Wednesday, January 8, 2014

five o'clock world

it's a five o'clock world, when the whistle blows, no one owns a piece of my time

so I flew into Santa Barbara to get some dollar Egg McMuffins but too many people at McDonald's...then I remembered we got one in Carp so I flew back and grabbed some breakfast then flew back to Santa Barbara...flew? yeah past tense of fly...I left the truck at home and took the winged bike..

I land on the roof at Trader Joe's and load up on foodie things.... also heard there'd be some sort of ruckass at the Court House and later at City Hall for the swearing in seems some publicity hungry teabaggers (faux patriots) recently transplanted to SB from Fresno want to crash the party at City Hall and protest a gang injunction because as we know Santa Bruta ain't got no gang problem...tell that to the dude who got beaten to death by four gangbanger idiots over by Milpas....and then the taxpayers had to foot the bill for the public defender and trial

but I'm not surprised.... if these weenies would obey the law, move out of mommy and daddy's house, get a job and follow the rules and lay off drugs and alcohol and too many hamburgers, they might see what the real world is like...but they don't see with present eyes

then I fly on over to beautiful City Hall and it's quiet...I land in the De La Guerra Plaza grassy area..they don't call it "De La Guerra" for nothing you know!

I see the News-Press building and a faint outline of the Daily News on the front of the building...then I notice the doors need refinishing...

then I put in 75 cents for a paper..then I notice that the newspaper dispensers at the front door are white..both of them, white as a Southern Baptist..KKK white...white a s a John Bircher!!

the Daily News...hmmmmm

what's up with that Wendy? probably an homage to Orly Taitz..anyway Wendy you owe me 75 cents

then I wing it on over Summerland and the quarry mine on Ortega Hill...the guys are using up water like nobody's business...

there's a drought and they're pissing away a valuable resource to keep the dust down!! and it appears he's hooked up to the fire hydrant for some really good pressure!! that's illegal!

then I get home and notice upon closer inspection that I have a Sunday News-Press instead of the daily edition! it's Tuesday and they still got Sunday's paper in the news rack at the News-Press headquarters

geez...if I don't keep an eye on these people, who will??

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Anonymous said...

I can never forget this quote:

Don Katich, News-Press director of news, spoke with the Indy and had this to say about the general direction of the newspaper:

“I want the News-Press to be the source for information vital to the community’s needs, where we represent both sides of the issue and let our readers determine for themselves the merits of either side. Personal attacks and hearsay has not been what this paper has been about and it’s not what it will be about.”

Let's see: Casey Beutel (nope, no personal attack there. Police Pensions -- nope, no one sided attack there (I hear the cops no longer speak to the News Press). Yes, the News Press is a big defender of individual rights. Remember this tibit:

McCaw's lawyer, A. Barry Cappello, sent a letter to 44 attorneys in the Santa Barbara area on September 11, 2006, urging them not to provide legal support for former News-Press employees[citation needed]. On September 22, 2006, the 44 attorneys announced formation of the Lawyers Alliance for Free Speech Rights to help ensure equal access to justice "for journalists who assert that they are exercising their free speech rights under the First Amendment."[27] The group was denounced by the News-Press in a press release.[28] On December 5, 2006, Cappello followed up with a second letter urging attorneys not to support former News-Press employees.[29] On January 23, 2007, the attorney sent another letter to lawyers in the Alliance.[30]

It seems to me that ever since this Katich guy took over, the John Birch vision has come back with a vengeance and the quality of the paper (and readship) has hit an all-time low. The stories are poor, the coverage is biased and lopsided. McCaw should at LEAST try to get someone with a reputation like Roberts had (editor at the San Francisco Chronicle) to try to rebuild her paper's credibility.

Is that even possible, Wendy?