Sunday, January 12, 2014

Mother's Little Helper

doctor please, some more of these

I think the musical acts who perform at the casino must be working off some gambling debt..they are long past their primes these guys but keep on showing up at the casino lounges...

recently Peter Noone, Mickey Dolenz and David Cassidy performed..Noone was with Herman's Hermits, Dolenz with the Monkees and David Cassidy was on the Partridge Family...geez , I sound like a 17 year old teenie bopper!! well I do love some of that music -Dolenz and Noone were good- but Cassidy was an teen actor more than a musician....and poor David just got busted again for DUI-2nd time in six months...0.19 BAC so why is he driving?? hello?? ok he's got demons and blah balh blah...but why is he still allowed to drive??

Nellie up
then I see the gal, Nellie, who killed the her ex-boyfriend's cat...that's an odd thing to do... she is mentally ill and possibly bipolar...bipolar is a real issue unlike ADD which is a fake issue...Lithium is often used to help treat bipolar episodes and needs to be administered by a whatever Nellie needs, she should get it..I won't beat her up for killing the cat because she obviously needs help

Nellie down
my phone number is similar to a doctor's and occasionally I get people calling me, sometimes frantically, for pills! I got three calls recently from a dude who sounded really in need of some pills...he left three messages in the span of about five minutes: first message: "boy what a weird message you don't even say who you are...anyway I need pills, I'm out"..hangs up hard

second message: "this is Alexander Pxxxxx and I sent a prescripttion over to you and I'm out of pills and I need my pills now why don't you answer!!" then he hangs up hard

third call: "disregard previous calls, I had the wrong number"..he hangs up quick

now it was clear this dude was addicted to his pills....

pillls! they're everywhere...I haven't had a four-hour boner since I was 17, but now I can take a pill and voila... I'm 17 again! it's silly...zits and boners, that's what I remember about 17...

and booze is the number one drug problem which points to the real issue of mental illness..why do so many people need to drink? alcohol is a depressant but initial drinking will stimulate...booze inteferes and slows down the electrical impulse transmissions in the higher brain centers, areas that control our complex mental processes, like typing for if you release this control with alcohol, you will type like a fool, make mistakes and also release inhibitions which is why folks get so loose under the influence..they are basically out of control!

drug use is a psychological issue...and so is drug abuse...legalizing pot is just another nail in the coffin for the culture...

I'll check that out later..the Colorado stoner issue...I got a few things to say about that

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