, Dolenz with the Monkees and David Cassidy was on the Partridge Family...geez , I sound like a 17 year old teenie bopper!! well I do love some of that music -Dolenz and Noone were good- but Cassidy was an teen actor more than a musician....and poor David just got busted again for DUI-2nd time in six months...0.19 BAC so why is he driving?? hello?? ok he's got demons and blah balh blah...but why is he still allowed to drive??

Nellie up
then I see the gal, Nellie, who killed the her ex-boyfriend's cat...that's an odd thing to do... she is mentally ill and possibly bipolar...bipolar is a real issue unlike ADD which is a fake issue...Lithium is often used to help treat bipolar episodes and needs to be administered by a whatever Nellie needs, she should get it..I won't beat her up for killing the cat because she obviously needs help

Nellie down
my phone number is similar to a doctor's and occasionally I get people calling me, sometimes frantically, for pills! I got three calls recently from a dude who sounded really in need of some pills...he left three messages in the span of about five minutes: first message: "boy what a weird message you don't even say who you are...anyway I need pills, I'm out"..hangs up hard

second message: "this is Alexander Pxxxxx and I sent a prescripttion over to you and I'm out of pills and I need my pills now why don't you answer!!" then he hangs up hard

third call: "disregard previous calls, I had the wrong number"..he hangs up quick

now it was clear this dude was addicted to his pills....

pillls! they're everywhere...I haven't had a four-hour boner since I was 17, but now I can take a pill and voila... I'm 17 again! it's silly...zits and boners, that's what I remember about 17...

and booze is the number one drug problem which points to the real issue of mental illness..why do so many people need to drink? alcohol is a depressant but initial drinking will stimulate...booze inteferes and slows down the electrical impulse transmissions in the higher brain centers, areas that control our complex mental processes, like typing for if you release this control with alcohol, you will type like a fool, make mistakes and also release inhibitions which is why folks get so loose under the influence..they are basically out of control!

drug use is a psychological issue...and so is drug abuse...legalizing pot is just another nail in the coffin for the culture...

I'll check that out later..the Colorado stoner issue...I got a few things to say about that

Saturday, January 11, 2014

tears of a clown

Now if there's a smile on my face / It's only there trying to fool the public...

so one day after I told you about the tentative ruling about the CHP turning over DUI videos to Darryl Genis, his pal at the News-Press, Scott Steepleton chimes in with story of his own..a day late and a dollar this guy is the News-Press City Editor and gets paid a salary or cash..I get paid nothing and I beat his ass to the story! I wupped your ass Scott!!

of course Scott spins his story in favor of Darryl to minimize the embarrassment both of them suffered...embarrasment because all this subpoena nonsense could have been avoided had Darryl just signed a release...then he would have gotten the video..the only stipulation is he couldn't release it to the News-PRess TV on Channel 2560 (haha) or Fox News..this is Darryl's MO..the subpoena is for get the public opinion on his side via the News-Press or other gullible media...he is after all trying to protect drunk drivers so demonizing the cops would work to his advantage...or so he thinks..that strategy ain't working as more drunks kill people....

Darryl will now be cast as the court jester instead of a noble attorney for the down-trodden, or something...Darryl will have a chance to plead his case before the judge because as Scott says he thought the case was being heard by another, different judge!! WTF??? does he even know who his client is??? see how this guy wastes time in court....

what sad, funny little clowns these guys are!!

Friday, January 10, 2014

bridge of sighs

The sun don't shine / The moon don't move the tides / To wash me clean

just when I'm warming up to NJ Gov Chris Christie as a possible presidential candidate, he goes and launches a terrorist attack on the Washington Bridge in Fort Lee, NJ...and right around 9/11 ...acccording to recently exposed emails, his top staff members cooked up the plot to cause a traffic jam at the Washington Bridge as political payback to the Fort Lee mayor and Christie claims he knew nothing... the bridge is critical thoroughfare between New York and New Jersey and the gridlock lasted four couldn't get to school, people couldn't get to the hospital...New Yorkers used the bridge to escape the 9/11 chaos!!

