Tuesday, January 14, 2014

once in a lifetime

Letting the days go by/let the water hold me down
Letting the days go by/water flowing underground
Into the blue again/in the silent water
Under the rocks and stones/there is water underground.

under the rocks and stones, water flowing underground

I remember big fat Nancy Crawford Hall, the chubby chick in the valley who hates govermnent with a passion...the gov't shut her paper down..the Santa Ynez Valley Journal and the gov't stole her family's cattle ranch on the Channel Islands...the corrupt National Parks Service and corrupt nonprofit Nature Conservancy want to turn the Channel Islands into a great big winery with hotels and wine tasting rooms...so I can't say that I blame Nancy for being mad..but compared to Chris Christie, Nancy's a skinny girl!!
Nancy is still publishing..only now she has a blog just like me....

a blog is an economic way to get your message across so Nancy won't have to worry about employees or Obamacare...but Nancy is really worried about the Chumash take over of the Santa Ynez Valley..camp 4 was sold to the injuns by injun lover Fess Parker and the land sits on a big aquifer which means the Chumash have some serious water claims..and water is a big deal in California...we haven't had much rain to fill the reservoirs, so underground water is the next source..drill some wells and use the water for camp 4...well water is pretty good too...sometimes the pumps get clogged with pebbles or rocks but generally if it hasn't been polluted with oil or chemical spills like in West Virginia it's good quality water....

I'm mindful of our drought, so I spend a few hours a week drilling my well back in the foothills above Carp..I can't say where, but I'm getting close to a supply that will keep me hydrated while the rest of you are parched and withering away...sorry but that's life..

but ladies if you're thirsty, I'm sure we can work somethin out...only I can satisfy your hunger and quench your thirst

and you may ask yourself "how did I get here?" and you may ask yourself "where is my beautiful wife?"

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