Thursday, January 2, 2014

big yellow taxi

don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone....

what? no friendly New Year's greeting from Wendy on the front page of the News-Press?? nope just some bitching about local terrorists controlling oil companies in the north

terrorism: The use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.

...on this New Year's Day, grumpy Wendy, using her old smiley picture, greeted her shrinking subscriber base by quoting Joni Mitchell's Big Yellow Taxi...

says Wendy: There's a saying, "You don't know what you've got till it's gone." Until one has experienced loss, that saying might not be very meaningful. Loss of health and liberty come to mind; when these are going along swimmingly, we typically take them for granted. When we feel well every day, we don't think that much about it, but when something goes wrong and we feel poorly or we discover our quality of life has been greatly compromised, we then miss what we used to have. And we want it back but don't know if we will ever get it back. More.....

COLAB co-dummy!

wait!!! there's "More"... and it's a bit nutty and bizarre...and paranoid..

hey farmer farmer put away that DDT now, give me spots on my apples but leave me the birds and the bees...please!!

Wendy says "terrorists" are working the three south county supervisors Wolf, Farr and Carbajal to dictate to the oil companies what they can do....the terrorists Wendy refers to are the Environmental Defense Center folks I guess....well terrorist is not really an appropriate description Wendy....maybe zealots but certainly not terrorists..these folks are somebody's mom Wendy and you just called their mom a terrorist!! maybe Wendy it's because you were never a mom...never produced milk from your breast..your empty should be ashamed of yourself, Madame

now the funny thing is on the heels of Wendy's editorial on the front page, co-dummy  Andy Caldwell had a guest opinion about greenies I'm thinking that Wendy and Andy are dummies...and also ventriloquists..they interchange and role day Andy is the ventriloquist and Wendy's the dummy and on other days Wendy is the ventriloquist and Andy's the dummy!! or another way to say it...Andy is the new Travis!!!

ok... then Wendy says she's finally free of the Teamster's Union attempts to squash her freedom of speech rights...I don't think the union was trying to remove Wendy's free speech was trying to highlight all those labor law violations by Wendy and Nipper!

but I guess she's saying the newsroom union has been defrocked! maybe no one told her about the NLRB pending issues wth the News-Press??

Late last night
I heard the screen door slam
And a big yellow taxi
took away my old man

then she says she longs for the days when she could make decisions without gov't interference but I don't know WTF she's talking about unless she expects freedom to do whatever she wants because she's got a big divorce settlement..well Wendy when you flush in the morning, your business goes down to the gov't run wastewater plant..are you suggesting that's too much interference..would you rather treat your doo doo yourself?? sometimes I think you got poop for brains honey

geez Wendy... freedom comes with limits and responsibility..that's why we have laws so when you break the laws, you need to be held accountable..unless you can buy your way out...but you can' how no way....Wendy I think you may be suffering from acute affluenza!!

they paved paradise and put up a parking lot...


Anonymous said...

It's obvious that McCaw, unlike Michael Jackson, doesn't sleep in a hyperbaric chamber filled with pure oxygen. No she prefers to wake up and inhale a tank full of that "pollutant" carbon dioxide. Hmmmm, delicious! And it's vegan, too! According to her letter, that's the stuff that keeps birds, plants and animals alive and is oh so good for us all. Wendy thrives on the stuff, too.That's why she desperately wants the oil industry churning out as much as it can in Santa Barbara County. She straps on a tank of carbon dioxide every night ... that's why she's so BRAIN DEAD! They paved paradise and put up an oil derek. Is that your plan for Santa Barbara Wendy? Thanks for letting us know. Time to revoke your citizenship!

But please stop picking on Wendy's witch's teats! She's obviously given birth. She gave birth to Travis Armstrong, Caldwell and Steepleton. What else could explain this trio of vicious, half-witted goons? They were fathered by her husband "Greenbacks," birthed by Wendy and delivered by Santa Barbara's own Dr. Greed.

Mick Von Caw said...

well, Wendy may have birthed them boys, butt they didn't come from her womb if you know what I mean!

Anonymous said...

IIRC, McCaw hosted a dinner with Dick Cheney at the Young Republicans Club. I sure there is nothing she would like better than to have Halliburton come to SB and start tearing up the land and sea. Maybe she could earn a kickback from her old "friend." She also brought Sarah Palin to the same dinner, so she may not have reasoned things out that far. If she reasons at all.

Anonymous said...

That photo of the ventriloquist's dummy is closer to what McCaw really looks like than the same old photo she's been running for the last hundred years!

Anonymous said...

I wish this blue eyed blond co-dummy would launch from her yacht a run for any political office on this populist pro-pollutant, pro-limited beach access, pro-beans and rice platform.