Friday, January 24, 2014


Heaven fell from the sky tonight There were virgins in my backyard chasing angels with fire sticks

if it wasn't for the beard and towel around his head, this al-Qaida dufus Ayman al Zawahri reminds me alot of COLAB's Andy Caldwell..hear me out now...

smell my finger, infidels!!
they both talk alot and babble and ramble on about nonsense..they both belong to terrorist religious organizations: the News-Press and al-Qaida and hang out rich oil barrons...Cowboy WiIlie and Brooks are Andy's sugar daddies and Wendy is his sugar mommie...

so I check the Andy Caldwell Show on facebook ..a show provided by Wendy and a show that Andy solicits money for on the COLAB site....the IRS is looking into that

Just off the press! Introducing the NEW "COLAB Magazine!" We are excited about our new magazine and hope you will be pleased too. Please share it with others and ask them to consider joining COLAB.

Download the NEW COLAB Magazine's first issue!

well, I tried to download the mag but the file was bad...dumbass COLAB terrorists!!

now Andy was mad at a guy named Mac for using hyperbole to describe Andy's anti-environment rhetoric and hyperbole! Andy kisses up to Wendy alot in his guest opinion role at the News-Press and claims that only Wendy provides an open forum for a discussion of ideas via her newspaper and radio station...huh? AM 1290 is consistently at the bottom of the ratings pile!

well just check the Andy Caldwell Show facebook page and you'll see all kinds of weird stuff.. a racist cartoon about Obama...some child-sex fixation..Andy claims that Wisconsin public schools are teaching children about masturbation...of course that's not true but you get the idea what a sick puppy this Andy Caldwell is...the religious nuts wanted to teach abstinence as part of sex education which means if a kid had a question about sex, it would not get answered....the current system merely provides guidelines to answer those tougher questions...why is Andy fixated on sex and children, anyway??

remember Andy, honesty is the best policy

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