...everyone on Team Christie is pleading the 5th and risk contempt of investigative hearings....well, this is the weirdest political scandal I've ever seen and Gov Christie will resign I bet

well I am reading a complaint from AG Kamala Harris's office against a lady from Montecito who was a physical therapist....she was busted for DUI a few years ago around Park Lane, crashed into a big rock, drove home with no front tire, blew through some stop signs, and blew 0.21 BAC..she was drunk on booze and drugs, Lexapro and 450 mg of Wellbutrin3..the complaint was full of legal reporting mumbo jumbo so when I decipher it, I'll share some folks have said I know my way around a court room..well, I know where all the bathrooms are in the SB Courthouse that's for sure...the chick pled guilty and lost her Physical Therapist license as a result of the DUI incident...she worked at Cottage Hospital and has since gone back to Georgia....she has to wear an ankle GPS

ok it looks like actress Kelly Lebrock's hearing for DUI charges will be late January up in the colonies of Santa Maria..up at that court house....Darryl Genis is her attorney so the reports stay away from the booze now, ok Kelly?

and the News-Press is often an aid and lying apologist for surfer Darryl Genis who mostly counsels drunk people who drive...or allegedly drunk people or whatever...the point is people want to drive drunk and don't want to accept any responsibility until maybe after they get caught...

the NP has a few stories concerning DUI clients, the DMV and the CHP...


DMV, CHP to answer in dash-cam clash

August 16, 2013: The California Highway Patrol and Department of Motor Vehicles both have some explaining to do. Santa Barbara County Superior Court Judge James Herman on Wednesday ordered both state agencies to report to his courtroom Sept. 11 to explain why they didn't follow court orders related to the release of CHP dash-cam footage for two DMV DUI hearings in which defendants are facing license suspension. Wednesday's hearing was called for a CHP custodian of records, who is facing contempt allegations, to explain why he or she didn't provide the videos requested by DUI defense attorney Darryl Genis. More»

CHP official faces contempt in dash-cam clash

May 12, 2013: A fight for dash-cam footage has a California Highway Patrol custodian of records facing contempt allegations as a local DUI attorney challenges whether the department has the right to control how he uses the material to defend clients. An unidentified California Highway Patrol custodian of records next month will have to explain to a Ventura County Superior Court judge why he or she failed to turn over video footage of a Santa Maria DUI arrest for a DMV hearing that took place in November. The DMV hearing in Oxnard was scheduled to determine whether defendant Timothy Steinart's license should be suspended. But CHP officials didn't turn over the footage requested by DUI attorney Darryl Genis after the attorney refused to sign a standard agreement that would bar him from using the video in any other cases. More»

well it looks like in at least one case the tentative ruling finds for the CHP...the guy who didn't release the video to the lawyers had good reason...

On April 29, 2013, the Department of Motor Vehicles filed a certification of facts to justify contempt sanction against the California Highway Patrol, Custodian of Records, pursuant to Gov’t Code § 11455.20. Pursuant to Gov’t Code § 11455.10(e), a person is subject to contempt sanction for failure or refusal, without substantial justification, to comply with a subpoena in an adjudicative proceeding before an administrative agency. Counsel for XXXXXXX served a subpoena duces tecum on the CHP custodian of records for appearance at XXXXXX administrative per se hearing before the DMV and production of various items, including a Mobile Video Audio Recording System (MVARS) video disc relating to his arrest (hereinafter "MVARS video").

The review of all requested MVAR videos, identification of third parties whose information is revealed and contacting those individuals would involve an extraordinary commitment of resources by CHP. The Non-Disclosure Agreement is a means of limiting dissemination of personal information that protects third parties and does not impede XXXXX's rights. The recordings also include privileged official information as defined in Evid. Code § 1040. People v. Jackson, 110 Cal.App.4th 280, 287 (2003) (ongoing investigations); People v. Lewis, 172 Cal.App.4th 1426, 1441 (2009) (surveillance location); People v. Jenkins, 22 Cal.4th 900, 957 (2000) (arrest records of third parties); In re David W., 62 Cal.App.3d 840, 845 (1976) (location of secret VIN). Though he has had notice of CHP’s response, counsel for XXXXXX has not come forward with any reason why he will not sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement or why he should not be required to do so. The purpose of the DMV subpoena is for use of the MVARS video at the DMV hearing. The Non-Disclosure Agreement does not in any way limit use of the video at that hearing. The court finds that CHP is not in contempt and need only produce the MVARS video when counsel for XXXXXX signs the Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Tentative Ruling: The court finds that the California Highway Patrol Custodian of Records is not in contempt and need only produce the MVARS video when counsel for XXXXXXXX signs the MVARS Digital Media Admin Per Se Disclosure and Use Agreement.

was Darryl the attorney for XXXXXXX?? ?   I plead the 5th