Wednesday, January 15, 2014


don't fly away, fly away

after seeing the great rare gray hawk yesterday, little did I realize that my bird adventures would continue when I got home....

now we have plenty of animal rescue non-profits all over the place...they rescue animals tell you about it and get corrupted rich folks like Wendy to send them money so
they can keep rescuing...without these folks, all the animals would just lay down and die without their mommy rescuing them...

they couldn't rescue all the animals killed on the Channel Islands sir...the helicopters chased and harassed all types of animals but the US Humane Society, PETA and all the rescue groups stood silently by and let the animals get does that make them feel??

and the farmers who use poison to kill rodents are tooo stupid to realize seconday poisoning from the rodent to the raptors....and the animal rescuers can't get that message to the dumbass farmers up in the Santa Ynez Valley..

Carpinteria farmers are a lot smarter and caring....they don't poison wild animals

but me? I don't need fame and glory.....I would save an animal because I am at one with Nature...a natural man who doesn't wear make-up and who can relate to animals more than Wendy and more than #69 more than pretty-boy Wayne of the US Humane Society

yesterday after coming home from my bike ride, I was gazing out over my balcony, over my kingdom... I opened the sliding glass doors and a hummingbird flew into the living room...I was surprised and filled with wonder but also concerned for the little guy

there's a big picture window above the  balcony doors and he was trying furiously to get out through that ..but picture windows don't open

the poor little bird was crashing and scrimmaging around that window...I had to do something fast or the bird would die....because his brain is small like a conservative's, he just don't get the window thing!!

so I got one leather glove and a ladder and climbed up to the ledge...I cornered the bird and laid my soft leather glove hand over him...he played dead and went limp like a possum...I didn't know hummingbirds played possum!! anyway, I got him by the wing and flung him ever so gently out the sliding door..and off he flew...once outside, he hovered for a moment and winked at me like Tinkerbell....our karma joined...that bird took a little bit of my soul with him

haven't you noticed the days, somehow keep getting longer...

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